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  1. *burns pineapple on pizza in honor of you*

    1. Edema Rue

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      *eats pineapple pizza in honor of you*

  2. I reread cytonic right before Defiant came out so, I remembered the shenanigans with Chet. As a whole I would rate Defiant at about an 8/10. It was really good, but not absolutely perfect. First the good things. I like how it ended and everyone seemed to be in a place that worked for them. Also the slugs deciding when to let everyone off of their planet was just so satisfying. I also really enjoyed spensa’s growth throughout the book, although I do think she switched from thinking “Im a weapon it doesn’t matter how I feel” to “yeah it’s fine to hang out with my friends and relax” a bit abruptly. And as with all Sanderson books the climax was really good. I didn’t see the twist with Brade coming, although in retrospect it makes sense. And Gran-Gran’s speech was really scudding awesome. And while I don’t like the fact that the fight with brass was cut off, I understand why Sanderson did it. I also think the ending did a good job tying everything major up, but leaving some strings hanging for the next series. On that note, does anyone know if those will be full length books, or more around the length of skyward flight novellas? Also, M-Bot thinks of himself as Mushroom-Bot. That’s hilarious.
  3. …so I’m bored and don’t want to go to bed, and somehow my brain was like, “go forth to TLPW cuz why not” I am now the winner. (For approximately the next 43 minutes)(I know how this thread works) *returns to the hole on the internet from which I appeared*
  4. That thought did go through my head as I was posting this. I thought it wouldn’t spoil any of Stormlight so I decided it would be fine.
  5. When the first thing you do this morning is go and buy the e-book of TLM.
  6. Any theories on where chouta was invented? This is incredibly important discussion. I need to know if the scadrains invented it and if it moved to Roshar or vice versa. Also, I would love it if chouta became something of a running gag, where someone comments how it looks disgusting and everyone else extols its virtues.
  7. Wayne is officially the most awesome character in the cosmere. I will die on this hill. That is all that I need to say. (Also, ghostbloods!!!!! And aether!!!!!! And chouta!!!!!)
  8. 521: Beware of Chekhov’s gun 522: All of this. Just all of it. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/JustForFun/TVTropesHowToGuides
  9. I watched this show with my family’s it was coming out, and while it’s been awhile. But I can say that this show is freaking amazing. The whole main cast’s growth is just so good. Also PASSPATOOOOOOOOOO (Sue me. I love that name)
  10. I know nothing about Kerbal, but I do have a funny XKCD. So there.
  11. Do not worry, crack theories need not worry about petty things such as counter arguments.
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