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    Hello there! If you're looking to get in touch, feel free to PM me. I mostly hang out in the SE subforum, but I'm always open to side quests.

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  1. On the one hand, a member of the jury has already shown favoritism towards me, so I'm objectively the best choice On the other hand, I'm on haitus for the indefinite future as I work to acquire an expensive piece of paper So I must decline, but I appreciate the nod
  2. TJ! We talked about the flipless games! >:(. I feel like going 2/3 on exes to start the game should never result in a loss C3. Definitely leaned too far on the balancing imo. We had some ridiculous reads from Stick and Drake that were wasted. I wish the vote hadn't landed on me because those two were great bait if it came down to Contact hunting. But gg elims, full credit to ya. Re: what I asked TJ: basically threw a lengthy recap of the rules and accidentally said some things in that weren't correct but he didn't catch them. On me for not asking clearer questions Neil, why'd you give me Fae first? I was struggling to justify voting for them
  3. Nope , although I felt like getting to Fae was a stretch Looking like Neil was the Informant huh. That sucks edit: gg
  4. No, the way it works is if I am exed and the game doesn't end, Sart turns around and exes the Informant. Even if we exe Sart next round, the Insider remains alive, giving them the win. Exe me and we lose. Exe Sart (specifically them because that's at least guaranteed) and you get one shot at the Insider. Edit: just my luck this is the one round no one logs on for rollover
  5. You're just gonna stay online for the rest of the round, huh, Sart. :P. Ironically, I actually think you think I'm the Insider and are trying to help me. Annnyway. It’s claim time! I am the Contact. The names I received are Fae, Sart, in that order. (There’s a test we can pull off where the Informant sends me either a repeated name or their own, and I can declare which I got, but odds are it won’t matter because we’ll both be NKed in short order). If I die today and the game continues, Sart kills the Informant and we lose to the living Insider. So please vote Sart. Sorry to have to do this. Actually no, it's your fault. :P. But seriously, I know this gives Sart the chance to NK me, but I need the Informant to corroborate and people to change votes, which means unideal timing.
  6. I mean, if the Informant is still alive, you have the chance to do the funniest thing. :D. I'm gonna make this more clear, I asked TJ some questions that we interpreted differently, and therefore started C2 with a faulty understanding of the game that wasn't corrected until Stick pointed out the issue.
  7. that does look bad Without getting too into the weeds of it, I thought I knew how the rules worked, then I had developed a different understanding of how the rules worked. Which I have since learned was wrong
  8. I liked your predecessor more :P. No comment on best strategy for the doc elims/informant, but I've been playing the game based on who seems like they know what they're doing. Then going with what they do. But my view of how people with roles will act has been messed up. What's your reasoning? Besides the fact that I'm the safest bet because you can expect I'd have claimed by now if I had a role. Stick Sart Why would you do this thing to such an obviously village friend :(((.
  9. I feel like I read that but didn't internalize the implications properly Ngl the idea of elim self canibalizing has thrown a lot of my thinking for a loop. I was open to the idea of bussing being in play just because the Informant is leaking the info anyway, but the fact that the doc elims can keep the Informant in check means people probably aren't signalling to us as blatantly as I'd hoped they be. So that's lovely. Anyway, someone else make noise so I can evaluate you or else I'll just spin the wheel of equally likely possibilities
  10. Huh. Who knew! :D. (thank you for the assistance) Edit: now that we have one elim down, the remaining doc elim knows the other guy is the Informant. So why don't they just claim?
  11. I'm just saying you gotta give a reason if you're going to vote for someone. Otherwise it has no teeth JNV's theory of the case is that I am a doc elim: "Archer for now I dont really like the whole flashwagon thing and my current pet theory is doc elim thinking Faeries the Informat" Doc elim!Archer was looking around for who to start a wagon in and he opportunistically chooses Fae because he suspects they're the v!Informant. In reality, doc elim Archer would never think that because Fae was in the doc as well. The elim doc has two elims in it, and an anonymous Informant who can talk if they want. It's possible the elims in doc have guessed the Informant by their vocal patterns or something. But it's impossible the doc elim (me, in JNV's telling) guessed Fae is the Informant because Fae is their teammate. Aka the only person the Informant can't be. If I'm wrong about how the game is setup, lmk, but I went over this with TJ last round and I'm pretty sure I'm right. Anyway, JNV is confused in a way that a doc elim wouldn't be because they'd know Fae is a doc elim.
  12. It reads as them not understanding that Fae was a doc elim. That's an unlikely mistake for their teammate to make. Why would you do that, Drake voted for Fae! >:0.
  13. This comment makes little sense, implying pretty heavily JNV isn't the other doc elim Wanna pressure Drake? They've been playing how I expect an Insider to
  14. Why did I think you were voting them... Oh well, you can be my new suspect :D. *raises hand* It was meeee. I started the Fairie wagon. Please note that they were one of the doc elims. This argument makes no sense coming from someone who is in the doc so I'm gonna listen to my gut despite the circumstances. Stick JNV Note that this only extends to finding the second doc member, which we should absolutely be focusing on right now because two people know the answer to that and can help that wagon win. There's a deep wolf out there and I'm currently theorizing Drake. Returning to our EOD discussion, they ask why I blindly trust them. I've been reading them as being one of our informed, and was sheeping their Fae vote that they kinda subtly made early in the round. The fact that Drake decided to FUD that whole situation instead of considering that me, a player who loves sheeping confident people, might be doing that to him. It's odd.
  15. I'm not really ready to entertain an elim team of Fae + Bee or even Raven, which I'll admit is blatant meta gaming. I think Aman is the same style of poster as Kas and a Contact suspect, sure, but that anyone who was on at EOD saves them to be mixed based on their close ties to Fae. Take out people who voted for them. And I think that literally just leaves JNV. I can't even come up with a good secondary suspect to pursue.
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