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    An endless sea of beads somewhere in Shadesmar--actually, help would be appreciated here
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    Lightweaving, reading, writing, poetry, talking to various inanimate objects, singing, staring into the void, questioning everything I ever thought I knew about anything, crying for hours over Kaladin's suffering, etc.

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  1. Forgive my brother's lack of response, everyone. He is currently sequestered away in a room deep inside a stone temple, babbling to himself incessently. He will most likely recover eventually, and when he does, I will send him here to answer your questions. We appreciate your patience with his fragile state of mind. -Shayde
  2. Yes, I too am one of the many, many Mormon Sanderson fans.
  3. Question: 

    how does one become cool/feared/respected/simultaneously-loved-and-hated?

    I need...friends. Or at least a dark and mysterious mentor with a dubious past. I'm floundering in my own ignorance here. 

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    2. Lord Meeker

      Lord Meeker

      Are you so mislead? To believe it is as simple as that?

    3. SphereLight


      *quietly chanting in a dark corner* fight fight fight fight


    4. KalaDANG


      Oh this is easy stuff! This is how I always do it.

      Cool - Go back to 2016 and dab, If you wanna be cool now, can't help you much there. My younger brother says that you're only cool if you play Fortnite, but I disagree.

      Loved - Bring cookies, cake, or any food. (Seriously, since when was food only the quickest way to the heart for men? That's an everyone thing.)

      Feared - Threaten not to share the cookies.

      Hated - Dab. This one is simple. You could always just eat ALL of the cookies though. That works too.

      Respected - Brush your teeth with mint toothpaste, and then drink orange juice. Immediate respect. 



  4. A question: what exactly are your methods of... termination? I have a few things to consider.
  5. Thanks mate. I appreciate it. Nice fish by the way. :D

    1. SphereLight


      Thank you! I live under the tyrannical jurisdiction of my parental guardians, as I am but a mere 17 years of age, and I was forbidden a dog. So I now give an unhealthy amount of love and attention to the only pet I have ever been blessed with. (I think he thinks I'm a rather annoying, overprotective mother.) :lol::D

  6. And here he is in all his rage-filled glory.

    Honestly he is the moodiest child and I love him to death. 

    Here's to a long and prosperous life, Kaladin. 

    Or should I say "Kala-fin." 


    Time to throw myself into a chasm. :)


  7. Soon to be posting pictures/adventures of my new betta fish, Kaladin! 

    Yes, he is just as moody, dramatic, and lovable as his namesake. :lol:

  8. @Sunbird Ayy a fellow Utahn! It's gorgeous weather here (finally)!
  9. Today's spot of good news: I log on here for the 2nd time ever and find that everyone is so sweet and welcoming and awesome! Y'all are so cute, thanks for welcoming me to the Shard! I love you guys already. Sanderfans are the sweetest
  10. Aw, a good news thread? That's so cute ohmigosh. Um... good news, let's see.... Oh! I just joined this site! That's good news, I guess?
  11. Profile picture by whomever created this piece of ART like hot dang. Let me know if y'all know who I can thank for blessing the internet with this. 

  12. Um... hey guys! Spherelight here, ready to join the mess. :D

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