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    Site to my WIP book is offline now, but DM me if you want to read it.
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    at the guy you're forcing to read Cosmere, it is for the greater good
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    is crying quintessence
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    elled of like strips of plaster on a wall, falling to the ground with soft thumps. (What, i said i like writing)

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    Just waiting for Lost Metal.
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    Space is a construct. Wait...
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    Reading, writing, bowling, writing, sleeping, writing, youtube, EFAP podcast, writi- oh you get the gist

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  1. Ik you won't see this...

    But happy birthday man

  2. Does anybody know why Aspiring Writer was banned?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AonEne


      Sorry, we don't talk much about moderation decisions - just know that we are fair, and give people second chances and talk to them about their behavior and things, we don't usually ban people with no warning. 

    3. Robin Sedai

      Robin Sedai

      Okay, thanks for answering.

    4. Elf


      Oh, ok. I read somewhere that their writing was explicit so they were banned. I didn't know if it was true or not.

  3. Pretty sure they could just run away and the Soulcaster couldn't do crap
  4. Well, that was early. Bastard decided to give the friend her birthday present... in October... when it's in February. Either, it was funny, here's the time stamp. 



  5. I spent a half-hour commenting on the pet peeves and lost the comment when I when to see if there was more to comment on in the next page and the stupid commenting restoring function likes to screw you over for the big stuff and yet saves the five-word barely finished thing you were typing.
  6. The Way of Kings - 10 Oathbringer - 10 Dawnshard - 1 Mistborn: The Final Empire - 3 The Hero of Ages - 8 The Bands of Mourning - 10 Secret History - 9 Warbreaker - 10 The Emperor's Soul - 10 Sixth of the Dusk - 7 Hurt Secret History, Heal Hero of Ages
  7. ... I completely forgot about Shardiversery or however it's spelled. Wow, it's been a year. Feels both so soon yet so long. 

    Um, so, I'm not gonna mention/ping certain people, cuz life be busy and if I do it, I don't wanna half-as it. Maybe I'll do a more detailed one if you guys want, but here's a small summary.

    The first few months, when I joined, were a RIDE. While it feels like forever ago, I do remember that quite keenly. Pissed off the mods on more than one occasion, became most famous for pinging Chaos at least 5 times for a meme, met you crazy bints, and finally found a place to expand my cosmere knowledge and gush over it. Was really active in those first months, to the point that I gave an older member a heart attack about how many more posts I had in a week than he had in a year. I was pretty much high during that time. 

    But all things come to an end, and at around November, for multiple reasons, I started to get less active. It be that time of year, where for others it's jolly, for me, it's depression, depression everywhere! (I'm doing pretty fine this year, thankfully.) At this point, I barely come on, as I'm sure many of you have noticed. I glimpse in here occasionally, and promise to be more active when Lost Metal releases, but the high has long since been lost. It was fun while it lasted, though.

    Hope you all have a nice Halloween. Don't get possessed, and send all your Hersheys toward me, I will reward you tenfold. If you are wondering where I am, I'm that dealer on that shady part of the street. Yes, I am every dealer on that shady part of the street. I told you to not get possessed. 

    1. Nathrangking
    2. The Storming Stormfather
    3. Experience


      Wow, can't believe it's already been a year.

  8. My favorite number 5 votes on my lucky number 7th page. I find this amusing. I'll only say this; the only piece I didn't hesitate to vote for was 'Wait for it'. ... This is amusing on so many levels. I just finished doing this stupid edit of an hour-long part of a stream I was in, but I am positive nobody's going to watch that... or get it if they did. Thankfully, there are others that haven't seen the light of day.
  9. @xinoehp512 You got rid of the question, but my answer would have been and is... no.
  10. I'm going to presume that the lack of submissions means that the deadline was again extended?
  11. I have a friend who constantly likes to flex his relation to BS, so I'ma spread that flex cuz why not. 

    My friend lives very close in proximity to Sanderson and recently met him in the gym (Yes, Sanderson goes to the gym. Yes, I was surprised when I heard it, too. Yes, it looks strange and surreal.) The image below is proof of this. (No, Sanderson does not know, as far as my friend knows, that he took this picture. He took it before speaking with him. Considering he is fairly famous, I'm sure he's used to it. Also, me and my friend live in different places, so no requests please.)



    Furthermore, and this is wholesome, he was able to get BS to say/record happy birthday to a friend (This friend is not me.) This friend's birthday isn't till Feb, and he is considering giving it to her during Christmas cuz he's impatient. Either way, her reaction will be in the future, and I'll be sure to get that reaction on recording and send it on here. That is going to be a fun day. 

  12. In the spirit of Halloween, I present Undead Blushweaver. Cuz why not.

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