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Welcome to: 


The Point: A place for all people under 18 to chat, joke, or do whatever

The Twist: Once you've passed your 18th birthday, posting is not allowed not suggested to keep the title accurate :P

Created by: Matrim's Dice

Members: To many to mention! Hooray! 

Motto (by popular request): "If you can vote, we vote you out!"

Milestone: Longest subforum in the 'Social Groups, Clans, and Guilds' forum in terms of post count!

A Note: I edited this post a few months after the club's creation, once it was clear it was actually a thing. The original OP said something about 'if you can't vote, you can join' so if you're wondering what that is about in the below posts, that's it :P 


Edited by Matrim's Dice
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Uh...I'm under sixteen and I can legally drive...:ph34r:

17 minutes ago, AonEne said:

...you mean the tenth? :P 

I can’t drive, so I’d stay. Though I am over 16 

Mix-and-match and together we equal one qualified person and one not qualified person. :lol:

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