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  1. ברוכה הבאה בהצלחה תהני
  2. I'm good strawberry? white. how about two? depends on the bed, usually one. too many, hoid, wax, Whiskeyjack, Tehol Beddict, belgarath. there's more but... upwards of 20. RoW.
  3. I am Jewish and I believe in God. I believe that God created all, i see no contradiction between the Bible and science, because he is all Powerful he created the world in a way that allows for the formation of theories like the big bang and evolution. To allow for free choice. If one could prove scientifically that the world has been created there wouldn't really be a free choice whether to follow God's commands or not. But because we cannot prove such a thing is up to each of us to to choose.
  4. there can be only one lord of the west, I name myself Ar-Adûnakhôr
  5. well, kind of david eddings. but not really it's a joke about Jewish noses, and my tendency to tell stories whenever you talk with me for more then 5 minutes.
  6. the second, unless you meet me online. My fiancée.
  7. as much as it should never, more then likely a real headache for Khriss, squared
  8. oathbringer followed closely by mistborn era 2 possibly, but that depends on your definition of "met" my real name, and its elvish runes for my initials
  9. ask me anything about everything and i will do my best to answer. i am slightly bored so fill free to ping at any time, not on Saturday. i sleep on Saturday
  10. Dear sharder friends I, just got engaged :D

    1. Nathrangking
    2. Silva


      מזל טוב!

    3. Blessed peace

      Blessed peace

      thank you, and he who bless will be blessed from the source of all blessings

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