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    carefully. You don't want any lawsuits on your hands...
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    Missing spells necrosis.
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    Intelligent contaminated quails.
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    is an interjection.
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    is better than Zoom.

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    Really good at hitting things with a guitar.
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    8th Octant, Elendel, Scadrial, Scandrian System, Physical Realm, Cosmere. PO. Box 16 Roshar LN.
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    Reading, D&D, MTG, engineering.

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  1. I remember the books saying 200, but evidently it only has 180 floors.
  2. While Vin commits homicidal hat tricks, Wayne commits normal hat tricks.


    1. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      It's too early for me to laugh this hard

      no it's not noon shhhhh

      I think I got a lemonade hangover.

  3. Gets the word "Skibidi." Inserts all of the licensed music used in Hi-Fi Rush
  4. I invoke the sacred power of the Nerdy and Platypus lunch date gag (It's been around since pretty early in the thread) to return the sandwich to the SandwichSafe. I then order the falafel pita and a glass of tea.
  5. "Oh, come on! Why do these lunch dates never work?" I say, reading the menu. "Ooh, falafels! Those seem nice."
  6. I just missed my second Shardiversary in a row.

    Just 15 more to go, I guess.

  7. That's an interesting question and depends on your PoV. What happened to the single artifact that keeps the realm from exploding?
  8. *Have "Great, now we just have to wait for @Edema Rue to respond."
  9. Lego® sets grant powers based on their complexity. Basic Duplo® sets barely restore any magical powers to their builder, while epic 50lb cities can give their builders the power to move mountains (the amount of power required to do something is relative to the amount of force required times the task's complexity). This also works for other crafty build kits, like ships in bottles. As such, the Lego® Group and other build kit people have control over all magic. A lone group of rebels, however, has started building their own craft sets. As tensions escalate, the two sides inch closer to war... Reaction Images
  10. I correct you, noting that I'm nonbinary and use they/them pronouns. I then invite Edma Rue and @Immortal Platypus to lunch at that new restaurant downtown.
  11. My senior prank is probably related to modifying a water bottle. Either that or planting mushrooms in the gym. I haven't decided, but it's ok. I have a few years.
  12. I rename Timothy the space octopus back to Jerome and convince it to give me the sandwich instead.
  13. I ride Jerome, my space shark, into battle. I then attack Unintelligenius with a sword several times longer than my body length, which is incredibly ineffective. Realizing this, I grab a grappling hook, grapple the sandwich over to me, and leave riding my space octopus, Jerome.
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