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  1. Yeah I kind of doubt paladin will ever do anything like become a world hopper. He really doesn't have that same personality that seems to make people like Hoid and Khriss wo well suited to it. The only way I could see him lasting longer than his normal lifespan would be by becoming a herald or something like that, where he's essentially sacrificing himself to protect other but in a way that still leaves him alive. I don't really want that to happen though because I think it would just be really sad and not really complete his character arc.
  2. Yeah definitely. I just feel like someones going to die and Syl's death especially if she dies protecting Kaladin than it doesn't really hurt his character arc (it might wreck hers though, idk).
  3. I really don't think that Kaladin should die. I feel like it would cheapen some of his growth towards learning that he too needs to be protected. Not all heroes need to sacrifice their lives I guess. I do kind of get the vibe. that Syl is going die and I know it is absolutely going to destroy me.
  4. I think this would be really really cool. I am definitely hoping for more fused and radiants fighting on the same side. Even better would be regular singers.
  5. Even if there is some way to organize shards with "opposite intents" it probably wouldn't be Harmony and Whimsy because Harmony is a combination shard and didn't exist when Adonalsium originally shattered. If there are quadrants or opposites or something it would probably be with the original shards. Maybe whimsy's opposite could be Preservation?
  6. I did my best (this was a collaboration with @The Stormfather) (Spoilered for length)
  7. I love how we just start with some classic Hoid/Shallan moments. He's so so kind to her but I feel like it's in a slightly different way than he is with Kaladin. He often pokes fun at Kaladin and leaves him to tease out the meaning of his stories, but I feel like he knows what Shallan needs. She needs someone to come right out and tell her that she is important, she is loved, she is strong. I guess that's why Adolin is so perfect for her. I've missed Pattern so much. I'm trying to not re-read Stormlight until closer to the SA5 release, but it's quotes like these that make me want to start now. I've really really missed Roshar. Overall I really liked the new chapters. I feel like some of the dialogue feels a little clumsy, but it might just be that I need to get used to Brandon's writing style again. All the stuff about the spiritual realm is absolutely confusing to me, so I'll be relying on the coppermind/shardcast for any hope of understanding it, but that's okay. I'm really liking how complex but also less rigid the magic systems are getting. The Cosmere feels less like a bunch of hard magic systems that are entirely separate and more like a crazy patchwork quilt of hard magic systems interwoven with the soft magic system that is the Spiritual realm. It's really confusing but I'm here for it. Also these chapters are reminding me how much I love Shallan.
  8. Welcome to the shard! What's your favourite colour of magic?
  9. Haaaappy Birthdaaaaay!

  10. That's really cool!I love her expression!
  11. Welcome to the shard! I like the quote in your signature!
  12. I wrote a thing... Not really sure what it is but it exists.


    We walked to the park at night

    And went star-spinning

    You hid in the shadows

    and gave me a fright


    You fell out of a tree

    And I got mud on my pants

    Then I bought you skittles

    And we walked home, just us three


    We tried to play ping pong 

    We didn't have paddles

    I used a book and you used a container lid

    We didn't play right but it didn't feel wrong


    And the night went so fast

    a blur of loud music and our terrible singing

    Talking about the world

    And times that we wish would last


    1. SmilingPanda19


      Simpler times. Simpler times.

    2. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      Wait that's so beautiful-

      I love it

    3. The Sibling

      The Sibling

      Thanks! I had some weird feelings last night so I thought I would write them down. It's like I was feeling nostalgic but for the present somehow. I wouldn't say it was bad but it was kind of an emotional moment. 

  13. Just wanted to say that this article was really well written and interesting. Thanks!
  14. I would be nice to be a tin feruchemist because then when the world gets too loud and bright and annoying you could just make it quiet and you wouldn't even need noise cancelling headphones. And then when the world is dull and boring you could make it feel bright and loud and interesting.
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