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    Get the cosmere in lego ^
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    It's not my creation, by I'm sharing it with the world
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  1. Happy Birthday

    Tell Chaos the citizens say you're the best on shardcast.

    1. Argent


      He knows it. He might not admit it, but we all know who's the most glorious one. 

  2. Coppermind wikiraces sound like such a fun thing.

  3. I know I'm necroing this, but I wanted to inform you all that the Jack Vasel Memorial Auction kicks off on Thurday. If you have the funds to bid for a game, I strongly recommend checking it out. The story for how the whole thing started is very moving and the funds go to help board gamers in their times of need. P.S. This is hosted on BGG
  4. I hope they call me on a mission, now that I have grown a foot or too

    I hope by now that I am ready, to teach and preach and work as missionaries do

  5. Are y'all still alive?

    My email notifs broke, so I'm not getting anything.

    1. Thaidakar the Ghostblood
    2. TwinSouls


      I’m a ghost now…


    3. Lego Mistborn

      Lego Mistborn

      I haven't received any email notifs since Sunday. Still not receiving them, and I checked my settings.

      Let this serve as a notice that I'm not gonna be active cause ai don't see anything 

  6. Hello,

    I hear you know my good friend bookwyrm.

  7. A game all about me! I'm honored you guys. No,that would be pretty sweet. Too bad it won't be ported to the Wii
  8. Fair fair, though your family is most likely smaller than your ward group, so there will be more room for you.
  9. Not a lot of it though. Only two or three images I think.
  10. GO WITH YOUR FAMILY That's what temples are for, bringing families together. Plus youth groups are only supposed to go like twice a year (at least in my temple district). And it will be easier to get an appointment.
  11. How would you feel about your art going into the copper mind? Not saying I can get it in there, but if you're interested, I'm a part time editor.
  12. Happy bday yesterday 

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