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  1. has no one i follow posted an su since saturday, or are my notifs broken?

    1. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      your notifications are broken- as is everyone else's.

    2. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue


      Notifs for SU's don't really work with the update.

    3. Shadowed
  2. so, you know how sensory overload exists?

    is emotional overload a thing? like, when you feel so many emotions at once that you get overwhelmed and can’t really function?

    (for context, i’m currently curled up in a corner of a music practice room on the verge of tears because playing music makes me feel things and i’ve played a lot of music today [yes, i know, it’s kinda a pathetic reason for being basically nonfunctional right now but whatever])

    anyway- how’s everyone’s day been? (or how was yesterday? am i timezoning right-?)

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    2. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      Yup! Totally a thing, happens to me too *hugs*

      Just keep breathing as Eddie says. It will eventually be okay :)

    3. Shadowed


      thanks, it was actually kind of happy (in that i was giggling maniacally for no reason for a good ten minutes because i just felt really filled up with how much i love playing and music and working on composition with my bestie - i don’t care if it sounds cringe/nerdy lol) but the hugs are appreciated anyway :D.

    4. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard


  3. Day 3: Path (timezones are gonna be fun lol)
  4. “Raining isn’t the sky weeping. Raining is the sky ridding itself of its pains from the previous day and starting afresh.” do with it what you will, i’m intrigued to see what you think of.
  5. thanks for making this thread! both the arts in here so far are really cool! Day 1: Dream Day 2: Spiders
  6. will i get your magic powers if i swear the oath of the knights awkward? *pleading eyes* i only wanted to turn into a bookkk *starts quietly sobbing*
  7. wait you guys get magic book powers?? that’s sooo not fair!!! i just get social anxiety! *sticks head out from under library table* um, so are you a human or not? i’m kind of allergic to humans if i’m around them too long.
  8. *nervously emerges, shielding eyes from light* yay! um, i like books! do you like books? i really like books! *sits down, visibly exhausted because social interaction can do that to a person* *is shocked at themselves that they consider themselves a person and not exactly thirty four gremlins in a trench coat masquerading as a human* (sorry, idk where that last part came from lol i’m feeling particularly insane today) a huMAN BEING?!! *runs for the hills* (curse this stupid mobile device and not being able to edit quotes into a post)
  9. *emerges from dark corner* ummm hello??? *quickly retreats*
  10. i need to know if there’s a word for this (i should probably preface this by saying i’m asexual and that’s not what i’m questioning here) but basically, i like the idea of having a girlfriend, i would even go as far as to say i actively want a girlfriend, but my idea of a relationship is hugging and being best friends, rather than kissing or any of… the other stuff. i’m not aromantic, and i have been going by the label lesbiromantic, but i feel like it doesn’t accurately fit anymore. any help would be appreciated :). and also that meme is unfortunately accurate lol
  11. idk if there’s anyone on here who can relate but i’m having a slight crisis atm in that i’m pretty sure i’m some form of not neurotypical. (specifically autism + maybe inattentive adhd.) except there’s no chance of me ever getting diagnosed with anything because i mask all the signs of it because social acceptance (and i’ve basically built my entire personality and self worth around being the perfect daughter who studies hard and gets good grades and is always quiet but fine at home, so telling my parents would mean shattering all of that, which i’ve spent a LOT of time and energy on, and i don’t think i’m prepared to do that). at school, everything is really hard all the time and i can’t socialise like everyone else and i get sensory overload a lot and why do some people not just leave you alone when you clearly need it. this has been going on for a while and i think i’m starting to reach some kind of breaking point where one day i’ll just snap and not be able to function at all. does anyone have any advice for avoiding complete burnout? sorry, that wasn’t meant to go that long and probably made no sense, feel free to ignore my ramblings
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