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  1. "I- i dont know. I cant say I've had such things."
  2. "You wouldn't have seen me in time, even then. I'm literally the best."
  3. I got... a second 100, this time on world history.

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    2. J. Magi

      J. Magi

      You do deserve to be smart! Don't underestimate your self ;)

    3. TheRavenHasLanded


      i did little to no studying. lord help me. this isn't normal.

    4. J. Magi

      J. Magi

      It's wonderful! I also don't study and it's a problem but

      *gives you a bagel of victory*

  4. "nah, most people die to that one. or would die."
  5. "Lets move" Krin says, and he makes himself slippery.
  6. The sword goes to mist and the point is suddenly at her throat. "Good fight" he says, grinning.
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