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  1. Well, I've spent more than one day just reading and then telling myself it's because I need to know the market Good luck with your exams!
  2. I am hoping to be I am working on my first novel and sometimes writing short stories for fun. Also, reading and learning a lot. English is not my native language, so there is a lot of "oh, that's why there is a colon instead of a dash here" kind of moments. Feel free to pm if you want to connect. I love talking to aspiring writers.
  3. Welcome!!! What are you working on as a writer?
  4. Agreed. WoT doesn't focus on those relationships, but if asked, I would say that Loial and Erith were cute.
  5. @Aredor I feel like I am very much behind here. What's the deal with cookies?
  6. Welcome!!! I just finished Wheel of Time yesterday and I am so excited to read it all over again!!! Not sure if I'll do it four times, but I can certainly understand the urge. Is it your favorite book series?
  7. Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day!!!🥳

  8. I wish you a wonderful day and an even better year! Happy birthday!!! Thank you for everything you do for us ❤️

  9. I've read most if the Brandon's books twice, and I still don't consider myself a hardcore fan -- haven't come up with a hundred-page long theory yet, haha.
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