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  1. I doubt that. I think Sigzil wouldn't have believed the tall figure in the uniform to be Kal if he knew his friend had grown old. But I agree, Kaladin doesn't seem the type to turn into a cognitive shadow. So... I suppose that's what expert teasing looks like. Brandon knew that line would send us theorizing and made it completely impossible to decipher
  2. Well, I've spent more than one day just reading and then telling myself it's because I need to know the market Good luck with your exams!
  3. I am hoping to be I am working on my first novel and sometimes writing short stories for fun. Also, reading and learning a lot. English is not my native language, so there is a lot of "oh, that's why there is a colon instead of a dash here" kind of moments. Feel free to pm if you want to connect. I love talking to aspiring writers.
  4. Welcome!!! What are you working on as a writer?
  5. Agreed. WoT doesn't focus on those relationships, but if asked, I would say that Loial and Erith were cute.
  6. @Aredor I feel like I am very much behind here. What's the deal with cookies?
  7. Welcome!!! I just finished Wheel of Time yesterday and I am so excited to read it all over again!!! Not sure if I'll do it four times, but I can certainly understand the urge. Is it your favorite book series?
  8. Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day!!!🥳

  9. I wish you a wonderful day and an even better year! Happy birthday!!! Thank you for everything you do for us ❤️

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