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  1. Happy birthday, Phantom! I wish you all the best!!!

  2. I've reread the series before the Narrow Roads came out and now I find myself obsessively googling news about Doors of Stone every week Fortunately, I recently finished The Will of the Many by James Islington, and it has a very similar vibe to the Kingkiller. I highly recommend it. It deserves more acclaim
  3. Happy birthday!!! Have a beautiful day!🥳

    1. Ixthos


      Thank you Dagger! I hope you also have a beautiful day today (and have a slice of cake for me, too 😉)

    2. Little._.Dagger


      Always happy with an excuse to have cake!😉

  4. Nope. 1. This character was in a battle 2. This character world-hopped
  5. Nope! 1. This character is loyal 2. This character is not human
  6. YKYASW when there are 470+ pages in this thread and you pretty much relate to all posts
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