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  1. Due to last year, Brandon Sanderson and Will Wight. Both are incredibly consistent and at times incredibly fast writers. Will has released 23 books just entering his 11th year as a published author, with 2024's book already written and in revisions. He'll probably have another book out this year as well. And if he doesn't, then I think we can expect 3 books next year, just like how he released 3 books in 2023 to make up for only releasing one book in 2022. Will is a big fan of Brandon's, and I think them working together would help Brandon appreciate some of the rising subgenres of fantasy like LitRPG and Progression Fantasy. Imagine one of Brandon's worlds but with Will's writing output and sense of adventure. Brandon's magic system but explored in a way that leaves some of the mystery, even if it is treated as a science. Will's word and output, guided by Brandon's expertise. Outside of that, I used to say that I'd love to see Brent Weeks, Brian McClellan, Brandon Sanderson all working on something, since it'd be a fun collaboration of the B-Team. Yes, this was fully for the pun. But now I just want to see something interesting from Brent these days and for Brian to finish his latest series. The final collaboration I'd love to see with Brandon would be with Leigh Bardugo. Brandon and Leigh are actually the same age and seem to sell pretty closely. I think she'd be the best collaboration for Brandon maybe not in terms of style, but as a good way to reach those potential fans that the other has. Realistically, how I think it could or should go. (Set in a post-Skyward Legacy world) Brandon creates the world and magic-system. He has a meeting with Will, Leigh, and Janci Patterson to go over the world, brainstorm story ideas, and help them come up with plots and whatnot. They'll meet one more time after that, preferably one-on-one with Brandon. Will would write his story about some change-of-eras aspect of the world, something big happening between continents that our heroes are dealing with. Leigh would write a smaller story set on one of the continents, using a magic system that Will touches on but doesn't go into depth about. Janci would write whatever she wants because she can do no wrong something. After they finish the first of their respective books, Brandon would go through each of them, and then Sanderson's continuity editor would go through them. (I think that's Karon, but I'm not entirely sure.) After that, he'd help them come up with an outline for their series and leave them to it. Any issues or problems after that would first be handled by Dan Wells since he's VP of Narrative. I'd love for Brian to be in this meeting, but he's fine doing his own thing and I'd personally like a different author who's able to contribute more at a slightly faster rate. Maybe Sabaa Tahir?
  2. Random theory going off of that and the old "Mistborn serial killer" WoBs that may be out of date: Kelsier finds out how to make a Mistborn and employs them in wiping out any of Autonomy's remaining agents or attempts at taking over Scadrial...for a time. Unfortunately, by the time of the story, the Mistborn has now gone rogue, and Kelsier is using the Ghostbloods to stop them. (Or so it seems - in actuality, Kelsier is using all of this chaos to bring out Discord, hoping it'll prompt his old friend to be more proactive.) Meanwhile, Harmony thinks the Ghostbloods have gone too far and that the Mistborn is really just the symptom, with the Ghostbloods as the cause. Our main protagonist will be swept up in the events of the story and must play both sides while finding out...something. The above is me just spit-balling. Feel free to discard it or take from it what you will.
  3. I discovered EPIC: The Musical earlier today, and I'm having a blast...listening to the same three songs over and over again. "Just a Man" is my favorite and the one I've listened to the most. I heard part of it first in a triumphant context, so I thought it was a triumphant song...and then I saw the animatics...I still love it though. "The Horse and the Infant" has me utterly convinced of the "Child Champion" theory for Stormlight. I mean, I was before, but I now believe that there can be a LOT of emotional depth to it for Dalinar and others. "Get In the Water" is the one I've listened to the second-most. I heard the Morgan Clae audition version first and now I'm sort of upset that her version isn't the official version. (Or at least not yet, if one can hope.) The original version has Poseidon as sort of smarmy to me. The emotion is cold, but it almost feels like "I'm trying to hide revenge behind 'it's just business' and it's working" to me. The Morgan Clae version is pure silent, barely contained rage. There's almost a desperate need for revenge in there. It's just better in almost every way. (The second "get in the water" line from the original stands up to the Morgan Clae version, if only because it portrays a completely different tone, emotion, and character than the Morgan Clae one.) Other than that, "New House" by Toro y Moi "Pink + White" by Frank Ocean (which really should have been on my 2023 music list) The first half of FPS by Drake and J. Cole. I originally heard most of J. Cole's part from this silly animation about the switch in the second half of the song, and now after listening to the whole thing...I can't help but agree with it! They really didn't need the second half, to the point that it actively brings down the song IMO. "SDP (Interlude)" by Travis Scott. I saw a Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse AMV with the song and I've been hooked ever since. "this is what winter feels like" by JVKE is also really good!
  4. I think these two are the same event from two different perspectives. I think both will be about the Night of Sorrows, which will be the outcome of the Contest of Champions. But I also think the first one may be about the destruction of Shinovar. If both are about the Night of Sorrows, then the first one is from the viewpoint of Taravangian as he watches Kharbranth being destroyed. The second one, if it's about Shinovar, is from the perspective of Szeth as a potential Dawnshard (or simply unchecked Surges from...say...and Honorblade or 7?) as he watches Shinovar being destroyed. For context, I believe that the Night of Sorrows is an unending Weeping period that will happen once the Highstorms stops sweeping across Roshar, and will result in massive amounts of flooding. Isn't Adolin already the head of House Kholin since Dalinar is the King of Urithiru? I do agree that this will have something to do with Kaladin and Dalinar, but my personal theories are getting in the way of what may actually happen. What I want - Kaladin to become Honor, as I feel like that would be a more satisfying ending to his arc in the front half. What this Death Rattle and your interpretation are telling me - Kaladin becomes King of Urithiru. I don't think we'll see this in the first half, but I could see this being Renarin's persective if Adolin and Dalinar both die. Yup, Child Champion theory Either Moash's ending, or something to do with how to break a Nahel Bond. Something to do with the dude at the lighthouse who watches the sea? Contest of Champions outcome, Night of Sorrows begins.
  5. It's a relatively popular theory I've seen on the Shard and less so on Reddit, but I personally don't think it would happen. First off is that Dalinar no longer has any guilt about Gavilar's death. He got rid of that when fighting Szeth in WoR. Secondly, Navani's abuse at the hands of Gavilar would be all the motivation Dalinar needs to beat him. Third is that we've seen several people come back from death already, and I've seen some complaints that doing such a thing too many times makes death cheap - Gavilar would be just another example of that. Personally, I think Dalinar's arc in the next book will be about letting go of control. Wit admits that Dalinar is far too good at finding and keeping power, and it's something we've seen him do for three of the four released books. I think Dalinar will need to let go of control of the moment and the fate of Roshar and learn to leave it in the hands of others.
  6. Storms Upon Stone (The Way of Kings) Lies Upon Light (Words of Radiance) Bonds Upon Blood (Oathbringer) Rhythms Upon Reckoning (Rhythm of War) Truth Upon Tragedy (Wind and Truth) Kelsier and the Final Empire Elend and the Well of Ascension Vin and the Hero of Ages Wax and the Alloy of Law Marasi and the Shadows of Self Steris and the Bands of Mourning Wayne and the Lost Metal A Bond of Nightmares and Paint A Truce of Marriage and War
  7. Started The Brothers Sun with my dad, and I'm having a blast with it so far. It reminds me of Arrow Season 1 in the best of ways, and the cast is delightfully cheesy, charming, and oh-so earnest. My friend and I have been watching The Wheel of Time Season 2 together via View Party stuff, but we haven't been able to talk due to Christmas break and trips. We'll reconnect in two weeks and hopefully finish up. I've seen most of the season but I do need to see the last final two episodes since I saved those to watch with him. After WoT is Echo. I'm really hoping it's good, but I won't get my hopes up.
  8. Ha! I get why they hired him for TROS - he made Star Wars popular again with TFA, and he brought a sense of magic back to the franchise. And after the reactions to TLJ, it made sense to go back to what seemed like was working, especially when other movies in the franchise were having such behind-the-scenes drama. It's just...they didn't understand what Rian was doing and they didn't grasp the ramifications of what they were asking JJ to do. (It also doesn't help that Chris Terrio was his cowriter.) Although hindsight is 20/20. JJ is great at rebooting franchises because he can distill down what made them so special in the first place, as proven with Mission Impossible and Star Trek. (With a weird level of success on the latter.) He proved that with TFA to me. But what he CAN'T do is finish stories well or use original ideas. TFA asked a lot of questions and basically repeated the core story of Star Wars for the fourth time (ANH, ROTJ, TPM, and TFA pretty much have the same goal and third act). Rian Johnson took the retelling of the OT and wrapped up the "rhyme" to ESB with the final battle on that one planet mirroring the escape form Hoth, and the ROTJ with the Throne Room battle. TLJ ends so openly because the cycle had been completed and thus broken, allowing for the next director and writer to bring Star Wars in a new direction. Unfortunately, they hired the one guy who isn't known for original ideas or finishing stories to come up with an original idea to finish a story. So what did JJ do? He decided to also cram two movies into one so he could get the outcome he wanted which just so happened to be the mirror to the outcome of ROTJ, and used his iconic "mystery box" to get there, seemingly not understanding that this is supposed to be the part of the story where he answers questions, not create new ones or retcon explanations from previous movies that end up undermining the themes of the entire trilogy. I could go on and on about the ST, but this isn't the thread for it. I'm trying out Ascendant by Michael something or other. Here's to hoping it's good! I'm also behind on a lot of other books I need to read, so hopefully I'll get back into the reading mood.
  9. I would never! I'm all over the place with them personally. I find The Force Awakens a great fun movie. TLJ is the best best of the three in terms of how it actually carries on the OT stuff, has the best acting, and the best tension. But I fundamentally disagree with several things within the movie as well. (Mostly that Finn and Poe's plots should have been switched; Finn should have learned the differences between the Resistance and the F.O. by seeing how they sacrifice and what for, while Poe should have learned that his place isn't in the cockpit or on crazy adventures anymore but leading his people and being WITH them.) The Luke and Rey stuff was perfect. TROS is one of my least favorite movies ever.
  10. I ate but I did give up some sleep lol! I haven't read Fairest. I can tell it's about fairytales, but is it like Cinder where there are no love triangles and it brings its own charms to the table? Honestly, my favorite couple was probably just Kai and Cinder. The couple from Cress was super sweet, but the other two were meh to me.
  11. I wasn't expecting the hardest challenge ever, but even NG+ had some difficult moments and started off a lot harder. For Double NG++ it's not just easy, there's very little to work towards. That's the major problem. I'm having fun but I want more to do. I've tried the traditional FEW but the gameplay there isn't nearly as polished (No Combat Arts or spells, and most characters have a copy that plays similarly if not the exact same...and I can't stand Lianna's "The Enemy!" line or whatever), and I'm not a fan of Persona 5 Strikers on the Switch. (Probably my biggest game regret of 2023.) Still, these are quibbles at most and not real complaints. I'm still playing it after all,
  12. I was playing Persona 5 Royal during the break, and the electricity cut out after I had been playing for about two and a half hours without saving, and I just...stopped playing for a week or so. I'm almost ready to get back to it though. Currently playing Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. I beat the Azure Gleam when the game first came out, but I never had the urge to play the other stories. I finally beat Scarlet Blaze on NG+ during the break, which was nice. Now I'm back to Azure Gleam on the same profile, and the game is just too easy. I like it, but Shez can complete maps by himself and Dimitri is a BEAST. I'm never lacking for money and rarely need to buy resources. Now it's just about completing builds and getting some of the harder-to-get weapons.
  13. Great series! I reread them every 4-5 years. My last reread was late 2022, and I ended up reading all four books in one day. It's probably my favorite non-Sanderson YA series, next to the Lotus War trilogy by Jay Kristoff...which I'm admittedly afraid to reread in case it doesn't hold up to when I read it in college... Just finished Blade of the Realm by Ron C. Nieto (Book 4 of 5) on Friday I think, and I've got a few other books I've bought that I need to finish...but I also promised my friend I'd read 3-Body Problem, so that comes first...maybe.
  14. After two years, I've revised my MCU Watch Order! I don't think I've ever put it here, but it'll be fun to share. Not everything will be added to the list, as the list is based on character importance, overarching arc importance, repetitiveness, and quality. For example, I won't be adding Doctor Strange 2 (at this time) because WandaVision and Loki cover similar material in a better format. WandaVision and DS 2, which being connected, feel like they run antithetical to each other in terms of Wanda's characterization and overall importance. As such, I think leaving out Doctor Strange gives us a better take on the character and a smoother experience. Moon Knight and She-Hulk are also being excluded, mostly due to lack of relevance at this time. Post-Credit Scenes are not taken into account here and are in most cases are better off avoided. There are only two that should outright be avoided in this list though - Captain Marvel and Black Widow. The rest are fine. Fox's X-Men movies are not included due to the lack of important crossover at this time. (Yes, I know when they do crossover, but they don't do so with enough importance at this time to feel as if they're necessary.) I've also added in the Sony Spider-Man movies, for reasons that help both the Sony movies and the MCU IMO, and have Batman as interludes for kicks and giggles. Feel free to ignore those. Without further ado, let's enjoy! Phase 1 Revised Interlude: Tim Burton Batman and Batman-inspired stuff: Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992), DCAU (Batman TAS, Justice League, JLU, Batman Beyond). Feel free to add Static Shock and Superman TAS if desired. Phase 2 Revised Interlude: Zack Snyder DCU Films abridged: Man of Steel, BvS:EU, WW, ZSJL, Aquaman (Shazam, TSS, Peacemaker, Blue Beetle, and Birds of Prey can be added in at your own risk/pleasure.) Phase 3 Revised Interlude: The Batman (2022) Phase 4 Revised And that's the list! Let me know if there are any questions.
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