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  1. Rather than move the Shardcast link, they appear to have added a hover delay so it does not trigger automatically.
  2. As far as we know, the "Expanse" names are Rosharan terms for Cognitive Realms that border Roshar's Shadesmar. As such, there are likely only going to be terms for the ones already on the map until/unless we get the Silverlight terms (or unless Sanderson reveals that "Expanse" is the Silverlight term). That said, I think it's far more likely that Broken Sky refers to Ashyn and/or Braize (since being in the same system they by-nature have to be one of the border areas).
  3. Wow, thank you. What a difference. No accidental menus displayed so far today. . . (don't jinx it)
  4. I think you are both sayign the same thing, generally (even if some details differ).
  5. Not sure where you were trying to go this. Kelsier heard the thoughts of all the people in Urteau and the crew, not just the mad or spiked. He did the same to Spook’s mind after his spike was removed. And of course, he heard Vin’s thoughts after her earring was removed. I said "not quite" because of the bolded section of your post to which I was referring. Preservation hears thoughs with or without a Spike. Ruin communicates to cracked souls and/or people with spikes. And Harmony said he communicated with Pathians wearing spikes (but it's the talking that needs the spike). Yes, in SoS he stated it in a way to imply what you said, but he also later fessed up that he can hear anytime he wants to do so (SoS Ch 7): It's a Sanderson traditional verbal sidestep. He did not say "I can only hear you when you have the earring in. . . " Not just a personality in-tune with the Shard's intent - you also can not have more connection to a different Shard. Kelsier got to see how he had far more Connection to Ruin, even though he was Connected to Preservation (saving the Skaa, etc.) - so, after cheating with the Ire's tool to take up Preservation, he still could not use it correctly or completely, because once the false connection was gone, he still had too much Connection to Ruin to be a true Vessel. Kell also notes how Sazed's trials after the loss of Tyndwel increased his Connection to Ruin so that, by the end (M:SH P6C8) Possibly - I always took it to be closer to how Harmony communicated with Wax in BoM. Sazed is injured and dying, and already has a Connection to Preservation. In my head-canon Fuzz can whisper this because he is getting close to the threshold and there was enough Connection to bridge the gap (much like Kelsier and Spook after he removed the spike, now that I think of it). The Latter is part of the explanation for the former. I beleive that Leras set up the prophesies so that the majority of the possibilities he foresaw ended in teh same result - a Human able to take up Preservation and being able to Destroy in order to Protect Scadrial. We just happened to read the story of the one that happened )but not necessarily the only one that could have worked). It's a Batman Gambit because many of the permutation relied upon Ati acting like Ruin (rather than acting like Ati before being consumed by his shard's intent). He didn;t just plan on Ruin not catching the details, he planned for Ruin's changes (sign of 16, etc.), his manipulations, and his tendancy to gloat when he thought all danger was passed and he had won. Possible, I guess - but Vin's reaction to what happens is less than a minute after his beheading - not much further forward than a normal use of Atium. Not to mention his huge Connection to Vin amplifying how he could interpret her possible responses. I find it more likely that he saw only a few possibilities and all or most ended with her sacrifice to stop Ruin. Only if they were trying to access Futuresight at the same time. . . Glad you enjoyed the story and I hope it improved your opinion of Era 1. Will you move on to the Lost Metal next, or save that for after other Cosmere? Note: The Lost Metal has (arguably) the most Cosmere references so far, as well as spoilers for Stormlight Archive 2-4. That said, you would not be the first person I have known to read it before Stormlight Archive.
  6. Welcome to the Shard Does this mean you have not yet finished the story then? Hope you enjoy it - it's a wild ride.
  7. Welcome to the Shard. Here are some tips and tricks of which you may not yet be aware (as each forum is slightly different): Not sure why you schose to make the font so large. if it was a cut and paste, please note that upone pasting, you should have a pop-up show at the bottom of the editor window to convert to plain text - but you can also edit the post, highlight the text and change the size that way. Interesting theory, similar to many that have been discussed, but slightly different as well. Malatium was not produced at the Pits of Hathsin - that was Era 1 Atium (Atium/Electrum alloy). Malatium is an alloy of Atium and Gold (it is still unclear if it was produced by Shezler (Eleventh Metal Short Story) by removing the silver from Era 1 Atium or if it was just adding more gold to the Era 1 Atium Alloy). There is one WoB where a fan refers to the metal from the Pits as Nalatium - but that was a Fan-derived term (not used by Brandon, his team or the stories). WoB - see footnote: Leras changed Preservation's Perpendicularity to accrete in Geodes so that the resulting Atium was contaminated with Electrum so that Electrum mistings would be Atium Mistings and so that E1Atium and Malatium would replace Cadmium and Bendalloy on the Allomantic table to Preserve the Sign of 16. Interesting idea. It might also explain (partially) why the Kandra First Generation Worldbringers were so adamant that they were "children of Preservation." Hope that helps.
  8. Glad you enjoyed it. Kind-of. Yes, as Ruin was in Era 1. Please note (WoB): So, the wrong Vessel holding Ruin could "interpret" the Shard's Intent slightly differently. And that could be a baaaad thing (but, hopefully, Sazed is already biased to see Ati's approach and also channel it in a slightly safer direction). Elantris Spoilers:
  9. Thank you all for your hard work , dedication and receptiveness. Paleo as well, of course (please pass that along).
  10. I've been mentioning this since the new site rolled out, and (ostensibly) they have been waiting for somebody other than me to mention that it is a problem. Upgrade page 1 Upgrade Page 6 (the bad) A few posts back and forth trying to help them understand why the problem is a problem Chaos's response Satsuoni's test Alder24's report But, I agree that months later this is still a problem that bothers me daily. I guess most users are on mobile where it's not a factor?
  11. None of the above - Jorgen = jɔɹ ɡɛn (Y sounding J - hard G - (rhyme with yen)) - like Jørgen Ingmann
  12. Here goes - more of a "Full reaction to the Series" since the ending of Starsight made me decide I would not read any more Cytoverse until all books were out (cliffhanger endings are one thing - cliffhangar unresolved endings are quite another. . . and if you feel the need to repeat a chapter (cyto 1 was the same scene as the end of Starsight) then you know something went wrong). So, now that Defiant is out, I re-read from the beginning - DE, SW, SS, SR, RD, ES, C, D. Since the thread is Defiant focused, I'll be brief: DE - Still enjoyed this story, but reading it again after having read SW and SS once each, I was better able to track what Jason was doing, with one major exception (more on this later re: Gran Gran). Still a good story, and I like the implications that prior to the Rim developing enough to have large Fragments, the Superiority was using "lesser worlds" as their "exile" location. They were creepy and morally bankrupt long before Winzik came along. SW - Still the best of the books, by far. I honestly almost would have preferred this to be a stand-alone than a series. Not much else to say. SS - Not bad for a sequel, but seeing how we eventually got Alt POV novellas, mixed POV book 4 and interludes - the lack of Skyward Flight POVs seems like a missed opportunity. I feel like there was a desire to remain single POV because of book one, but the story needed to be multiple POV. The fact that the novellas can be chopped up and have their chapters mixed with books 2 and 3 shows that the after Skyward the story was about the Flight, not just Spensa, and really should have been treated as such. Really? I thought this was not only foreshadowed, but almost too obvious by the end of Starsight (really, Brade using the Rocket launcher was what "confirmed" in my mind that Winzik was a puppet and Brade was manipulating him - but not until the second read-through, I missed it the first time). The repeated references to "Brade being manipulative" in books 3 and 4 just seemed, to me, to make this more obvious and less foreshadowy. It was like being slapped in the face with "Brade's the Villain" over and over again. For example (SS Ch 36): The body language and pacing make it clear this is a calculated act. Listen, pause , slowly open visor while deciding if she would better off manipulating rebel humans or her current pawns, malicious smile. . . freak out? (way too over the top) SR - FM Rocks. This novella changed my entire perception of the character. That said, the new flight memebers (especially T-Stall and Catnip) never feel fleshed out (even by the end of the series) with only Sadie getting some cursory characterization - which goes back to SS should have been multi-POV so they could "introduce" those characters and some DDF changes as interludes in book 2, which would have helped the novellas feel more coherent. RD - I feel like the fact that ReDawn is a gas giant should have come up long before that was explained - which would have made the "miasma" and the whole setting understandable from chapter 1 instead of it not becoming clear until humans were "told" half way through the story. While I like Alanik as a character, I felt the mental dissonance (here and in Defiant) of "she impersonated me" but "I asked her to do it" just did not work (or not well). Probably my least favorite of the novellas overall. ES - Flashback was great, and Jorgen "losing it" at VAdm Stroff was great. However, the whole "Two other Vice Admirals planetside" bit really threw off the willing suspension of disbelief because 1) two of three ranking members when their Adm was absent would never have left only one behind 2) Even if they had departed because of the broadcast, they would have been recalled as soon as Skyward Flight returned - and would have been in-place long before the "two days later we still had not heard from Cobb) - which made the whole subplot of "coward officer willing to look the other way" feel like dees ex machinae (DEM). That was not nearly as bad as "Cobb promotes Jorgen" which is entirely DEM - since we've already seen Sanderson known how to handle such things (Stormlight Archive Spoilers): Really, the whole novella can be summed up as "characterization was great, plotting was awful." Cytonic - And here is where the "Spensa only, with interludes" outline glares the most wrong. I'm working on parsing out the Novella chapters so I can modify my e-books to spread those chapters amongst books two and three (see below) because if I should read the series again - I really think it will work better mixed into the main story than going backward and forward for each start and finish. Notes: One consideration about reading ES before Cytonic means that the "reveal" that the reality icon was Doomslug is spoiled - but I am not sure that is a bad thing. The impact is more that Spensa cannot identify for herself why a "fake of my Father's pin" Feels so important to her - and I think it might even read better for the reader to know while Spensa dies not. Defiant - Not bad, not great. +s: Taynix, helping the delvers change, Gran gran (everything about her) Jorgen -s: Taynix, pacing, etc., Alternate POVs all reserved for Part 3 (discussed above - should have become the norm since Spensa left for Starsight in book 2) I feel like if the "Sanderlanch" had been handled like Oathbringer's (without a chapter break for each viewpoint change) then the book could have been 30ish chapters instead of 59+ and would not have read in such a disjointed fashion (ref Oathbringer Chs 117-120ish). I liked Spensa's early arc, but felt the "reveal" that the "tantrums" were Chet should have come much sooner, since it was so obvious to everybody but Spensa. The "I need to be separate to protect everybody" just kind-of fades after Gran gran makes her take a wingmate (or three) for that mission but doesn't really feel "resolved" until Hesho joins them in cleaning ships - but just seems forgotten in the interim, rather than actually dealt with. However, my biggest issues with Defiant aren't really the story. The tease of "seven more species of Taynix" as the very first image for the book implied we would at least see them on screen (likely on a rescue) even if we don't learn what each does. Instead it's a broken promise teaser that says "oh, we only put this here so you might buy the follow-on series" Even if they didn't find the slugs themselves, they should have mentioned learning there were more varieties "somewhere" from the stolen data. . . Formatting. The E-book formatting had been consistent through all seven previous parts. Images as chapter and part ID, graphics on their own "page." Font and paragraph formatting. All of that changed for this book. While I love the "image description" appendix - I loath that the formattign does not match. I bought them all at the same time, so even if they decided to change formatting later, the previous books shouls have been updated to match (just like buying Elantris eBook now yields the 10th anniversay edition, not the un-fixed original). It's like those malicious publishers that lazily compile an omnibus by slapping the individual books together without unifying the formatting, so as you change from section to section you have to keep increasing or decresing the device font size because the publisher was too lazy to do their job. Not to mention having the images part of the chapter file means not all devices can show the image correctly (which is why I thought all the previous books had them separate - which works - unlike the Secret Projects that were broken the way Defiant is broken) Overall: Series is okay. Better than Alcatraz, not as good as Reckoners, to me. I would recommend Cytoverse to specific people that I think might really like the setting and characters, but I don't think I would make it blanket recommendation to just anybody.
  13. I thought this was what normally happened (if unconciously). If yo ulook at the lines right before that (DE Ch 19): Jason "phased" into him as well with the hyperjump. It's mentioned a few times in later novels that hyperjumping blindly risks occupying the same space as another object, but when you think about it, any normal hyperjump would require an unconcious movement of air in the destination to make space for the cytonic's arrival - and if ai can be pushed out of the way, why not other matter? Defiant Spoilers:
  14. Welcome to the Shard. Yes, that's one appearance. If you check the White Sand Summary, each chapter he makes an appearance is listed in that chapter's character list. Example: Hope that helps
  15. I don't think more investiture is necessarily required - after all we see Kelsier travelling from the Cognitive to the Spiritual in Secret History. However, since the SR doesn't have a "where" or "when" I don't think a being (or Shadow) can stay there for long. M:SH Part 2 Ch 1: Likely it takes Intent, and there are probably other mitigating factors about trying to travel to the Spiritual Realm
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