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  1. Does this mean you are looking for a specific quote? I'm sorry I thought you were just looking for possible quote inspirations. Do you have any keywords or context to help find the correct quote? Are any of these the quotes? Then, of course, there is Quirrell quoting Voldemort in HP1:
  2. You may consider checking the Coppermind page(s) for relevant characters, as most will have quotes scattered across the page, or a dedicated quotes section (please see link). In a more general sense, you can also try the Wikimedia Foundations wikiquotes which makes it easy to see person (Shakespeare), work (Illiad), or idea (business) related quotes (then use ctrl+f to search for key words amongst the assembled quotes). Also, for some depth, you may consider quotes closer to Grey and Gray Morality (allowing the character to interpret them darker than normal as interpreting a mrally gray quote as having black connotatiosn says more about the person than the quote).
  3. My point in quoting the scene was to show that it was not only about the understanding and realization of separate parts. In fact, an item does not have to be separate parts at all - because at least some of this ability is about practice and skill in pushing and pulling (foreshadowed way back in TFE Ch 34): So, I think it is an epiphany moment - but more about his skill catching up to his knowledge rather than his knowledge changing his skill. . . Those were not the "opposites" - you said (implied?) that he had not yet turned Aux into a watch - I was showing that he had already in fact turned Aux into a clock at one point. The frame of reference for how that was accomplished was, indeed, the same.
  4. Not so much a realization (he'd known how bullets were constructed) as much as a concious choice to split the steellines so he could try changing the focus of his push to hit the primer. BoM Prologue: But yes, this is likely a similar mechanism. Actually it was the opposite, he was able to have Aux manifest as a clock after he had studied schematics. TSM (Ch 5):
  5. This was (kinda) covered in the Ars Arcanum for The Lost Metal: As the numbers of Worldhoppers increase, stories from different worlds are also being shared across worlds. Marsh may or may not have Worldhopped himself, but that is likely seperate from the stories of "Ironeyes" being related to "Death" across multiple worlds (just as variants of the Grim Reaper have been seen in multiple cultures over the centuries). When in doubt, blame Hoid. . .
  6. The most info we have so far (that I can find) is: WoB So, if 1-2 million for Luthadel is at least "close", and if Scadrial is less populous than Nalthis then it is likely that Hallendren is of a similar size (or possibly slight larger). I say similar because while Nalthis is more populous, it also has more countries and more inhabitied geography for that population to spread out. Also, Vivenna mentions (ch 9) that the population of Bevalis (Idrian Capital) is "a few thousand" with the Idrian population spread thinly through farms and rangeland but T'Telir is orders of magnitude larger and more populated:
  7. Nope. As Ruin said in M:SH - the nature of Hemalurgy (even Ferchemical storages though Hemalurgy) is that it can only widen cracks. Any investiture part of or entering through a hemalurgic crack cannot fill the crack because of Ruin's nature. It's not like a nail through a pail, where you can fill it with water and as long as the nail is in the hole the water won't leak (iow: cracks around the outside of the spike). It's more like a nail though a wall hitting the electrical socket wires. It doesn't matter if there are cracks outside the nail, touching the nail is going to give a shock (pun intended). A Hemalurgic spike is like an investiture hot wire directly into your soul. You would have to remove the spike to shore up the crack. Besides, nearly all Inquisitors already had a way of preventing the flaw from any source less than a Shard or Rashek-level-Fullborn. A-Copper.
  8. I'm making an edited version of the ebook for myself, with all of the "asides" removed (just Johnny's story, no guide excerpts) to see if I like it better in a reread that way. Otherwise, as I said in the reaction thread, I think it was just a humour mismatch for me (much like Alcatraz).
  9. I was not trying to help or hurt your theories, just adding points to consider. Thank you very much and have a great day.
  10. As far as we know so far, Soulcasting is like Forgery - you are changing the Spiritweb and those changes ripple through to the Cognitive and Physical Realms. So, you wouldn't be changing only "part" of something unless it already has a separate Cognitive and Spiritual Identity (or you can separate those identities). For larger projects (as seen in WoR when Adolin watches the Soulcasting) they use multiple Soulcasters (Fabrial) working together when the light in the gems of a single soulcaster is not enough. I would guess that complicated projects with multiple essences (like you chandelier example) would require separate pieces soulcast with the correct essence, then assembled. It may be possible (again using your example) that since there are three gem settings in a fabrial Soulcaster, that if the Fabrial had both (in this case metal and crystal) then a single person with the correct Intent might be able to soulcast different pieces simultaneously (as long as those pieces in "wax" had not been assembled long enought to take on a singular "chandelier" cognitive identity yet). I doubt a sapiant being could Soulcast just a part of their body without that part already having a separate Identity - which, by then, why not just take a shirt and soulcast that into aluminum armor?
  11. Please see this thread where there is much discussion on maps (eras 1 and 2), calculating the sizes of the continent and era comparisons. I don't think we have a canon answer, but there are some fan-calculated guesses.
  12. Welcome to the Shard. Please let us know what, if any, works you have or have not read (whichever list is shorter) - preferably in your profile or in an Intro Post - so that we can mark spoilers appopriately. We do not know what "steelmind" in this case really refers to. Since all we get is "Awakened Steelmind giving a status report" we don't know if it is really referencing F-Steel, Steel working with Medallion tech, or if that is just how they refer to Steel that has had investiture applied. We also do not know how it may have been "awakened" since that is now a Manifestation of Investiture (MoI)-generic term (WoBs below). TLDR: Awakened may not mean Breaths, and Steelmind may not mean Feruchemical Attributes. Steel may just be a reference to that fabrial's function in the ship. Correct, there are some things that Nalthian Awakening (and BioChromatic Breath) cannot do for the person holding them, because of the nature of Endowment's Intent (WoB Below) WoBs (Spoilers for RoW and SP3) Hope that helps
  13. There are a lot of things from the annotations that Brandon indicated he left out because there was not room for the scene or because it wasn't the focus that was needed. Unfortunately some of that is because it is "flashback" based (which does not really mesh with the idea of Interludes). TFE WoA HoA I'm sure I did not find all of the annotations where he mentions having to leave something out, but there is plenty there that would at least be tangentially related to the books while increasing how much of the Final Empire we get to see.
  14. Two points to consider: In the Cosmere, when Brandon says "natural process" he includes in that how the realms affect one another For example, he noted that the effects of the Reod on Elantrians is "natural" in that it is a natural result of the Chasm's effect on AonDor - expressed through their link with AonDor and the Shaod Bavadin did not only invest in AisDa - Autonomy is invested in the whole system (Taldain and Ridos included)
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