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  1. CB2 ch 5 stuff I reallllly need to step on the gas here..been very lazy this week.
  2. Grrrrrrrr! I just turned on PS5 to load up CS2 on a wild hair. CS2 stuff
  3. Ugh that opening dialogue between Joerg and Zeit went right over my head but I’m sure it’s interesting stuff.
  4. Ok up super early for my TX appointment and decided to go ahead on Pom. I beat Tio, Fran and Abbas…*sigh and it might all be for nothing since I have other people to beat that I can’t access at present and one might be beyond playing at this point idk. Sure wish I wasn’t misled…I’d have Magius now as I type this..
  5. *grrrrrrrrr! Why did no one correct me when I said that someone in the comments section of guide said there was no “prize” for defeating all Pom Pom opponents in this game unlike in CS?! zoelius just said I get the Magius Quartz for it. I’ve been unconcerned with the game unless DP was on the line this whole time now I ll have to attempt this huge multi player event.. Also not hard to deduce who Ursula descendants would be without outright telling me so far.
  6. And they mentioned a dragon several times to. Idr in CS how much Sky info there was other than the orbal shutdown/100 day war. Certainly don’t remember any dragon talk other than the few dragon like things I fought. Not much progress. Was a longggg day. All I really did was land and move close to St Ursula before deciding it was time to cut the knee high grass since the yard was finally dry enough to not rut up. Rain has been crazy lately.
  7. CB2 Fragments stuff Tomorrow I move on. I loaded up CS1&2 to read newspaper but there isn’t much CB info like I thought. I really need to see the CS scenes after this long on any CB stuff but I’m sure not going anywhere near YouTube/net and getting unplayed games spoilers. May try and do some replay segments if time allows though I suspect it won’t.
  8. Hmm that is proving way more difficult than I thought. I’m starting to think I got extremely lucky finding my 75 8K in early 2021. All I can find in stores right now is plain ole 4Ks LG has an 86in which right on that is perfect size for my den but I’d be essentially down grading if I got it. Yeah there ain’t much in 8K right now anyway but my PS5 and XB are capable of it now so when it’s the norm I want to not worry about it. May take a drive to TX tomorrow to see if anyone has any even though I’m going to my dr there this Wednesday. I need to get this done if it’s going to happen asap so the cable company can do their thing. Ugh I so want to load up on a 10-11 inch bigger screen now that it’s in my head.
  9. Oh sweet! Got the nod to do some tv carousel since we have to get 2 smart TVs anyway as we are losing cable as the company is stopping that feature. So my 75in will be going to the old man’s living room upgrading him from the 65. I ll be looking for an 85+ for my den so my trip through The Legend of Heroes will be that much more umm legendary starting this weekend. Can’t wait till I get to Reverie with the extra inches of screen!
  10. Oh noice! They did keep going with all that exp I earned. I’m at 86!
  11. Holy rust I didn’t get hit once. Also I ll have to check it out in a bit but it only clocked the exp till it reached the lvl up point. I was expecting it to keep going for awhile. It wouldn’t let me type anything after the attachment.. I so need to get on CS2? and read the newspaper. Man that long sequence was off the chain! I was expecting ch 4 to last longer than 1 day but boy oh boy what a day that was..
  12. Daughter wanted some blu block glasses off Amazon. Went ahead and ordered 2 more Guy Gravel Kay books. The Sarantine Mosaic. There is other books set on this world but these should be the 1st time period wise so I went with them. I’m not sure if there’s any connections between them all as they are all set like millennia apart. Very interested in the Viking one but it ll be quite awhile before I get that one. I love GGK and I’ve only read Tigana a few years ago but it was excellent.
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