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  1. Ah I don’t remember going to the downtown district in CS either. Exploring now. wait I see Neinvallie is in here so surely I did wander around here in CS. oh wow in Harbor area. There is a lot of grass where Heiyue was in CS. I see it’s in a building next to docks here.
  2. Awe a dialogue round! I can still remember being rust near burnt out on this in CS1..now it’s a world building treat. Im on West street now and it’s cool seeing people I’ve dealt with in the future. So if I have this right Rean and co are just getting to Thors themselves. I love it. I do feel quite confined when looking at the “world map” cause I know this area is so tiny. So used to seeing it included with Erebonia. Now in a rich hood. Hmm I don’t remember if I could get in here on CS.. On East street. Nice to be back. I got to admit at being annoyed at the bits in Japanese only like Battle dialogue and cooking. I want to know what my peeps are saying. This is a hard language to learn with the different structures of sentences then English.
  3. Cool. Im about to set out and explore the city(that I have already explored) for the 1st time. I met Grace earlier and the cat. Idk if I will just settle in and make a night out of it or not. A burn ban was issued so my nightly routine is messed up.
  4. Randy…lol “Let’s just say I was dipping my quill into to much company ink.” Gold. I don’t like having a fixed camera at all! I also really don’t like having to babysit extra people who don’t fight, have horrible AI and if hp goes to 0 it’s game over.
  5. Beat 3 a few hours ago. 302 hours 58 minutes. I think I can say confidently this was the hardest hitting of 1-3 on emo lvls. Rust it could be deep at times. Though I am confused about how the ending plays out where certain things are supposed to go with the others going here and there. Fantastic game and my favorite of the 3. I have watched Future Redeemed trailer since and while I’m probably jumping into Crossbell 1 next not hitting start on FR is going to be hard. Wow that looks sick!
  6. I just finished XC3 a few hours ago. I’m free to begin Crossbell 1 but I’ve since finally watched the trailer for Future Redeemed anddd rust do I want to get into that for real… We shall see…
  7. Just finished rereading The Gathering Storm. Finally.. had a fire lit in me and read about 250 pages in the last 2 days. Very uncommon for me to do so now. It was better than I remembered. Onto Towers now! I very much hope it doesn’t take 2 months.. I’m beyond ready to move on to something else but I’m a stubborn Cajun no question…
  8. I slowed down cause of course I would.. I’m only 311 pgs into WoT 12. Almost a month of reading this book and I finally get to a Mat chapter. I’m looking forward to rereading this one to see how off he was from Jordan’s character in this 1st book.
  9. That info is pretty difficult to find and not at all clear other than I know for sure he wrote the ending sequence of AMOL. Many are saying he wrote the majority of 12&13’s prologue which makes me feel kinda giddy about Mishima’s bravado and his granted wish of 12. BS says in book that RJ did have written chapters. Rust he did a good job of writing in a different style to match RJ. Hell I’m already like 80+ pgs into 12…I’ve not had that much speedy progress on this rereread since bk 3 in late 2021.. ed hmm some say he wrote the majority of the final battle. I’m not so sure about that part, others say it was heavily outlined for BS to fill in which I think is probably the way. I heard that he only wrote about 50K words which seems to line up if the prologues of 12-13 and the ending segment of 14.
  10. Ha I had forgotten this. Mishima is wanting to face Trollocs in 11, in 12 he gets his wish. Im gonna have to look up what parts RJ has sprinkled in these 3. Only one I remember for sure is last few pages the series.
  11. Success. Starting my very 1st WoT 12-14 reread. I really want to be done and onto other stuff after 2 years of the rereread of 1-11.
  12. Just pulled out BS’s WoT books from storage boxes. 3 years after 2 back to back hurricanes I’ve yet to buy new bookcases. Will finish WoT 11 later today after I wake up and begin 12. ed: fail Barely read 3 pages.. maybe will finish upon waking take two.
  13. Farting around on Gamepass I started up Halo Reach and I’m having trouble and wondering how I enjoyed this so much when new. The controls are rust. Destiny setup is superior to old Bungie. So I turned that off and started something called Senua. We ll see what happens with this one.
  14. Zemuria is massive though. I assumed they would fill in that blank space in the map that was posted when I was making my way through CS.
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