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Your favourite couple?


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This is the one aspect of the books I felt could have had a lot of improvement. Though, there were a solid handful of good ones. As far as WoT Romances go, so long as no one dares say that four letter name starting with T with anyone, I think we are fine here :lol:

Anyway, if you put a knife to my throat, I would probably say Faile and Perron.

They were solid, they had quirks, and he needed to learn the lesson that just because she had a flitting emotion, does not mean she could not consciously tell herself no, and it was not betrayal, it could have saved so much trouble. Anyway, they both really did love each other, and they compliment each other in different ways, it was kinda cute, started rocky, kept with different bits of rockiness, but it all worked out. Shame there were two kidnapping plots, one right after the other one. Poor lad can't catch a break. It's not the the best sort of all-star romance I have ever seen on page, but it's definitely a solid one, which I grew to like quite a bit over my many reads of the story. And, I think, the best one, despite it in many ways, being the simplest.


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I've been rereading / listening to the series again for the first time in about 8 years (I've read the first 8 or so books many times). I just got through The Dragon Reborn where Faile and Perrin meet and I am onto The Shadow Rising where they get married. It's much less argumentative than what I remember it as. I'm actually enjoying their chapters. 

With all the WoT romances and even male - female friendships I was always thinking "do you hate each other?". Constant, hostile arguments between characters who supposedly like each other. I get it. Couples argue, opposites attract etc. but they don't argue all the time. I think some of it has to do with the length of the series when things slowed down and characters would be mad at each other for hundreds of pages when it would have been a couple chapters in the early books. 

Perrin - Faile is the one I remember most strongly from when I read it originally and I'm enjoying them so far on reread. 

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Nynaeve and Lan, though I find all the male-female interactions in WOT a bit screwed up. They have so much contempt for each other, it makes me sad. :(

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