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  1. Oh this would be poetic for his arc, I like it. What if he works with Navani to do it - she had the idea for airships and now surely with the Sibling will be learning how to make true fabrials. Can fabrials be made from sapient spren?
  2. This is so cool thanks for it! Always a fun topic to theorize and debate. My personal pick for Cultivation + Odium is Malignance. Thinking of like cancerous growth, harmful growth, unchecked growth, virulence/contagion, as well as nursing a grudge (like the loathing you put which is also a good option) It would be terrifying if Taravangian picked up Cultivation as well.
  3. Now I feel ancient hahaha. But go watch The Big Short. They were very involved in things that led to the 2008 recession/housing bubble and burst, and also it's good movie
  4. I've thought that death rattles might always be for future events which would rule out Taln and make him a red herring. I've always had a nagging concern that Kaladin is being set up to take on all this suffering on himself and endure but not break so my bet would be its him, and maybe he is new Herald and has to hold out solo between front and back half.
  5. I subscribe to this as well. To add some more merit here: why is the Sibling called the Sibling? You inherently have to have another one for the name to make sense. I guess you could sort of say Sibling of Stormfather and Nightwatcher, but that doesn't seem to fit as well as if BAM was really the first one and this is their Sibling. And it really feels like one of those clues where you *think* you know what it means until you learn the real meaning and then it makes way more sense. Brandon has done things like that before.
  6. I think high friction would make you super hot like a spacecraft re-entering the atmosphere. But if you had Shardplate to protect you I bet it would work. You could hit as a big fireball/meteor too which would be storming awesome.
  7. This is the one I've been thinking they get, but I doubt it's the only thing. But my idea is that 5th ideal is the way you can get your spren off world because you are now so connected to each other/spiritwebs are enmeshed essentially, that they can come with you.
  8. I just finished the book this week and one thing that really stuck out to me about the TimeTellers was a particular phrasing they used in conversation with Nomad about recharging sunhearts: The mention of secrets always sets off Kelsier alarm bells in my head. I don't think Kelsier would personally approve of installing a tyrant like this (look at The Lord Ruler) but I do wonder if his mindset in terms of holding back info to only be slowly and strategically revealed could have influenced through the broader Scadrian culture in some pretty bad ways. I mean we have already seen similar with the Ghostbloods on Roshar and the way Mraize only slow drips Cosmere info to Shallan to keep control of her. Could TimeTellers also be influenced by Ghostbloods or otherwise contact/influenced by Kelsier? Or has he had this influence more generally e.g. on Malwish culture? (since they called that a "civilized" language I'm assuming there is a Southern influence in this group)
  9. I also was wondering about the parents comment, and possibly her being half human. But I was wondering if she was Koravellium and Tanavast's kid from before the shattering. But the timing wouldn't work I guess since Starling is only like in her 80s (30 in the prologue plus the 57 year jump?) And she would have had to be ancient to have been born pre-shattering. Though the albinism I'm thinking could be something special related to Fain life being white usually, maybe something about origin of dragons.
  10. With knights of wind and truth - windrunners is obvious for the wind part, but wouldn't the truth part be lightweavers? We know that the spren of these two groups don't get along so could be about a historic disagreement. Or could be about Kaladin and Shallan if it is a newer book
  11. I also was thinking of Crimson bring blood. But maybe the spores are not producing spikes made of blood (for reasons of not being able to make something so water-based because of magic system implications as you mention). What if it is really that the spores make spikes that seek to spill blood? Getting pin-cushioned would definitely do that. In fact it's the closest thing I can think of as some basic element that could fit with red spikes at all. And could this also then fit with the behavior of the rain in the Crimson sea also seeming like it was seeking out life forms - to spill their blood? It would not be unheard of for their to be some basic awareness here as the midnight aether can make things with basic awareness.
  12. What if the planet is alive in the middle, and the Seethe and interruptions have to do with it breathing? Xixis was supposedly studying the complex ecosystem at the bottom of the spore seas, could be studying this creature.
  13. This is exactly where my brain went when reading it I was like, did Brandon just have a Gorn cameo as like a joke? In seriousness though, I'm suspecting it,s a sapient species we haven't seen or a sho del, because otherwise why in a meta sense would he choose a fake with such a weird description vs just it being some random human dude.
  14. Yeah I also got robot-y/artificial vibes from the description as well. Like the cybermen from Dr. Who but gold. I also like that the Shard name is Autonomy which goes really well with "Automata" vs calling the Shard Individualism or something.
  15. I like this idea as well, it does sound like a place name in the Cognitive realm in that Mythos is like a concept or piece of culture - very cognitive.
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