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  1. Yeah, you're totally right, I wasn't using my logic pre-coffee this morning.
  2. I was completely wrong, logic wasn't an ally this morning.
  3. Lift's level of investiture was still a factor. Had she been of the 4th Ideal, she likely could have used both.
  4. The short answer is Lift is weird. Raboniel changed the Towers protections to negate the use of Stormlight, not the specific Surges which is ultimately what shut of the Radiant Powers where it could (this protection isn't perfect and as you suggest the Surges closest to the Shards and/or being of a high enough Investiture via Oaths sworn dampens the affects of the suppression field). Due to Cultivation tampering with Lift's spiritual web she doesn't use Stormlight, she uses Lifelight which is why she wasn't affected in the same way.
  5. I found out about him when it was announced he'd be finishing The Wheel of Time. When I saw the announcement I picked up a copy of Mistborn and knocked it out in a day then devoured everything else he had written at the time.
  6. We had known of it via a couple of WOBs from March 2022:
  7. The issue is if you are on the forum's main page you can see it if it was the last topic in the section to be posted in... As I screencapped, you don't need to be in the spoiler section to see it. I haven't read secret project 3 yet, I now know the Virtuosity has been splintered. I was trying to prevent that for others. And yes, knowing a Shard has been splintered is a major spoiler...
  8. @Mason Wheeler Could you please change the subject line of this thread? When viewed from a computer the subject shows on the main page of the forum and is a major spoiler...
  9. There are some changes as there always are when you turn a book into a show/movie but the Grishaverse books are a trilogy and two duologies. Functionally the first season is a mashup of the first book of the trilogie and the first book of the first duology. Season 2 is mostly the 2nd and 3rd books of the trilogy and about 1/2 of the second book of the first duology. There is also some new stuff in the show and some stuff that was cut. Shadow and Bone is a weird one because the books and show are both good, just different. I think they can be both be enjoyed for what they are.
  10. If you like seeing the Seanchan get nuked, then Path of Daggers is the book for you... Elayne just gave you a small taste. People always talk about the WOT slog but honestly I think books 6-12 are the best of the series (though I acknowledge the Faile plotline drags a bit; it is solid in concept, but it could have been resolved a book earlier than it was and would have probably flowed better if it had been).
  11. There is something there, but you are going in the wrong direction. Without spoiling; the Avienda interaction with the Dagger is more about Avienda than the dagger itself. Note, it is not the Shadar Logoth dagger, Fain does indeed have that.
  12. Honestly I found Raoden pretty boring. He is too much of a Gary Sue for me. Hrathen is the character in Elantris I found most compelling. He is flawed, but also ambitious, intelligent, and simply put interesting. I like Sarene too but she just doesn't have the on page presence that Hrathen has.
  13. Fair, but keep in mind that Ishar is an unbound Bondsmith with Thousands of years of experience with his powers and he is doing things with Connection that wouldn't be possible if Honor were alive and intact.
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