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  1. Well we've known that for a while. We've known about their relationship and stuff
  2. Posited the question to my Discord server and this was one of the responses.
  3. Okay I read the scene. We knew she was the one who did that to Ange, because she was the one who made the deal with Ange to bring her to Battler. As for Bern saying that "she had his family killed over and over again", I'm.... not sure why she says that. It was Lambda who gave Beato power, and Beato who wanted to kill them. Bern was quite literally just an observer who helped Battler a bit.
  4. She is indebted to Lambda. I'm.... not sure how it's Bern's fault. What's the line you were referring to? If you don't remember it, where is it, I can check on my own.
  5. I was thinking about this a bit the other day, Tuon's introduction is so fascinating. It portrays her as simultaneously a monster and as a surprisingly good person (or at least as good as you can be for someone who upholds slavery wholeheartedly). Like, she's introduced as A. the person who broke Sheraine Caminelle, and B. someone who had a damane beat just because she didn't like the prophecy she gave, both of which are obviously very bad things for a person to do. And then I started thinking about it, and realized that compared to a lot of Seanchan, she is actually framed in a surprisingly good light given that THAT is how we are introduced to her (don't get me wrong though, her introduction scene is very hard to read still). For instance, the reason Tuon decides to veil herself and strip herself of her status as the heir to the throne. She does so out of shame. Shame for ordering the damane punished for such a trivial reason. I guarantee you that Tuon is the only slave owner, fictional or otherwise, who has punished herself because she felt ashamed of punishing a slave for an unjust reason. To a lesser extent, the fact that Sheraine was literally dying and was holding out for as long as she was until Tuon came indicates that Tuon did something differently to her compared to other sul'dam. Which could be a lot of things, it could be worse than what other sul'dam do, it's hard to really say but I was just thinking about what she could have done differently. It would be (intellectually, if nothing else) interesting to see how that happened. Sheraine also seems a lot more fervant towards Tuon compared to others (though it's hard to tell if that's her specifically or if most damane are that fervent towards her, since we really do not see very many damane and the ones we do see aren't exactly thinking about Tuon)
  6. Giorno Giovanna, from Jojo. Specifically at the end of Jojo Part 5, with Gold Experience Requiem Johnny Joestar from the end of Jojo Part 7 could also theoretically beat Rand, but only if he strikes first and if his conditions are met, which isn't too likely. Mat might be able to beat Rand with his luck, it's not impossible. With Mat's luck, you can justify genuinely anything. Depending on how the ending of One Piece goes, Luffy might also be able to beat Rand. Edit: Also any relatively powerful female protagonist, because Rand just. Won't fight them. Medaka from Medaka Box, while I haven't read that series, comes to mind first. She, like Rand, also has superpowers that is basically just "she is the protagonist", except the difference is she is a woman so Rand will be very reluctant to fight her.
  7. Yeah, part of it is also that the story just doesn't explain it very much. Like it can do just anything, but it's all based on belief.
  8. Yeah the original FEW is not great. They made insane improvements to 3 Hopes.
  9. To be fair, A. Warriors games are not generally known for being terribly difficult, and B. you're on a double NG+ file so basically everyone is insanely overleveled
  10. I have now finally finished Evershore. Yeah that was probably the best Skyward book so far. It's kind of not even a contest.
  11. They're going to. We don't know if it means the end of Zemuria or just that they're leaving the continent and going to space or smth, but the latter is more likely
  12. We learned the title of the next Trails game, and it's NOT Kuro 3. It's Kai no Kiseki Farewell O Zemuria. What the GOOD GOD DAMN ARE THEY COOKING?!
  13. Oh no I'm not saying she isn't forceful. But Tuon isn't sadistic about it, she sees what she sees as three uncollared dogs barking at her and she does what she believes is natural, because it's something to be done. Yeah like I said, it could just be that we have a grand total of eight living Seanchan characters that we know and Brandon only uses two of them (we see Karede on Memory of Light but he doesn't do anything, he barely even uses Selucia). So it's hard to tell how much of the sadism is just people who are like Renna, and how much of it is Brandon writing the Seanchan differently, because all of the Seanchan we see at the raid are no-names who all die immediately. (Oh also its kinda funny how Egwene frees a bunch of damane and then they don't elaborate what happens to them, either in the rest of the battle or the rest of the story, they just vanish)
  14. Its not as glaring as Mat, but it was still very noticeable to me. I mostly noticed it with Tuon. She feels ever so slightly off a lot of the time. Im not really sure how to describe it overall, but she feels like a worse person with Brandon writing her than Jordan. It's hard to tell how much of it is her taking the role she believes the Empress needs to take, though, which is mostly how I justify it to myself. There's also two scenes where I felt she said something that Jordan Tuon wouldn't (saying she enjoys seeing damane "broken", when with Jordan writing her she came off as more caring than that, and Bethamin implying that breaking them down to a certain extent is considered unfavorable; and her outright refusing Healing in the Last Battle despite saying explicitly that the people who are afraid of being Healed are idiots). Other things are a bit hard to explain. It's not like Mat, where the differences are easy to describe. But I just got a different feel from the in the Sanderson books. I don't know how much of it is Brandon not having Seanchan characters other than Tuon and Egeanin, and how much of it is his (most certainly negatjve) perspective on the Seanchan coloring how he wrote them. I guess I could describe it best by saying that they felt a bit more sadistic, in Gathering Storm particularly? Like in Jordan's books, their actions were a matter of course. This is how it must be, so that is how it is. But during the raid on the Tower, they felt like they were taking more pleasure in it than in Jordan's books. Does that make sense?
  15. It would very much depend. I would think on the surface that it's a bad idea, because nobody would be able to capture what Jordan would have wanted for it. But if someone somehow got the OK to write it, I would probably still check them out and hope they're good. I likely wouldn't see them as fully canon, but I would certainly give them a shot. The biggest thing I would be afraid of for it is them capturing the Seanchan just right. Jordan had a very specific way with the Seanchan that Brandon messed up, and I don't know if very many people would be able to do what Jordan did with them properly.
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