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  1. I loved this book. It was kinda surreal/dream to see what a finally merged/consolidated Cosmere would be like. One thing I loved was the villain, is that it kinda plays with the trope where a smart villain or a villain who think he's smart is able to deduce a bunch of outrageous facts. The villain thinks he's that guy but he's not, lol. I was hoping I could deduce what happens with SA5 but apparently it takes place after SA10.
  2. What the hell exactly is a Truthless. And yeah knowing what the recurrence is about would be cool. Actually I think the most puzzling mystery to me in the entire series is how they'd let Szeth carry an honorblade. He's this awful untrustworthy dude, he slurps his soup and puts his elbows on the table...... yet they let him take an Honorblade? Which is not only a shardblade but gives them access to surges and is one of eight in the Shin's possession?? Insane.
  3. Aaah the patch is out! Praying for Zero. I'll be crushed if they fridge her. Worried because she hasnt been in any of the expac material.
  4. Joyous news! Togashi is back on the grind! https://x.com/Un4v5s8bgsVk9Xp/status/1708518238878068943?s=20
  5. I don't think Hoid is practiced enough to win a serious fight. He might have knowledge to do something unprecedented with the powers he has. I think you have to have the will of a killer to do well in such a fight.
  6. I'm currently reading this. I saw this attatched meme and that it was hilarious so I watched the youtube video in question. And the theme/argument is really really fascinating to me, whether love matters more than truth. Is escapism valid, can you gaslight yourself to get over trauma. Which is an interesting proposition since a lot of media I like is about confronting that head-on, like Persona's bit about the Jungian confronting of the shadow and Shallan confronting her truths in Stormlight. I'm also engaged in a lot of reading/watching of delusional conspiracy nuts by watching the Youtube series of Folding Ideas. Plus looking at how Grandpa acted in Episode 1, I'm really looking forward to see if the author can persuade me.
  7. Yeah I don't think the fields have any special scripts to open up MSN Messenger to open up the client to add people, its just a text field.
  8. I loved it. A lot of teenage cringe and romance. Really cool worldbuilding. One really unexplored aspect that I thought was quite interesting, that I wish Brandon but especially Wit to explore, is HOW IMPORTANT Stories are to people. Yeah Yumi is sheltered, but I feel her severance from culture and stories makes her life experience so limited. Yumi would benefit from the stories since she gets to experience multiple lives and learn how society really works. Even if she's this captive bird in a cage she'd have that escape and perspective. I don't think that was the main part or main theme of the story but thats a character beat I really found fascinating and wish that was explored.
  9. I thought the ending was great. It was a good ending but there was still a paradigm shift. I am going to miss the shroud as part of the setting, but someone else posted before, theres a huge space of time where Brandon can go back to play with that.
  10. I hate him but I want him to become a better man.
  11. It's a cool premise, but I don't think its in the cards. I don't think an opposite shard is in play in the Rosharian system, and Odium is stuck in the system in the medium term. Maybe if Odium wins your theory could come into play if he goes elsewhere. Like if Part 2 relies on us tricking Odium to pick up Mercy or something.
  12. I think raw powerwise a fullborn should win, but someone who has access to all 10 surges.... I think there's probably way more creative ways to win with those tools.
  13. Can you cheat f-steel by falling?
  14. I have to wonder if there's a spiritual component to division. If you can connect with someone using connection, can you divide bonds, Nahel bonds or otherwise using this aspect?
  15. Yeah, the only thing really missing is some sort of tether to your spirit web with Connection that might be solved with Scandrian medallion tech.
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