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  1. Hi! Does anyone else set their works in the 'real world? I.e. not a constructed world like Middle Earth or a fictional city on earth like Gotham or Metropolis in DC comics. I've been trying to do that with one of the things I'm writing but I've been working on it for a long time, and lots of locations I've written about are changing to the point where it's almost a 2010s period piece. Should I perhaps drop the idea of setting it in 'reality' or maybe lean into the whole idea of an alternate history/universe?
  2. Hi, Due to the housing crisis most countries are dealing with, I thought I might try to do some short stories (most likely slice of life fantasy/scif) and publish them on some platform like Patreon or resurrecting my old blog and posting them there in order to make a little extra cash. It might also help me out of the writers block slump I'm in if I have to regularly complete something. Does anyone have any recommendations for platforms or whether this is just a poor idea in general? I was thinking of those kinds of platforms as I hoped to approximate a passive income (as opposed to actively searching out comps or anthologies). My work schedule is currently quite erratic and I regularly get called in with a few hours' notice so days where I can just sit down and do things always have an 'allegedly' attached to them.
  3. My friend got dumped over the phone several years ago, and the next day I went over and we played games (I think it might have been Injustice 2). So basically find some interest you have in common that doesn't involve talking and use that. Or at very least something that you can talk about while you're doing it, if you're worried about being able to talk about random stuff. Are you doing things via text because it's not possible to meet up physically? To follow the games example you could log onto a co-op game, and I know people who set up a phone call or some discord call type thing while they binge tv shows.
  4. Random question to necro the thread, but people without an oven, how do you cope? I've been looking at places to rent and I looked at this one place that is 5 minutes walk from the same train line I work on (I don't drive, and even if I did it means I can avoid traffic/parking issues/vehicle costs). It's about 10 minutes walk from one of the popular entertainment precincts and a couple of train stops from the CBD and other useful places. It's about as cheap as I can manage in the current rental climate without having to resort to possibly psycho housemates on Craigslist or whatever. Thing is, it lacks an oven, toaster or kettle (it has a microwave, a two-burner stove and a fridge/freezer. I cook a lot (I'm waiting for my pot of chashu that I did in my oven to cool down as I write this), and I'm trying to figure out if this is something I can work around. Anyone have tips for adapting recipes? I could just buy the things I need, but anything that means I don't have to fork over more of my wages (which are already averaging twice the rent rather than the recommended triple) would be good.
  5. Thanks for the link. I think part of the reason that I thought he was anti-religion is because the use of religion to justify practices ranging from dumb to evil is one of the main reasons why I'm not religious, so it resonated with me. That, and I kind of feel that a being with the power to create an entire universe has more important issues to deal with than whatever I want out of life. All I can think of for that flavour is communion wine chucked in a blender with those wafers I've heard about (I'm not religious in the slightest, no idea what either of those taste like) and it sounds kind of gross.
  6. Taking a break from Baldurs Gate and other open world rpgs (I'm currently at the pointy end of BG3 and I've been spoiled enough to know I have to make some depressing choices). I've been going through my PS Plus free games. Steelrising was fun, until I reached the first boss and I realised I've never played a Soulslike game and I'm really not ready for the learning curve. Weird West is fun, but little to no voice acting so far (which BG3 kind of set high bars for). Kinda nitpicky, but the camera angles and general zoomed-out nature got a little annoying. Slay the Spire is great fun, as there's no narrative consequences to break my heart and I can kind of build my deck differently every time. I pretty much log on every day just to play the daily challenge and maybe a normal run or two. I remember accidentally making an absolutely OP deck in the daily challenge (I had a card which does damage based on my deck size in a challenge when I'm given a deck about 3 times the size of a normal starter deck). I started Immortals of Aveum and its quite fun. It's pretty much a magic FPS. I saw a comment on the trailer which said 'best plot twists since Bioshock' and I immediately downloaded it as I love Bioshock. I have an idea what the twist is, although I might be just too paranoid because I know there is one. I saw it described as inspired by God of War, and I can definitely see that, down to some of the puzzles for loot. Still kind of annoyed that they want me to believe 30 year olds are playing teenagers, though.
  7. Random question, but is anyone else kind of turned on when someone is better than you at something? It's not something that will make feelings miraculously appear, but if I'm already attracted to someone then finding out a talent seems to make it stronger. I could have proposed right then when someone played this in front of me years ago: Andy McKee - Drifting (youtube.com). It could be insane maths skill, being physically tough at martial arts or just having the guts to kick out dirtbags at a customer service job.
  8. Currently going through The Rook by Daniel O'Malley. It's OK so far and appeals to my interest in mixing mundane and fantastic, but it's also glaringly obvious a hundred or so pages in who the villain is (or at least one of them). Which makes me think it's not them (or it will be a twist that the way too simple and obvious traitor is in fact the traitor). After that, probably will go onto Will of the Many by James Islington. I really liked the Licanius trilogy and I've heard good things about this new book.
  9. As the one who's been on the receiving end of advice, I would kind of nod and smile at people giving me the usual 'you'll find someone else, plenty of fish in the sea yada yada yada' stuff. If you're feeling low enough you can slide into the 'they don't really mean it' trap. Just try to make it not sound like the kind of thing you googled and spouted word for word. I personally avoid the 'plenty of fish' thing, and if I have to give advice (sometimes to myself) I phrase it as 'did you ever think you'd feel this way when you met them? Then what's to stop you from feeling this way about someone else if you let them go?'. Is she willing to hear about how toxic this guy was? As the old Bojack Horseman quote goes, when you look at the world through rose tinted glasses all the red flags just look like flags.
  10. I'd like to give advice going both directions, if you don't mind. Firstly, I've been in the position of being somewhat cold towards someone I was into. It could be due to nerves, not feeling like you're worthy of them, or having baggage to deal with before you're ready to pursue them. Whether you want to pursue something with them under those circumstances is up to you. Alternatively, as I put in an above post, you'll have a rough time if you expect rules not to apply to you. If someone is cold, it could be because they're actually into you but they aren't sure how to go about it, or it could be because they aren't interested. I know it probably gets repeated, but the best course of action is to be brave and ask bluntly. Guys especially aren't good at picking up hints (I'm pretty sure I've talked myself out of things that could have been hints because of previous experiences). Besides, a good relationship requires honesty. Also, here's a meme:
  11. I can't recall exactly how that came up, I think it may have been a comment on hiring practices? The previous boss of that team had hired many people of similar ethnicity to them (including me), and A seemed to have hired a lot of queer people? Thanks, I was worried that as a 'potential queer newbie' for lack of a better term I was taking it too far. As for consent, I don't know if there was or wasn't for the others (I can't exactly ask 'hey, did you tell A if it's ok to tell me that you're queer' if they've never said so to me in the first place, and some of them still haven't months after that conversation. Not certain they even know I know). In my case I didn't explicitly say 'don't tell anyone', but I would have thought that 'I've never actually said that out loud' (which I believe were my exact words) would have implied it.
  12. Necroing my thread (Lost Metal Spoilers) 81) Telling people of Wayne's heroic sacrifice in the ettmetal explosion is acceptable. Telling them it was actually because he let out a MASSIVE fart into a candle is not. 82) Even if it's a legacy he would really love. 83) Plans to defeat major foes of the cosmere must involve more than holding Chiri-Chiri up at them and saying 'she'll eat your investiture for breakfast'.
  13. Can I please get some perspective on an issue I'm facing? I'm not sure if I'm blowing it out of proportion as people I talk to IRL don't seem to have much of an issue with it. Sorry if it's a bit hard to keep track of, I'm trying to keep things vague, as I'm aware this is a public forum but I also don't really have anywhere anonymous to talk about it that won't potentially have repercussions. Spoilered largely for length
  14. I identify more with Windrunners and Bondsmiths, but literally every time I do the test I get Truthwatcher. I don't get it.
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