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  1. 56:04: Argent: "I guess Hoid just... got better? " Have you read the ending scene of Dragonsteel Prime? While it's of dubious canonicity, it does show that Hoid's ability to "just get better" is for all intents and purposes limitless.
  2. It even works on higher-level leadership. I heard a talk in sacrament meeting a while back, it went something like this: If you met some random guy on a ski lift, would you ever suspect it's someone whose face you really should recognize, when they're not wearing a suit? But here he was, just out enjoying the slopes, some random guy on a ski lift like anyone else.
  3. When I was in high school, I was involved in a theatrical production authored by one of our high councilors, called Abinadi. (No points for guessing what it was about.) The role of Abinadi was played by a councilor in the stake presidency. One day during rehearsals, he was reading one of his lines, and someone in the scene with him made a joke, and he cracked up so hard it took him over a minute to stop laughing. Finally he took a few deep breaths and said "we're going to need to rewrite that line, because I'm never going to be able to say it with a straight face again." This really drove home to me that, underneath the mantle of authority, he was just a guy like anyone else. I've found church leaders a lot less intimidating ever since.
  4. Some Jasnah fanboys disagree, largely out of motivated reasoning, but it seems quite clear that Jasnah is a psychopath, of the charismatic, pro-social variety that is largely overrepresented among CEOs and politicians. There are plenty of reasons to believe this, but the most obvious one is the way her go-to solution to every problem is murder. For example: Don't like your brother's new wife? Hire an assassin to keep tabs on her, and don't so much as bat an eye when the assassin points out that assassins aren't hired just to keep tabs on someone. Thugs robbing people downtown? Use a Soulcaster to brutally slaughter them all. Trouble with the Fused? We should find some Heralds and kill them. Something fishy going on with Renarin's spren? Better murder him; it's the only way to be sure. She doesn't always go through with it, but it appears to always be the first obvious solution that pops into her head. Because she's a psychopath. Having her on the throne of Alethkar is horrifying.
  5. Is it unpopular? I haven't seen too much support expressed for this pairing that really seems to have come out of nowhere.
  6. Agreed. There I don't agree. While I'll admit it's been a while since I read them — last time I read anything Stormlight was when the last book came out — and it's possible there are scenes I'm forgetting, I do remember him shedding the evil clown persona and being far more sober and compassionate when talking with Shallan. Jasnah... it really depends on the scene, but he's generally a lot more serious when he's alone with her as well. With Kaladin, on the other hand...
  7. It's worth noting that, in the Stormlight Archive at least, this is him performing his job duties. The purpose of the King's Wit is to be an offensive jester who will humiliate people that the king needs humiliated, because it would be beneath the king's dignity to do so personally.
  8. We've got a lot of people in this thread who are from the central Utah area. For any such participants who enjoy uplifting entertainment, check out Heart + Voice. Rachel Ellingson, one of the founders of the group, is a childhood friend of mine, and they've got a new show coming up next month, put on for free at various local meetinghouses, about Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah. Their previous shows have been really good, so I'm looking forward to this next one!
  9. Now, if all three letters were capitalized, I would immediately think of a Byte Order Mark, which is a painful, arcane detail programmers have to be aware of when dealing with Unicode text.
  10. Wow, I wonder what rating platypus leather would get? You may not know this, but standard cow leather is rated on its quality, and the biggest factor tends to be where the cows grew up. In lush, well-watered areas, cows have nice, soft, supple hides and often get rated A. Cows raised in harsh desert environments, on the other hand, have much poorer quality skin, and are commonly D-hide-rated!
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