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  1. General Question. So this had been sent to Sanderson at this point, right? I'm going to assume that if so, you haven't gotten a reply yet, assuming how you haven't made a post, but I would like to be certain.
  2. Just saw the old thread yesterday. Didn't know this was here. (One of the major testers on the old thread). So, you've actually got a copy passed along to Brandon? Have you heard anything? Also, Graulas and I thought we needed a way to contact Parchment. You have any ideas on how to do that?
  3. Thanks for the compliment, which I don't at all deserve. You should have the credit with parchment, you did a lot of the work, but I do feel we all did contribute some. I have no idea if it has actually been sent to Brandon, but if I have not had a response by the end of the week, I will do my best to contact him. I have no idea how to contact parchment, but even if we can't, we must still credit him. Your email would be great, as we would be able to contact each other in a much easier and noticeable way. Obviously, PM me that (don't put it out here), and I will send you an email to confirm. From there, we can attempt to bring this to Sanderson. I will send a similar request to the others involved and are active. PS. Your English was, and still is, just fine. Edit: Just saw the new tread by Stormlyte. Seems I don't need to take the intuitive. Would be good to keep in contact though, just in case. That and we still need to find a way to connect to Parchment.
  4. You know, I haven't been on this site in a year (a real shame). I come here, and people are recommending sending this game to Dragonsteel. Not sure what the heck happened over the time I have been gone, but I love it. It would be amazing if this game would be published, especially by Dragonsteel.I would love to be able to recommend this game to others without having to go on some fandom website. I didn't even really help make the game, but as one of the first people to have played it, I support you every step of the way. If there is anything you need done to help get this published, I am willing to help.
  5. I am currently reading Elantris to mom and she always asks me why I like Hrathen so much. I wonder why.
  6. Vtlikv turned his head and left.
  7. "Another question," Vtlikv said. "I plan to goon an adventure of some sort. Where should I go to find one?"
  8. "Out off shear curiosity, have you heard about the new government?" Vtlikv asked.
  9. Vtlikv took it with one hand. "What will that be?" he asked.
  10. "OK, good to know. Could I have a normal one then?" he asked.
  11. "A great sword," Vtlikv said.
  12. "Do you have glass weapons?" he asked.
  13. "So, are you the forger?" Vtlikv asked.
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