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  1. I'm a Truthwatcher with Elsecaller in close second.
  2. Hello! Welcome to the shard!
  3. In one of the Stormlight books, Hoid says this right after namedropping Adonalsium to Dalinar I think Hoid seems to be wondering whether Adonalsium could be reforged.
  4. "Average person eats three spiders a year" factoid is actually just a statistical error. The average person eats 0 spiders a year. Spiders Georg, who lives in a cave and eats over 10,000 spiders a day, is an outlier adn should not be counted.
  5. Nice! Now you have to test all of the metals to see if you're a Ferring.
  6. Hello! I'm back. You can no longer escape my inevitable victory. Also, here's a petition to bring Helldivers 2 to Xbox https://chng.it/JXFHWQNCDV
  7. If someone was both an Awakener and a Feruchemist, would it be possible to use a metalmind to store colour to use in Awakening? If so, what metal would be used?
  8. Still, would it be possible to steal Connection from a shard vessel, thus becoming the vessel through the use of hemalurgy?
  9. The last shard is obviously Calamity. Intelligence is probably referring to Stick.
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