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  1. sir, you do realize that this here specimen secretes a potent toxin that, alongside causing 3rd degree burns, rash, irritation, and just plain old being a poison, causes an explosion as strong as 30 METRIC TONES OF TNT upon contact w/ hydrochloric acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? told you not to...
  2. gets a peashooter. inserts a foul & disturbing pokemon fanfic i refuse to read out of disgust, alongside the remains of Dazy, the Doomslayer's pet rabbit.
  3. by the end of your run-of-the-mill jrpg, your knight or whomever is more or less a separate entity, slowly but surely altered by the story "ship of theseus" style, no longer the young, innocent squire-farmboy at the start. i wish for y'all to add in earthbound to this discussion for me, as i have the poetry skills of an AAA company, and cannot express my thoughts on this subject properly. eh, rust it. when sword-boy beats false-idol, he returns home feeling like a monster, he's part of the mysterious void, another queer beast from the forest. when Ness returns home, he's Ness. he's the hero of onnet for getting rid of a gang, perhaps cleaning a nearby town of a blue cult, but that's just about it, he's just a brave kid, perhaps a hero, but a kid none-the-less.
  4. just got back from a vacay to DC. would've kept in touch, but hotel wifi kinda iffy, you know?

  5. take ALL the special cards from the deck, trash, and other person's hands, OR everyone else draws 5, while you draw 7.
  6. did you know that minecraft had its 15th b-day today?
  7. a kid falls into a cave full of hypocrites. pokemon fanon w/ guns. dogs are lead by a 10 yr old war-profiteer.
  8. Gets gru. Inserts an obscure sonic "OC" based on an actual glitch in CD.
  9. 53: when you're the last cart purist in the comp scene of an old nintendo game, and all the guides assume you're using an emulator, that to add insult to injury, your rusty potato can't run due to it using an old version of linux.
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