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  1. Can't wait to 360 coin shot to snag that epic Victory Royale before doing some fortnite dances on my enemies graves, as god intended.
  2. Hello folks, I had a question about when Kelsier is committing a felony break and enter at the Ire base. So it's shown to us that at first he does not understand the language being spoken and as he spends time in the base he is slowly able to understand the language (presumably a form of sellish). So my question is: why is Kelsier becoming Connected with Sel at this moment, my current understanding is that it has something to do with the "blue energy" being pumped into the wall he's scaling which I am assuming is some distilled form of the Dor. So Kelsier is absorbing some of the Dor as he climbs the wall thus building his connection enough to understand the language. This is my first time posting in the Q&A forms, sorry if this question has been answered a million times over.
  3. I don't know if it's cheating but my favourite "world" is definitely the Cognitive realm. I just think it's really cool how all the other worlds are represented and how it morphs and changes for each world. My favourite characters are probably Jasnah, Kaladin, and Elend. Finally for magics, I think Awakening is one of the coolest magic systems I've read and has a lot of unexplored potential.
  4. Oh my, thank you kindly Ene! I had to retake it because it's been a while since I've done it. 65% Truthwatcher 55% Elsecaller
  5. Noted for future use, I haven't had to use proper forums in a long time so I'll have to get used to the mechanics again. Thank you kind stranger!
  6. Hard to say, I wanna say Final Empire because it was my first read and really hooked me. Rhythm of War gets points as well for it being the first book I got to see through release and read with the fandom which was a really fun experience to have.
  7. Hello there, I'm a saxophonist!! The PFP is from the Motivational lizard video, I think someone like Kaladin would really benefit from seeing that video.
  8. Hey guys, got into Sanderson this summer with Mistborn and I've now read everything published except the Novella's (arcanum unbounded arrives in the post tomorrow ) and White Sand (currently reading). It's neat to see an active community over something that I really love as I have no friends close to me that also enjoy Sanderson's work. My favorite book so far is probably Final Empire or Hero of Ages, but honestly almost everything has been a 9 or 10/10 so it's tough to decide. idk I guess demographic info is the only other stuff I can think put in here I'm a 22 year old Music Education major in Canada and I use he/him pronouns Feel free to say hi or ask questions below I'd love to get more ~into~ the forums and community at large!
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