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  1. It's certainly possible, the Nightwatcher sent, with a sense of hesitation in her ethereal voice. "The Nightwatcher says it's possible" James said to Ben, "It isn't something that was done frequently in the past, but I can provide a power source, Lifelight, that you will be able to use sort of like an external hard drive of magic. It will let you go beyond your current limits." James paused, his eyes meeting Ben's and growing stern. "It might be dangerous though. None of us are particularly tested with our abilities, and it's possible that it might grow wrong." James walked up to Ben, placing a hand firmly on his shoulder. "Do you truly believe that saving Rob is worth that kind of risk? I'm not saying that I think he isn't, but I need you to understand and accept the danger inherent in such a task." He looked again at Ben, hoping that he was projecting enough leaderly gravitas to get the point across. "Do you accept it?" he asked. @Sorana @Eluvianii @AonEne @Lunamor
  2. Happy birthday! Have fun today!🥳

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  5. As Cassie and Shana appproached, James sighed, and let the Shardplate drop. Rob was gone. A swirl of a thousand thoughts and feelings spun around his mind. He was Fifth Oath. He was only Fifth Oath because Rob had begun to act against the Ideals that bound them all. Rob had taken a Boon from the Nightwatcher. Not asked for, as Cassie had, but taken. If there is a boon, James, there is a curse to accompany it. The Nightwatcher had told him that once, but as the thought came to his mind, he heard Shana speak. A battle plan. James forced himself to stand, finally beginning to recover from Rob's assault on his soul. "Rob must have some kind of weakness," he said, "the Nightwatcher doesn't just give her blessings. There's always a price. Even without my mediation, that's just how things work. If there's a boon, there's a curse." He felt at the black metallic pen in his pocket as he said it. Storms, it felt awful to be thinking about how to take Rob down of all people. But that wasn't just Rob, There was something in that sphere. Something alive. James felt a chill as he thought about it. "But it's not just Rob that we need to deal with." he continued, turning to Shana. "Shana, you were the closest to Rob out of all of us. Did you ever see him holding a small black sphere?" @Lunamor @AonEne @Sorana
  6. In the end, it wasn't the continued sounds of confrontation that brought James back to consciousness, nor was it Ben's infusion of Light, although that certainly helped. Instead it was a pair of sensations: the first, like the floor on which he lay was beginning to shift, undulate like the water on a lake on a windy day. The second was the more bizarre of the two. A sensation that just beyond his closed eyes was a million dancing sparks of golden light. He didn't know how he knew that they were called Gloryspren, but he did. Come to me. To us. A sound like rushing water filled his ears, mixed with the pealing of a thousand bells, and he opened his eyes. When he did, he found himself coated in a suit of armor, glowing green at the nearly nonexistent seams with Lifelight. Ben was cradling him, and the floor beneath them seemed to be melting. Rob was gone, as were many of the others. At this point, with how deep they appeared to be sunken, they were not likely to be able to escape. The armor seemed to be enhancing his physical prowess, but the wounds he had endured were not wholly physical, and he knew it would be some time before his strength returned to him. He looked up to Ben. "I can protect us!" he said, voice filled with unabashed joy, and the unmistakable sense that he was crying. He couldn't save Rob, but he could keep Ben safe. The armor shifted around, expanding into a large orb surrounding the pair. Hopefully that would be enough for the time being. @Lunamor @Sorana @AonEne
  7. My brother asked during the personalization signing whether animals could evolve to form symbiotic bonds with Aethers in a similar manner to the way animals on Roshar evolve to form Nahel bonds with spren. Brandon responded that they could, and that the Luhel bond is more able to do these sorts of things.
  8. I have two questions: 1. For Ben, what can you tell us about Lucius's abandonment issues? 2. For Ian, about how long had Sylvain been harboring his feelings for Addison before the start of the series?
  9. I know he used to do some stops in the UK to do book tours back in the day, but those tours have basically been scrapped in favor of Dragonsteel Con, especially now that Brandon's fanbase and community have grown so much larger that travel's become more and more exhausting for him.
  10. What's that you say? It's my 5th shardiversary? I've been an active member of this fandom for half a decade?! 

    What an eventful year this has been. Sure, my presence on the Discord is bigger than my presence on the forums proper, but c'est la vie. We had Dragonsteel 2022, and oh my goodness, it was five months ago but I still can't shut up about how fun it was. Hanging out with @AonEne, @Borio Singaldi, and @JesterLavorre was genuinely one of the most fun experiences I've had in association with this fandom. 

    I'm genuinely so lucky to count you all among my friends. I'm not being overdramatic or hyperbolic when I say many of you have changed my life for the better. Thank you all, and here's to another 5 years to come!

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      Happy shardiversary, Wyn!

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  11. Good game! Thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay
  12. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, how strong of a protective instinct do you feel towards the vessels from Hollow Knight?
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