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  1. 1. What is your favorite soda? 2. What is your favorite video game? 3. Do you have a pet if so, what is it?
  2. I am afraid not, I’m not really that active on the shard… TPBM has eaten a pickle in the last 24 hours.
  3. I’m back for the time being! I’ve been pretty busy with school.

  4. Hey everyone! I’m back for a little bit, I had forgotten my password and just now remembered it lol.

  5. Thanks for following me!

  6. Happy 50 followers @Chinkoln!3F33E908-1FCA-4F21-885F-B58802561D79.jpeg.7ba74029a80609b782a5c44a5ec762d2.jpeg

    1. Chinkoln


      Ayyyy! Actually, it is 51 because one of my followers is anonymous, but there are now 50 public followers!

  7. What are you guys doing?

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    2. Mystic Syn

      Mystic Syn

      Finishing up some schoolwork for the day, before I go and take a mental break by watching some anime with my cousin.


    3. Maddie The Survivor

      Maddie The Survivor

      I just had a soccer game yesterday and we won 12-13 It was a really close game!

    4. TheOnlyEdgedancer


      That’s cool! Congrats!

  8. The ending was the best though, when Kaladin and Jasnah married.
  9. I am going to change it.. I know that Autism isn’t that much related to Mental Health, but did anyone watch the Color The Spectrum live stream with Mark Rober and Jimmy Kimmel? I think that this month has a great significance to people. Even some of the characters from Brandon’s books have mental health. I am glad that it is recognized, because some people have it harder then the rest. Wether it be depression or anxiety, we should all be aware of it. Happy Mental Health Awareness month!
  10. I was happy when everything went wrong for Moash! And he became a radiant enslaved by Teft.
  11. Also, I finished Skyward. It is soooooo goood! In my opinion it’s a 9/10!!!

    1. Maddie The Survivor

      Maddie The Survivor

      Ahhh! It’s so good! It’s one of my favorites!!!!!!! Are you going to read Starsight?

    2. TheOnlyEdgedancer


      Ya! I’m on like chapter 14. So not that far into it.

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