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  1. “Ambitious,” Asylum said picking up a dart. “Y’know you remind me of my boss.” They put two coins onto their eyes to imitate spikes. “I’m the Prince of the Alleys and I’m going to take over the Mistwarrens, And then maybe Smokestack.” They said, mockingly. They kept the coins over their eyes as they threw the dart, popping another balloon. “The big difference between you two is that you’re all talk.” They put the coins back in their pocket. “Yeah sure, you want to be in power, but what are you doing? Following someone else’s orders to bring in some rando even though they could not care less about your ‘Big Plan’.” @Lunamor @Scars of Hathsin
  2. I see how it is, Asylum said as they started to overplay their boredom. “Come on already. Can we get this over with!” Many people had noticed Asylum’s inattention and impulsiveness and tried to take advantage of it. But if Asylum could focus on one thing it was the game. Ever since Asylum arrived in the Alleyverse they learned to read the game. Seeing through the poker faces. Bluffing against the best. There was a reason they had been banned from every casino in the city. They’d learned how to find people's weaknesses before those people could. Let’s see yours. “Y’now while we’re waiting we might as well get to know each other. Maybe gossip about our bosses. I can tell you mine is a psycho, but who pays the bills for you, huh? I probably owe them debt or something, that’s why people usually come after me, but I dare say I’ve never seen a radiant come collecting dues for a gambling ring, so tell me,” They lead against a wooden support and grinned as wide as they could. “Who would pay an untrained snob to do what better people have failed to do for far too long?” @Lunamor @Scars of Hathsin
  3. Asylum, Smokestack, The Koloss Head Munching Day Carnival. Asylum loved the carnival. The cheers, the games, and the pure chaos. Asylum looked at the game in front of them. Darts, Asylum didn’t play darts much, not because they were bad at it, they just never got around to it. Maybe today’s the day that I- oh yeah the radiant. they thought, remembering the last few minutes. “Darts!” They said, trying to remember what the radiant just said. “How about I go first.” Asylum picked up the first dart and threw it, popping a balloon. “Sorry, this is just getting kind of boring. Do you think we could just reschedule this to another time? I have a lot to do.” They did not. @Lunamor @Scars of Hathsin
  4. “Well now, I said we were allowed to use the abilities at our disposal as long as we don’t break the explicit rules of the game.” Asylum said, attempting to calm the crowd. They scanned their eyes over the crowd, looking for familiar faces, ally’s, when their eyes landed on a girl holding a Koloss plushie. I know you might be mad at me but please just this one time Eza. “You there.” Asylum said. “The girl hiding her face with her plushy” they gave a small wink towards Eza in a desperate get the hint, “What do you think we should play?” @Lunamor @TheFrugalWizard
  5. Asylum gaped at the radiant. A few snickers came from the crowd. The radiant wasn’t bad, they were quite good, but there was a reason Asylum had held the ring toss record for 5 years. Asylum grabbed two rings and threw them at the same time. After five double throws, the score was calculated. A perfect 30. “Better luck next time.” They said with a grin. ”And the newest ring toss record goes to Asylum Smedry!” Lucky said through a microphone as the crowd roared. “Thank you, thank you.” Asylum said with a grin. “You are all so kind.” The KHMD Carnival was the only yearly festivals Asylum thought was worth keeping. Competitions of skill, practice, but most importantly luck were played by all, and as long as Asylum kept up their annual display, the owners gave them a cut of the money. “I choose the high hitter.” Asylum announced. Walked over to the large vertical poll. The Koloss Head Munching Day high hitter was quite unique. Instead of the normal bell at the top, this high hitter had a comically large Koloss head. It also allowed more range of scoring because of the Koloss head’s varying volume based on the force put in. “Hammer please.” Asylum said, holding out a hand toward Lucky. The forger perked up with glee and grabbed a large wooden hammer. Thank you Lucy. Asylum thought as they started to spin the hammer for added momentum. Once it was going fast enough they took a step forward, and as the hammer fell down they pushed a small hidden button on the handle. Suddenly the inside of the hammer head changed from hard wood to lead. The weight in the pole shot up and hit the Koloss head. The yell that came out could be heard by most people in the carnival. The crowd roared twice as loud. Quickly Asylum pressed the hidden button again and handed the hammer to the radiant. “Let’s see you try.” @Lunamor @Scars of Hathsin
  6. “The game is simple.” Asylum said, changing to a more serious tone of voice they adopted explicitly for explaining rules. “We will play a best out of three. I’ll let you pick the first one because I doubt you go to carnivals often, so I’ll let you get used to how the games work.” Also, they thought to themself, making sure to betray nothing on their face, it allows me to gauge your ability. “I will choose the second game, and, if at that point a winner has not been decided, the crowd will choose the third.” If he is smart he can guarantee the first win, Then I will probably take the second. Putting it up to the crowd is a gamble, but that’s the only thing I’m good at. “As to what is and is not allowed: we are both allowed to use our respective abilities, but cannot break any explicit rules of the game. Finally, If you win, I will go with you to wherever your boss wants me without resistance, but, if you lose,” they jabbed a finger at the radiant’s chest. “you cannot personally go after me. Are these terms acceptable?” The final question was said as they reached the ground. It was intentionally loud enough for the crowd to hear. The eyes of the carnival goers stared through the radiant. Asylum barely held in a devilish grin. @Lunamor
  7. Asylum smiled as the radiant brought them higher and higher in to the sky. Then they started laughing. “Y’know you almost had me there,” they said, recomposing themself. “But you made a fatal flaw. You said ‘okay’.” They looked toward where they guessed the radiants spren would be. “Radiants that are not lightweavers can not, under any circumstance, break an oath, correct? And so by agreeing to the terms verbally you have accepted that we will solve this nonviolently in the carnival. Now,” they looked back at the radiant. “Shall we go back?” @Lunamor @Scars of Hathsin
  8. Asylum smiled as the radiant charged towards them. “Y’know I was thinking, wouldn’t it be a bad idea to fight in such a crowded place. People could get hurt, and isn’t your job to protect people? Reckless endangerment would definitely go against those oaths of yours. How about this. what about we come to some sort of agreement. I assume you were sent be someone who wants something from me, but there’s no reason to be violent.” Asylum raised their arms as if embracing the world. “We’re at a carnival after all! why not have fun and play games, And whoever wins gets the jackpot.” They held one had towards the radiant. “What do you say? Want to make a deal?” @Lunamor
  9. Asylum heard the rush of air before thy saw the radiant. Here we go again, Asylum thought as they had the carnival goers put them down and clear a landing zone. “Seems one of our esteemed knights wishes my blessing,” they said, and then softer, “They sure as hell are going to need it.” Asylum smiled as the radiant sped faster and faster toward them, and at just the right moment, they dodged. @Lunamor Keshi, The Corridor, The Silver Dagger. Keshi checked his own schematics. “I will need a decent amount of aluminum alloy and some small scraps.” He quickly checked over his charts on the economy of the area and did some calculations. With much effort he pulled the coins necessary from the large coin purse on Goto’s back. “I thing this will be enough.” He said, panting. “Can I now get to work?”
  10. Asylum cracked an eye open as they were carried. They thought they saw a bird but it was very far away… and very still… it’s probably fine, they thought, closing their eyes again. @Lunamor ________________________________________ Keshi, The Corridor, The Silver Dagger. Keshi was sitting on a stack of blueprints when Venser entered his workshop. “Hello again, I am sorry to bother you, but I am in need of new gear. I don’t want to inconvenience you so I will handle the construction of it on my own.” The kitsen pulled out a small piece of paper and a comparatively large magnifying lens from Goto’s saddle bag. “In exchange for resources and a space to work, I offer this schematic for a tabletop fabricator. It can make parts from scratch in a matter of minutes.” He offered a small paw. “So, what do you say.” @Koloss17
  11. Asylum, Smokestack, Koloss Head Munching Day Carnival. After more than a three month delay, the Koloss Head Munching Day Carnival had come to Smokestack. Children ate head shaped candy apples as they watched people try to win Koloss themed prizes. Most failed, except for one notorious winner. ”And the newest ring toss record goes to Asylum Smedry!” Lucky said through a microphone as the crowd roared. “Thank you, thank you.” Asylum said with a grin. “You are all so kind.” The KHMD Carnival was the only yearly festivals Asylum thought was worth keeping. Competitions of skill, practice, but most importantly luck were played by all, and as long as Asylum kept up their annual display, the owners gave them a cut of the money. “What are you planning next boss.” Lucky said with a playful smile. the forger was wearing an extravagant suit with a two foot tall top hat. She looked at Asylum with thrill dancing in her eyes. “Let’s let the crowd decide.” Asylum said before stepping up onto a podium. “Bring me to the next challenge!” They said before jumping into the crowd. As the were carried onwards, they closed their eyes and smiled. It had been a while since they had been so relaxed. Hopefully, with luck, this day would get even better. @TheFrugalWizard @Lunamor
  12. Keshi followed the target home, but with recent developments, thought better of making any advances. He set up cameras surrounded by other metal around the apartment. It seems that the target can manipulate metal, except for aluminum for some reason, so can probably sense it as well which would explain the radar ability. Goto would need some major upgrades if Keshi wanted to confront the target. Goto trilled with anticipation from this thought.
  13. Keshi made notes during the fight. Making sure to silence his pen just in case. It is clear the hemalurgist doesn’t need to have clear sight lines and can see through solid materiel. They almost have some sort of radar. He wrote. When the battle ended Keshi stopped his electric stopwatch. 7minutes and 53 seconds, he thought, noting it. Impressive. The hemalurgist seems to be open to diplomacy, Keshi was writing as his cover was pulled away. Out of reflex, Goto teleported outside the building. I guess that’s enough for now, he thought, sending feelings of satisfaction and approval to Goto. Now we wait. Keshi quickly teleported to the closest observation points he had laid out as the target exited the building. He watched the arc and made notes about the targets flying capabilities.
  14. Keshi, The Corridor, Dancing with Death Diner. Keshi was able to teleport under a table from his perch outside the window. Without thinking, he removed himself from the vision of everyone around him. Well, except for the hemalurgist, though it seems they could see in a different way. He instructed Goto to move closer to a large suitcase to ,hopefully, blend in with the surrounding terrain. he watched as people screamed and shouted, but he could do nothing. It broke his heart, but this was a reconnaissance mission not a rescue mission. So, he took out a notebook and started recording the fight.
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