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  1. Possibly whatever happened to make UTol a household name happened after the events of YatNP, maybe even as a result of the contact with Komashi.
  2. I have this whole detailed fantasy about being able to take my cats on the plane without it being A Whole Production involving pills, tears, and puncture wounds. I just need to know: would I be able to Soothe them? (Assuming that I had the proper Allomantic abilities).
  3. If you ever revise the reputation level titles again, pretty please could the starting rank be "Doug"?
  4. Wait, what? Is this a WoB somewhere? Edit: found the WoB on Arcanum. Fascinating. And uncomfortable to think about for very long.
  5. The book was... all right, I guess? Like, I didn't hate it or anything, but I didn't particularly care enough about it after it ended to want to re-read it. The guidebook excerpts were funny, though.
  6. IIRC in the WoR chapter Nale says that he used some sort of advanced fabrial. Of course, that doesn't rule out using Weird Herald Powers with the fabrial. Edit: ninja'd, by which I mean the other replies saying the same thing didn't show up for me until now for some reason.
  7. let me find the most relevant quotes, first of all. So yes, that's the general impression I get.
  8. Well there was a "Dug" in the Lost Metal Prologue...
  9. Because the narration says the kandra have gotten weirder over "the decades" since they went their own ways.
  10. The most interesting Cosmere connections: 1. Apparently Saze set all the kandra free? And the implication was that this was within a century of whenever the story takes place. 2. Is Xisis Foil? 3. If Midnight Essence comes from (or is associated with) Aethers, what does that imply about Re-Shephir's nature?
  11. I've been checking the Arcanum almost every day, looking for that reading, and it's finally up.
  12. I had an epiphany about this the other day. Wax + Steris = Cosmere Batman. Because if there's one character known for being always prepared...
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