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  1. Well, today is a funny thing

    so I decided that on Tuesday or so, I would finish this space themed vest for my dnd session on Friday.

    Tomorrow is the incredibly long sprint to get it done.

    wish me luck soldiers 

  2. I got the blessing B))))

    it was so great and I cried a lot and I got to have Cal there with me. It was truly beautiful and gave me some answers to questions that had been bothering me. Things I needed to hear, yeah it was great ❤️

    1. Slowswift


      Patriarchal blessings are the best.

    2. The Bookwyrm

      The Bookwyrm

      Yes! So glad you got to have that.

      Read it often, for the rest of your life. (I need to be reading mine far more than I am right now.)

  3. Hello dear friends of the shard

    This is probably late but 

    I identify with being genderfluid/genderqueer and omniflux. 
    It took a long time to find myself but i finally did. I’m so happy with myself and Im so glad to have someone so supportive of me in my life.


  4. UPDATE:

    so uh, the patriarch did not fix the appointment time to the time i actually asked for. I asked him to fix it from one to four and i thought he did. 
    bro didnt


    Next Sunday chat, I’ll get it ❤️

    1. The Bookwyrm

      The Bookwyrm

      Aah, so close!

      I promise it's worth every wait.

  5. Chat 

    It’s time.


    patriarchal blessing. It’s finally today, in 30 minutes I’ll be getting It.

    1. The Bookwyrm

      The Bookwyrm


      That's an awesome experience. Treasure it forever.

    2. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      Oh my chasms that’s awesome!!

      I love mine. I started bawling when I read it last week (even though I read it way too often and almost have it memorized lol). I hope it gives the answers you want and helps you remember Christ always!

  6. Painting late at night is fun .>
    im just a night owl and naturally stay up very late.

    the future is gonna be filled with night classes or afternoon classes in college.

    1. Kajsa


      girl sameee! my creative juices are always the best at night, but my parents dont usually let me stay up past like eleven 😭

    2. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      I knowww it’s so real, I might be working graveyard shift (7pm-7am) for a couple weeks at the end of July and I’m so hyped.

  7. Oh my goodness.

    im a senior. 

    And btw Cal graduated yesterday.  It was wonderful to see him get out of child prison, that’ll be me next year guys. Wish me luck!

    1. InfiniteInsanity


      Me too!!

      Good luck!

    2. The Bookwyrm

      The Bookwyrm


    3. Crowstavern


      The American school system or child prison

  8. Chat… why have I been summoned. What game do I need to play?
  9. Sup chat

    ive been looking at cars lately to get an idea of my first one, yall got any advice? Trying to stay under ten k

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kajsa


      seat heaters



      anyway i know basically nothing about cars but i think those are a very important feature--

    3. Cash67


      Oh yeah mine are broken and I miss them. 

    4. Crowstavern


      I will keep the toaster in mind, but if it’s cheaper without then I shall 🥲

  10. Al exams are so tiring and I wish to never take another one again. Dr.Pepper is my only savior.

    1. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      why is that so real-

    2. Cash67


      Yeah I have a love hate relationship with exams. Dr. Pepper is good though. Spoken like a true Texan. 

    3. The Bookwyrm

      The Bookwyrm

      Me who doesn't have finals.

      Also me who decided to take 3 AP tests for some reason.

      Also me who decided to heavily procrastinate all the projects I have instead of finals.

  11. Guys 

    it was legitimately, the coolest experience of my life. Holy crows it was as so amazing. 
    sorry for being gone so long, it’s been incredibly busy this week but soon it won’t be! 
    Life has been good and I can’t wait for everything to come 

  12. One more day to the greatest thing ever

    my very first concert experience 

    its Ajr


    1. Experience


      *We're gonna burn the whole house down immediately starts playing in my head*

    2. Sequence


      I'm not a huge AJR fan, but I'm sure a live concert from them would be awesome. :D 

      Have fun!

  13. Thank you everyone :,)

    it’s been really great today, one of my favorites by far! 
    Im 18 now and Im so excited for everything to come! :]]]

    1. shortcake


      gosh I feel old

      (you're literally a year older than me)

  14. Happy birthday!

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