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We'll be at Dragonsteel Con 2022!


We will be at this November's Dragonsteel convention! How exciting! A bunch of us are going to be at a variety of panels for you! Who's all coming, we got me, Jess, Ian, David, Evgeni, Rosemary, Mi'ch, Kadie, Joshua, and Danielle. Marvin's flying from Germany to be there. So many of us will be there and don't hesitate to say hi! 

We will have a booth with merch that you can buy! We will have pins, patches, and stickers, and bookmarks! 

In addition to merch, there will also be a live Shardcast! It will be Tuesday at 2pm-3:50pm in the Yolen room. I don't know what we'll talk about but maybe the spoiler Q&A. Assuming we get the tech set up correctly, we should be able to post it online later. But for those of you at the con, come by! 

I think that's everything. If you're at the con, we hope to meet all of you! You can post in our events channel on Discord for coordination and meetups or our events forum. See you!

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Just over 2 weeks ago, my eldest started Stormlight!!! We're more than halfway in, now, and she wants us to fly across the country to do Dragonsteel 2024 for the Knights of Wind and Truth release.

We would love to propose a panel.  Are there submissions? If so, where and approximately when (for 2024) would I look to find them? Would your best guess be that KoWaT would be released before, after, or during Dragonsteel 2024?

Thank you!!!

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