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  1. Since this topic was double-posted, I'm merging the one from General into this topic in the Stormlight forum.
  2. Jofwu

    Lost Metal Typos

    Potential continuity error caught by u/NKMEstadullo on Reddit, regarding where Wayne shot Telsin at the end of Bands of Mourning: In BoM: In TLM:
  3. Hi everybody, Joshua here. My best friend in preschool tended to pronounce that as "Jof-wuh" and in middle school I figured "Jofwu" would make a great AIM screenname, so here we are. Middle school was also when I started reading the Wheel of Time, which quickly became a new favorite. I was too young to participate in the online fandom, but I liked to lurk... Fast forward to 2015, where somehow "Jofwu" had become a Reddit username and Brandon Sanderson's completion of Jordan's epic series made me give his books a shot. I fell in love with The Way of Kings a few pages in, and decided then and there that I wanted to go all-in on the fandom thing this time. I spent so much time on the Cosmere subreddits that they made me a moderator, then started editing Coppermind articles and helping with Arcanum until they spiked me on 17th Shard in 2017. The years since have been everything I hoped they would! I live in South Carolina with my wife and three kids. When I'm not spending time with them or doing Sanderson fandom stuff, I enjoy reading sci-fi/fantasy by other authors, playing RPGs, and indulging the occasional video game / television show obsession.
  4. Happy birthday! Keep up the great moderation! We appreciate it!

  5. Happy birthday! Thanks for keeping us sane(ish) here in the Shard!

  6. Just want to emphasize people should look for the one on the second page. The initial post was pre-TLM and the new world map that came in it.
  7. On page 42 missed a lowercase "physical realm" that should be capitalized.
  8. The Frugal Wizard's Handbook for Surviving Medieval England is HERE, and over on the Coppermind Wiki we are back in action! The novel dropped on April 1st for Kickstarter backers and today it is now available for anyone to purchase. We've been hit with two cosmere releases over the last six months, and two more are coming in 2023, so this will continue to be a busy year for the wiki. And we need your help! Veteran editors and newbies are all appreciated! Everybody teamed up for the Tress Cup earlier this year and it was a huge success, with the majority of articles marked as complete. Before we go any further, we want to give a shoutout to everyone who participated! Those amazing people are all listed here, and their awards have been placed on the awards subpage on their user pages. In particular, thanks go to Firesong, Samwalton9, and Leafygeans who earned 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively! Check out their fancy cups--Tress would be proud! So here's the plan for Frugal Wizard: We're kicking off the official Frugal Wiki's Tournament for Surviving the Year of Sanderson, in which we'll be trying to knock out as many Frugal Wizard-related updates as possible. This competition will run for one month--starting today, Tuesday April 11th, and concluding at the end of Wednesday May 10th. You can find the list of objectives here. Put your username in the "Claimed By" column to claim it. We ask that people only claim one article at a time! When you're finished mark it complete in the "Status" column and move on to another objective! Each objective has been assigned a point value based on how difficult we feel it will be. The goal for each article is to bring it fully to completion. Complete the objective and you get the full point value; partial credit may also be granted. The person with the most points at the end of the competition is the winner! All participants will receive a one-time-only Frugal Wiki Wizard Award to show off on their user page, and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will get a special version to mark their accomplishment! And that's to say nothing of the self-satisfaction I can guarantee as well as the undying gratitude of countless Sanderson fans! Never edited Coppermind before? No problem! It's not hard and we've got plenty of resource to get you started. The most important thing you can do is join our Discord server, where you can get personal help at all hours. From there we can also recommend several guides and examples that will get you started. Just let us know that you're new and we'll give you a warm welcome! The tournament begins NOW! Let's do this!
  9. FYI, I'm moving this to the "New Cosmere Releases" forum, on account of the Tress reference.
  10. Hey Requiem17, good question! This isn't the sort of encyclopedic content that's fitting for a Coppermind article, so you won't find it there. People are welcome to use User pages on Coppermind for something like that, but I'm not aware of anyone who has collected this information there. (You're welcome to.) It's totally possible someone has made a list of this elsewhere on the internet, but I couldn't point to one. Have you tried looking around the forums? If you can't find one, and want to get one started, I would make a post in the Stormlight or Cosmere forum about it.
  11. Ah, thanks for the catch. That would have been written prior to RoW, and we didn't go back and scrutinize every event detail in the RoW update. I'll make a note to get it updated. (probabyl into something more ambiguous so that it isn't spoilery)
  12. I think the answer to that will vary wildly by person, so it's difficult to answer. It's a function of how much you like the story, how much you might like the changes (I think everyone would agree it was changed for the better, but not everyone would agree on the extent to which those changes improve the story), how those opinions translate to money you're willing to spend, how much a published prose version in the coming years might change the equation for you, etc. In my opinion, definitely worth it. Strongly agree.
  13. I can't imagine there will ever be revisions to the Omnibus, but it feels wrong not to make a note of typos and continuity errors. Page 10, Glossary - "A'Kar" should be capitalized as "A'kar" (several other Ars Arcanum pages use the latter, K is only capitalized here it seems) Page 119, big speech bubble from Kenton - "Los'een" should be "Los'seen" Page 143, final paragraph - "influencial" should be "influential" Page 241, line by Jon Acron beginning "Just before Baon came back..." - is missing a quotation mark at the end of the line Page 291, paragraph beginning "I've read about the Dayside phenomenon..." - "After a four hours" should be "After four hours" Page 362, top panel - Kenton says Khriss "once said Dayside was primitive". She did in the original version I believe, but this was removed in the Omnibus. She no longer says anything about Dayside being primitive. Page 408, Aarik in the first panel - "nevermind" should be "never mind" I think. (still got to do the last 100 pages or so, so likely I'll be back to add one or two more)
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