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  1. When I was prepping for my very first video I asked him at a signing if I could get some baby photos. He had me get in contact with Adam, who sent it to me. You can see it in my "10 Things You Didn't Know About Brandon Sanderson" video.
  3. Definitely including his supervillain status. How do you know he likes ammonite?
  4. Hey guys! I'm Steve, from the RAFO YouTube channel. I've gotten a lot of feedback on my first video - 10 Things You Didn't Know... - that you already knew everything. So I'm working on another one, and I need your help! What are some interesting, surprising, or little-known facts about Brandon Sanderson?
  5. It might not be that complex, as kandra were originally forbidden from killing a human according to the First Contact. That may have specifically been included in order to prevent kandra from making their own spikes.
  6. https://youtu.be/7hLNiRdpKMU
  7. According to this WoB, the feruchemical symbols for chromium and nicrosil were incorrectly switched on the feruchemy table, and subsequently the medallion. Has this switch just been accepted as canon, or is there going to be an eventual switch?
  8. Saw your video on Allomancy. Augur comes from the word augury: Roman practice of divining the will of the gods by studying the flight of birds. Their version of the Greek Oracles.

    1. Honorless
    2. ReadAndFindOut


      Yep, while also connected to Aurum, the latin root word for gold. Totally missed that one. Thanks!

    3. ReadAndFindOut


      I just really wanted to make the Miles joke.

  9. I've had multiple people mention that Brandon has retconned slatrification out of the Cosmere, but I can't find anything solid that says that. I know he doesn't like it, and would change it if he published a new novel version of White Sand, making slatrification an in-world "legend" about Sand Mastery. But it's explicitly mentioned at the beginning of White Sand 1. In this WoB Brandon says they fixed slatrification in WS3, but I didn't find anything in the last installment that had anything to do with slatrification. Does anyone know if it's been officially retconned?
  10. Transcript of the actual theory: Theory: sandlings NEED water, because they actually feed off investiture. First: the experiments done by Khrissalla in White Sand 2 show that sand that has passed through the digestive system of a sandling has been stripped of the investiture-absorbing microorganism, making it similar to Darkside sand. This implies that sandlings eating white sand must be a common enough occurrence for post-digested sand to be possible to retrieve. Second: while it’s known that sandlings will avoid areas where Dorim vines grow because of the large amounts of water, we also see various species attack and consume living, carbon-based, water-filled prey. So water must not be fatal to them, or else consuming a person whose body is made of 80% water would kill them. It must just dissolve carapace. Third: Sandlings, like greatshells, do not obey the square-cube law - they should collapse under their own weight, but sandlings don’t have the benefit of decreased gravity or floaty spren bonds, which means there must be something else keeping them alive. What better way than pure investiture? So what if they don’t consume larger prey for nourishment, but rather for a water reserve? Then they use that water, housed within their digestive tract, to activate the white sand that they consume, sparking the investiture into a kinetic state and absorbing it. The microflora coating the sand is then also consumed, and used to build the terken carapace. Because it is no longer invested, it appears black or grey, but it is still sensitive to water and starts to unbind when it comes into contact with it. Similarly, when a terken carapace touches kinetically invested sand, those same macromolecules naturally either spark or leech away the investiture, making Sand Mastery ineffective. Sandlings then can be thought of as a sort of giant earthworm, eating dirt, absorbing necessary nutrients, then pooping out the stripped minerals. Also kind of like any number of birds that eat rocks, which they store in their gizzard and use to help digest food. Sandlings just have a water-gizzard.
  11. Shoutout to @Oversleep for his timeline post. That was really helpful finding info on how the rest of the books are connected.
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