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  1. There's actually a very easy test for this, in the wider cosmere. [White Sand]
  2. Yeah this is basically it. Ironpulling and Steelpushing is like if you had really long arms to pull or push stuff with. Physics applies as if you were trying to do that.
  3. I'm still in camp Autonomy, mostly because they have a history of meddling and Bleeder making a big deal about not being controlled by Harmony (I.e. being autonomous). Those are the big 2 reasons why.
  4. If you want the Realmatics of it, it's when the object's Cognitive center of "mass" aka the Center of Self is in or out of the object, I believe.
  5. I mean, it is the bond with a human that gives spren the ability to think in the physical realm, so...
  6. Yup. Human anatomy moment. Or it's the 10 "original metals".
  7. unrelated to the subject matter but the topic title here sounds like an actual novella that brandon would write
  8. So... Use Connection to forcibly glue chunks of Honor to Odium, then?
  9. Yeah you’ve got a fair point there. I mean, in terms of which shard, I feel like Invention’s intent tracks pretty well with the vibes of Minecraft. As for the state of it, I kinda think it could be splintered, and the EXP orbs are the pieces of it… which kinda implies the Ender Dragon could be kind of like a Bondsmith-level invested entity, with how much EXP it has and drops. something to note is that dropped EXP is only a fraction of what the thing actually holds, given how if a player dies and picks up their own EXP, it doesn’t even come close to their pre-death Level.
  10. Well, yes. I suppose if the cognitive aspect is trapped in the sand rather than passing to the Beyond, then they would be considered cognitive shadows. I just didn’t want to assume. Wait. That’s really weird, then. Does that mean if you died on the “Minecraft shardworld” then you’d never actually go to the Beyond (or fade from existence if it doesn’t exist)? Could you theoretically resurrect someone who died centuries ago by using investiture to reassemble the grains of their particular soul? I guess it depends on how far they disperse in the sand…
  11. Well, the Nether Star inside seems to be something like an Atium Geode crystal… on steroids, and not “programmed” to precipitate solid investiture out of it. The investiture it’s made of likely comes from the souls inside soul sand, which has interesting implications if you consider the Nether to be the overworld’s cognitive realm. Cognitive aspects of, well, I guess villagers and illagers end up shattered into minute grains and dispersed throughout the valleys and patches of sand… no wonder the place looks like hell to them. Oh right! Ender pearls are totally just gemhearts. Endermen even have Violet lighteyes like a Willshaper would, and can teleport, kinda like a certain Surge of Transportation guy we know… and obviously Dragons are in the cosmere so that needs no explanation
  12. Hey all, back again with more rampant crackpot speculation. This time it's definitely something way more casual, rather than a genuine cosmere-physics theory. What if Minecraft's Overworld (and perhaps Nether and End) were in the cosmere? Well for one, let's look at Enchanting and Potions, the two most blatant arcana of the game. Enchanting uses EXP, but also consumes Lapis... I wonder if it's a bit like a Biochromatic Breath situation, where the EXP is the Investiture and the Lapis provides a catalyst like the Color for awakening. Lapis IS historically "the" blue dye, and you can turn it into a literal blue dye item in minecraft, so that checks out. Words are definitely also important to Enchanting though, given the whole Bookshelf thing... A bit like AonDor, then? Hmm... Well, as for Potions, the most obvious Investiture source for them is the Nether Wart that turns a water bottle into an Awkward Potion. Adding other items alters the effect, so perhaps it's like how the different Metals can focus Investiture into doing specific things. Gold actually is pretty consistent with that; even in Minecraft, gold is used for healing. Gold apples give regeneration, and Glistering Melon slices (made with gold) create Healing potions. Huh. That kinda works too well. Alright, so we've speculated about the actual, overt magic of Minecraft. Now for the fun part. Sculk and Redstone. "Wait, what? How is Redstone a system of Investiture?" Good question, I'm glad you asked, me. That one's a bit more speculative, so let me discuss Sculk first, because it'll segue nicer into Redstone. Sculk is most likely a collection of Investiture-fed organisms similar to the Lichen of White Sand, except they feed on EXP instead of invested Sunlight. The Sculk Catalyst takes EXP from killed mobs nearby and uses it to grow new Sculk, overtaking blocks and even growing new Sculk Sensors, which are VERY, VERY interesting. Sensors detect different frequencies of vibrations and output a Redstone signal. If you use a Comparator, they even output a signal from 1-16. Hmm. Very nice number, that. Suspiciously nice. The Warden also might be an example of the Sculk acting like the worms that Aviar eat in order to gain their invested powers. An invested symbiote. Of course, it could also just be something that the Sculk creates to defend itself... But there's a few subtle details about the Warden that make me believe it's a symbiotic defender of the Sculk, primarily the "soul" particles we see in the chest, that beat at different rhythms when it gets agitated or when it's calm. Even if the entire Physical form is Sculk-generated, I believe at least the core of its Spiritweb would be taken from something else. As to what, I have no clue. Anyway, back to the Sensor and its curious behavior. I find it very convenient that it interacts with Redstone in such a specific way. Almost as if they shared a common link. Almost as if Redstone Signals are a form of Investiture... Wouldn't that sort of explain how you can just put a stick on a block of cobblestone to make a lever that can cause a piston to lift, what, 16 blocks of solid iron a meter upwards? Where the hell is that energy coming from? Well, how about the Spiritual Realm? What if Redstone is Corrupted Investiture manifested in a physical form, growing underground like an Atium Geode? That begs the question then, which shard is corrupting which other shard? I propose that it's Autonomy corrupting Invention. It just seems like it makes sense. Redstone fits both of those shards' Intent quite well, and ties back into the Sculk because Autonomy seems to have a thing for invested lifeforms like the Sand Lichen and the Aviar. But Invention... I mean... Isn't that just the essence of Minecraft? I would almost expect Invention's actual Shardworld to feel kinda like modded Minecraft. Wait, the essence of minecraft... EXP? Well that would tie things together nicely. After all, it seems to be actions that involve invention that produce EXP. Gathering resources and changing them into new forms, like mining iron ore and turning it into ingots, or cooking food, or killing mobs for resources. Crafting doesn't give EXP, but that's probably just because it's so common and easy to access, both from a game-development perspective and from an invested art one. Another thought one of my friends had is that Glowstone might be uncorrupted Redstone, which... Actually kinda works, it's a crystal that gives off light, in this case it would be due to containing Inventionlight, which ties back into Potions. Glowstone boosts the potency of potions, while Redstone makes them last longer. Also, that would make Redstone Lamps related to sphere lanterns and that makes me happy for no particular reason. So what do you guys think? Did I miss any obvious Cosmere-like aspects of minecraft? Do you think I'm just crazy? Are Vexes just corrupted Allays which are basically just Windspren?
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