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  1. Yeah I will admit some bias on my part, though a potential explanation is that Ruin might have whispered the use of Hemalurgy into the minds of the broken, guided them together to form cults and drip fed them lots of Hemalurgic knowledge for the price of human sacrifice. After all Rashek didn't go over there to rule over things, so they spent the entirety of the Final Empires reign completely untouched by anything else, including Worldhoppers since there was no Perpendicularity there. So nothing would have stopped Ruin from messing with things over there. Though why would he bother when the more important stuff is in the North? Because he'd get bored over waiting for a thousand years without causing death of some kind.
  2. So something that was learned about Southern Scadrial is that there is another continent below it reffered to as the 'Maskless'. We also know that they are considered dangerous by the Malwish, which makes me think that in Era 3 they'll be antagonists. But something I'm theorizing is how they are so dangerous to the technologically advanced Malwish, so I'm going to theorize on what they probably don't have and single out the possibilities. 1) They probably don't have high amounts of Metalborn like the North, since the Basin has the Terris and Lerasium in their ancestry, thus have by far the highest amount of Metalborn on Scadrial. 2) They likely don't have access to Malwish tech, since the Malwish have access to Harmony's Perpendicularity, which I am willing to bet money on also being a new Pits of Hathsin, except it produces Ettmetal instead of atium. The Malwish control the source of both Ettmetal and Unsealed Metalminds and considering their rather frigid relations to the North I doubt they'd let their literal enemies have access to any kind of tech. So if they likely don't have access to lots of Metalborn or Magitech, what could they have access to? Hemalurgy. Specifically I think they've taken the attribute Hemalurgy (Iron, Tin, Copper, Zinc, Etc) as far as they can go, making Hemalurgic Constructs unseen by the rest of Scadrial. Such as different versions of Koloss but using the other metals instead. After all if you can make anyone a near-genius with 4 Copper Spikes then it should be easier to make greater strides with Hemalurgy than anyone else, and narratively it doesn't make sense that we've seen nearly zero experimentation with the attribute Spikes in the story thus far, only the Koloss and the Kandra. Though this is just pure speculation and wishful thinking on my part.
  3. Interesting, alright I'll do my build. Body: Kaladin (Cause why not?) Skill Set: Nazh (Because he's Khriss's scout so he must know how to survive in the wilderness and especially against Shades) Power Set: Sazed (Full Feruchemy, I'd rather not choose Allomancy for this cause then I'd eventually run out of metals) Item: A copper Hemalurgic Spike that grants more intelligence, in survival your wits are your greatest asset, if you can have more than all the better.
  4. Marsh seems to have a different opinion. TLM Chapter 28 So it's clearly not impossible, it's just that it needs some kind of trick, likely by Blanking the Identity of whoever you're Spiking or by Blanking you're own Identity. Then we'll have to agree to disagree on that.
  5. I think that it'd be Hoid needing to accomplish more on a wider scale, such as trying to prevent an Interstellar War, and he can only be in one place at a time. His Fortune thingy doesn't tell him why he does things, it just tells him to go to a place, it's up to him to make the most of it.
  6. The way I see it, the problem with Hemalurgically granted Compounding lies with Hemalurgically granted Feruchemy (where Identity matters a lot) rather than with Hemalurgcally granted Allomancy (Where it doesn't, you can Burn metals or you can't). So if a natural Ferring were Spiked with matching Allomancy then they'd be able to Compound since there shouldn't be any problems with their Metalmind's Identity. At least that's my interpretation. Unless the Identity Contamination does have an effect on your Allomancy, so maybe it mucks up your Identity enough that you simply can't Burn your own Metalminds, since the Identity in the Metalminds and the Identity of your Allomancy are slightly different. Oof, I just shot down my own point. I don't see why the Feruchemy needs to specifically be part of your Spiritweb for Compounding to work. The Medallion gives you the ability to make more Metalminds, then you can Burn it because either the Metalminds you create are keyed to your Identity or they're still Blanked. Any Allomancer can burn Unkeyed Metalminds of their respective metals so it should work. Unless the 'more restrictive than Soulbearers' thing gets in the way. Ah, good point. Though I guess we'll just have to wait until their blueprints are revealed by Brandon to make full judgement. And then again, the Set did manage to steal a bunch of Medallions and they weren't any closer to figuring out Compounding years later.
  7. Maybe Hoid brings these groups together and is forced to be the leader of a significant space-faring faction. With Hoid (Who is a main character in Era 4) struggling with going from 'mysterious wanderer' to 'Commander in chief'.
  8. Pretty simple solution, be born with Allomancy or use Hemalurgy to get some, then grab a Medallion of the same type of metal, then store into more swallowable metalminds since you don't need to store into the medallion itself*, then boom, you're a Compounder! I think. Though you might need the medallion to also grant F-Aluminum since Identity Contamination might get in the way maybe. *wob
  9. I think it's safe to say that Hoid likely had a hand in their creation. The why is another question that I think I have the answer for. I think it's because Hoid's taking a page from Autonomy's book. Hoid is setting up these 'World' organizations so that he'll have resources, connections and allies on important planets that he visits frequently.
  10. I think that at most, the Aether's were floating around the void of space that predated the Cosmere, then Ado showed up and created a bunch of stuff. I don't think Aether's would have a reason to lie about predating Adonalsium unless there was some kind of evidence. As for if Ado is an Aether himself? Not likely, from what I've seen Aethers seem to be symbiotic Invested organisms that perhaps exist more in the Physical Realm than Cognitive or Spiritual.
  11. I always just guesstimate that all of Pewter's enhancements are around the same, Burn for 2x Strength, Speed, Healing, etc. Flare for 3x. But either way, I like how much thought you put into this.
  12. I think a stronger case could be made for Kandra being able to potentially bring back Feruchemy to full strength. Why? Because all Kandra come from Mistwraiths, Mistwraiths were made by Rashek attempting to get rid of every single Feruchemist other than himself. He didn't change those who had the potential for it, only the ones with the power. Mistwraiths have always bred with other Mistwraiths so theoretically there would be no dilution. It's a long shot but perhaps inside every Mistwraith and Kandra's Spiritweb might be Feruchemy, buried out of reach through mundane means. And we've never seen what happens if a Kandra has a biological child... So perhaps if a Kandra had a human child, they might end up being a Full Feruchemist. Maybe.
  13. Aluminum isn't the best for killing, though it's properties would be most effective against Allomancers, specifically Coinshots and Lurchers so it's not a typical situation to have Breath and be fighting Allomancers. A regular steel blade would be cheaper and more effective for stabby-stabby fun times in 99% of most situations. Though you could always swap the blade, or the cloth handle, or anything besides the Breath. You could probably give it more cloth and with more precise Commands you might be able to have it jump from your wrist to stab somewhere outside of your reach, like a snake jumping from your wrist.
  14. Using Awakening to make an Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade eh? Seems simple enough, just be sure to word the Command very specifically and visualize it well, you wouldn't want the blade to cut yourself.
  15. Is it possible for a Tin Ferring to store multiple Senses in 1 Tinmind? I ask this because it is possible for multiple Ferrings of the same metal to store inside a single Metalmind. Only if it isn't Unkeyed they can't access the other's Attribute and it takes up space and limits how much can be stored. Does this apply to F-Tin? Since it is their own senses and with F-Copper you can store all kinds of differing memories. I'm mostly just curious since if it was true a Windwhisperer could Invest a single piece of Tin to fullness at a rate far past any other Ferring by just storing most or all of their 5 standard senses (maybe more) inside a single piece of tin to make it practically immune to Allomancy. A poor man's Aluminum.
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