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  1. Makes me wonder why this couldn't have been achieved with Feruchemical Connection power, though. Why hasn't it been done with BoM? Didn't Paalm impersonate Inquisitors for the Lord Ruler? Presumably, she needed to use powers without any Trellium for this.
  2. @NerdyAarakocra: no, that's not the case. Solfor (paraphrased) So the Iriali, their religion, the whole the One breaking themselves into the many to experience the universe. You also have Autonomy breaking themselves into many avatars. So I was wondering is Autonomy connected to the Iriali in any meaningful way. Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) So are the Iriali connected to Autonomy in a meaningful way? I'd say no. I mean they're slightly connected, but in a meaningful way, no, they're not connected. Autonomy did not start the Iriali religion. DragonCon 2019 (Sept. 2, 2019)
  3. I believe that they are going to be more limited than that - I added how I envision it working to my previous post. So, Augurs would be able to heal, but probably not from wounds as lethal as Wayne could, leave alone Miles . While filling metalminds would likely become quite a lucrative source of income for the Village and other Terris settlements - in fact they might prefer it to their people having to go outside for work, I think that the many attributes would be stored by anyone interested via special storage medallions with F-Aluminium and Feruchemical storage power for whatever attribute needs to be stored. In fact, that's how it must already work for heat in the South - they can't possibly have enough Brass Ferrings to continually supply their whole population! Of course, it will take time to invent those and I don't believe that they will have medallions for a number of the most powerful abilities in Era 3, so those unkeyed metalminds will indeed be rare and expensive. Not to mention that some of the metals already are. Concerning hemalurgy - the cat is out of the bag, so I very much hope that the government of the Basin will be able to work with the spikes they take off criminals, under strict controls. At this point it would be actively harmful to prevent them. And in fact the trellium spikes that Our Heroes had given to researchers weren't stolen by the kandra, nor did Harmony disapprove of Wax and Wayne spiking themselves with already existing spikes in TLM. As to Kelsier, he wants for Scadrial to be stronger, doesn't he? And from his thoughts it seemed to me that the Ghostbloods do spike their enemies, given opportunity, so he probably doesn't really need to steal. Stormlight spoilers:
  4. My impression from what we have heard about the Era 3 so far is that the Northeners will produce their own medallions and that they will be widely accessible commercially. We had the set-up for that with Kelsier wanting more Metalborn on Scadrial in the Epilogue and he clearly isn't going to get that, so spreading mechanical Metal Arts is the next best step. Conveniently, he is the one who (co?-)invented the technology in the first place! All he has to do is leak the information and maybe smuggle some initial tools in and of course he is in position to do that. People of the Basin with their comparatively numerous Metalborn would have an advantage in developing new applictions, in all likelyhood. Additionally, to balance animosity of the Mawlish, the Basin could ally itself with the Maskless, for example, who, presumably, also have medallion technology and access to harmonium. Otherwise the Mawlish wouldn't consider them dangerous, IMHO. It might be related. While I believe that hemalurgy is only needed to create initial tools that create other tools for the actual medallion production, it might make a lot of things easier. At the very least, now that the cat is out of the sack in the North - many of the Set members must have escaped, some with this knowledge, it shouldn't be exclusively a province of criminals. I really hope that the spikes recovered from the Set and other criminals bound to follow suit aren't going to be wasted, but used under strict controls to further research and create metalminds that would be impossible to make otherwise. Likewise, to deter criminal hemalurgy, a law should be passed that anyone found wearing a spike without an iron-clad provenance is automatically convicted of murder. But I suspect that we will only see regulated hemalurgy along the lines suggested by Spook in the South. I mean, there are many opportunities for abuse, so I could see that something like that could best work where it is interwoven with the very survival of society and not vulnerable to considerations of personal greed as it would be in the North. Hopefully, we will finally learn in detail about the South in Era 3 and this will be one of those cultural differences... To continue with the other new applications of Feruchemy, I believe that Mistings will be able to burn unkeyed metalminds and get use of the stored attributes for the length of the burn. But they won't receive the benefits of Twinborn compounding - i.e. they'll only get out what was stored. Nor would they have much control over Feruchemical compression - it will be determined by the burn speed of the metal and the only way to affect it would be to flare. As such, it would make varying amounts of sense to do this and also limit resulting power. For instance, Speed can only be stored at a fairly low ratio and steel burns at an average rate. So, a Coinshot burning unkeyed steel metalminds would only become a third or so swifter, even with flaring. Definitely beneficial, but not absurdly overpowered. Etc. Metals that burn instantly would be useless for this... Apart from potentially Nicrosil. Burning steel/iron allomancy stored in Nicrosil+ appropriate metal should produce _one_ push/pull per vial. Gold allomancy ditto + health mind should give decent healing. I don't think that anything else works, but the possible protagonist of Era 3 might have a couple of interesting options at their disposal, that require bespoke resources and would need to be employed with a lot of forethought.
  5. I have been thinking for some time about how the promised mechanisation and commercialisation of Metallic Arts would look in Era 3. TLM has made clear that: we can't expect people creating copies of Bands of Mourning any time soon, that creation of the medallions probably requires different processes for each type of power, which is why only a small variety of them existed even among the Southerners in Era 2, that allomantic medallions don't exist, so the principles of medallion creation are different from how BoM were made. Since medallions weren't used in TLM at all (when they really should have been, particularly by the Ghostbloods!) and the Bands only made an appearance to be immediately wisked away, all of this info seems to have been in service of laying foundation for what would be available in Era 3. I honestly don't think that functional micro-hemalurgy or fully synthetic spikes foreshadowed in TLM will be known to exist in Era 3. At best, the Ghostbloods might have them secretly. I also don't believe that _all_ possible feruchemical medallions for the 16 basic metals will have been invented. Nor that they will find a way around the upper limit of 2, rarely 3 powers. This is a bit speculative, but I also think that a given power on a medallion allows either for storage or for tapping, but not both. In addition, I suspect that for versatile powers such as F-Tin, a separate medallion may be needed for each sense. Sanderson did say that medallions are more limited than natural/hemalurgic abilities and these would be logical limitations. So, which medallions already exist in Era 2, in addition to those seen in the text? I.e. Feruchemical Iron (store), Brass (tap), Copper (tap) and Duralumin (tap, but only for translation). First of all F-Aluminum Identity storage medallion for mass production of unkeyed metalminds. It must exist in the South given that they routinely fill brass metalminds with heat on industrial scale. This couldn't have been achieved with a few spikes. Ditto F-Brass storage medallions. There is no way for the rare Brass Ferrings to supply the whole population, even if they store heat 24/7. Probably also F-Duralumin storage, for the translation medallions. Beyond that, it is difficult to say. Wax did mention that there didn't seem to be any medallions for the most powerful/useful abilities, but the Mawlish may have been hiding some things too. Anyway the idea behind mechanised Metallic arts seems to be versatility, but with strict limits, to avoid overpoweredness. And also, hopefully, an end to the need for the protagonists to have been _born_ with rarest, most powerful ability combinations around. As such, I think that in Era 3 medallions for F-Chromium, F-Gold, F-Steel, F-Zinc and F-Duralumin for purposes other than translation still won't exist. They are just potentially too powerful. F-Electrum probably won't exist because it isn't interesting enough to attract inventors. But all the others should be fair game. To be continued...
  6. Well, yea, but it doesn't seem like there is going to be enough atium in Era 3 to warrant such research.
  7. I think that some Elsecallers and Lightweavers went to Aimia and figured out how to turn their spren into Soulcasters instead.
  8. @Tamriel Wolfsbaine: Soulcasters, being spren, are likely more difficult to transport off Roshar than stormlight. We know that this problem will be eventually solved for bonded Radiant spren, but soulcasters not having a bond might make it harder still. There are also not many of them and most are severely limited in what they can produce. While there may be a couple that can make gold, cadmium et al. are extremely unlikely. The devices also don't seem to allow for soulcasting at range that Radiants can employ.
  9. I think that he may have been masquerading as Nohadon in the changed vision. Hoid did say that Tanavast had been a fun fellow to go out for a drink with...
  10. @Ale the Metallic Conjurer, just wanted to say that I greatly enjoy your posts! As to your ideas, I couldn't possibly comment ... Yet.
  11. Personally, I can't wait to learn what harmonium alloys can do and am slightly annoyed that there has seemingly been no progress in researching them between BoM and TLM. They are going to provide 16 new allomantic metals, or however many turn out not to explode on contact with water. As to their powers, I can't even speculate. I guess, that the Scadrians are hampered by not knowing that all god metals can be burned by anyone and their alloys by respective Mistings. Ditto with use of Feruchemy*. Somebody should tell them this. Shouldn't Kelsier, as ex-Preservation, know? Or Hoid, I guess? Or shouldn't Harmony give them a nudge, given that he mislead them by omitting this bit from the Words of Founding, yet is frustrated by their rate of technological progress? * I really don't understand why they haven't figured something out about the feruchemical properties of harmonium in the 6 years between BoM and TLM, since it is safe to touch it, as long as skin is dry.
  12. My guesses would be: 1. Abandoned Ghostblood base with Warbreaker spoiler 2. Ditto, but for the Ire or 3. Actual mundane robots from a technologically advanced civilization. Again, brought and abandoned by some worldhopper. 4. @hwiles: But wearing just any metal won't protect the kandra, has to be aluminum. OTOH, if this island also has a volcano, they might have lucked into some.
  13. Never being out of breath due to physical exertion would be pretty neat, IMHO. While storing should gradually expand lung function. Both are pretty nice for any kind of sports training, I'd say. Also very helpful for mountaineering and similar. Or sneaking. In addition, tapping breath would allow one to survive lethal loss of blood or a heart attack for as long as one taps, since the tissues won't become hypoxic and die. Which should, hopefully, be enough time to find medical help.
  14. Wow, look what I found on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Mistborn/s/hK4gYIA8KI Mind blown. A Lurcher could just grab a parachute or a paraglider and pull themselves along the train tracks! @Treamayne, it should definitely be doable to do this with the Mawlish weight-reducing contraptions. Affix a pair of them on both sides/wings of the aircraft and trigger accordingly! For a person, it may be possible with extensive mental training, but they'd have to be very careful, since then half of their body won't be automatically "compensated" to bear the increased weight of the other half.
  15. @Treamayne, yea, but wouldn't the option to change weight as situation requires provide additional control opportunities? Or for instance, wouldn't flying at reduced weight allow for use of smaller, less cumbersome gliders? Not to mention that Iron allomancy is wonderfully suited to operating flaps, so maybe something like that could be included in the design as an additional steering element. Allomantically powered propeller would also reduce reliance on air currents, as well as allow for unrestricted lift-off. I just think that motorless flight is really cool and Scadrial magic would lend itself to making it more accessible. They could probably replace a natural Lurcher with a cleverly designed charged harmonium contraption, too. Another thought I had is that, for instance, balloons should be really easy and convenient to operate by a combination of a Lurcher/Coinshot and a Skimmer. One operates the propeller via allomancy and provides lateral movement, the other controls altitude by storing and tapping weight. No need for ballast, fuel, gas reserves beyond what is needed for slow replenishment, etc. Speaking of which - there must be a way to use harmonium-mediated Iron and Steel allomancy directionally, right? Otherwise it couldn't really be said that normals can get access to it mechanically. So, maybe an "allomantic grenade" encased in aluminium, with a very narrow aperture would allow for it? You'd also need a F-Tin medallion with stored Steelsight to see what you are doing, of course. Since it seems that something like the Bands-granted allomancy will remain unique for the foreseeable future, this could be a plausible walk-around with clear limits.
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