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  1. Good thinking! I was pondering this cause it really makes sense for them to be hollow and somehow kept in the air through investiture (so kinda like blimps) Another thought crossed my mind though, what if instead they're repelling each other? could it be that the different aethers repell each other like same charged particles? It would explain how the moons hold each other in place staying still, and how the seas stay separated
  2. For a theory I made I had to put together all of the Lift info I could find, if you wanna read my "notes" the link is in the signature
  3. It would make an excellent movie, both for visuals and because, being a shorter story, you'd need to cut far less out to make it fit! Actualy, this could very easily make an incredible animated movie more than probably any other Cosmere story (I'm for for real-life adaptation for everything else)
  4. True I see your point! My head canon for this is that we use the word "burning" because that's what Scadrians call "ingesting a metal and doing a thing that consumes its matter", but while the allomantic burning is a way to access Preservation's investiture, for god metals you can just use the very concentrated phyisical investiture that way, similiar to how you immerse yourself in liquid investiture to use that. We could say that Preservation got insipired by how godmetals worked to make allomancy
  5. As @trav just posted, it's a matter of how Brandon has decided to define God metals, not what I think they should or shouldn't do Though I believe that whether exactly all of them can be burned by anyone is still up to debate, he wanted them in general to be usable by many and unrelated to allomancy
  6. I really like this idea, but I'm afraid it starts to fall into the mistake of giving him too much credit, at the end of the day he didn't have perfect future sight and that's important in the books. But I really like at least the idea of him figuring out he needed to put dumb Taravangian in the right conditions, and that in the future there would be more chances of him being dumb I don't think that's right though, smart taravangian is very passionate about what he does, just not empathic\compassionate. Odium is deeply self centered, doesn't care what happens to other shards if he gets more power
  7. Best title ever, I really hope hiding that person's identity throughout future podcasts' titles becomes a tradition
  8. The point goes a beyond Lerasium, it's about all Godmetals. Godmetals should all provide different effects and are detached from Allomancy as a system, that's why you need to clarify that God metals work with different mechanics, and pure Atium had to fit with those. I'm pretty sure they'll become more relevant in SA5 and definitly in era 3
  9. So we should specify, not anyone can burn Atium to get its allomantic effect. Anyone can burn pure Atium to get it's god-metal effect, which we don't know what it is. Only mistborn and Seers can burn Nalatium (alloy of pure Atium called "Atium" on Scadrial) to get the Allomatic power. God metals can be burned by anybody, it doesn't have anything to do with allomancy or feurochemy or Scadrial, at least that's the way I understand it. It's just a way to access the Shard's investiture. I think using a metal as a metal mind is something different and you have to be a feurochemist to do so I doubt it's possible for others. Plus we don't know if you can actually store youth in pure Atium
  10. So everyone saw it, looks fantastic I think it's hard to argue with that given how viral it got When I saw it in the context of the show though, I thought it didn't make any sense whatsoever. Her head is fully on the investigation, she doesn't particularly care for the guy or the dance, and she has no reason to be attracting attentions, she doesn't give any indication that she needs to "lash out" to unload tension or something like that. I was expecting something like "She neeeds to create a distraction, since she does't care what people think she does a weird dance". Put the way it was, seemed to be like a "insert tik tok dance here" moment. I liked the show overall, this was probably the bit the bothered me the most out of the whole thing, which is a shame cause her performance is fantastic. Was I the only one bothered by this?
  11. I think most theories floating around will be about how the shards might be divided according to Dawnshards as you mentioned, we know very little of the Shattering and I think we'll be in the position to do some serious theorizing in about 10 years when we're closer to Dragonsteel If I was to give my two cents on your idea, I'm pretty sure we've been told that Rayse had held the shard for so long that he was almost fully lost in its intent, so I don't think that the personality of the original Vessels defined the shards, but the other way around: most Vessels, after holding the Shard with so long, were fully aligned with its intent. I don't think the vessel's spirit webs could be so powerful as to directly influece the Shattering, but again it's absolutly fair at this point to think as you do! PS: welcome to the forum
  12. My line of reasoning is that to manipulate the chemistry of a pure God-metal you need insane amounts of energy and perfect knowledge of what you're doing (due to the amount of investiture\spiritual shenanigans), so pure atium to be alloyed requires a shard, much like you could technically do hemalourgy on your own but in practice you need a shard's guidance. In the moment the Atium is alloyed, it quits being a God-metal and can be manipulated more easily
  13. Even shards not being able to fully see the future is a big theme in SA, so I'm fully with you in saying that we shouldn't think that Smart-avangian could plan everything and knew exactly what was going to happen, indeed it got less reliable over time. We shouldnt do that cause then we'd be accepting that Cultivation can just make humans that have what is basically more future sight that any shard, so again fully with you, we don't wanna break the Cosmere so soon If he hoped to get somehow to Odium or just king, unless he tells us, wil always up to interpretation I guess, but he couldn't have absolute control over it. My point is slightly different though, I'm saying that not the reliability, but the readibilty of the diagram was misleading on purpose. He didn't know for a fact he was gonna become Odium, but he knew that to get there he needed to hide it from himself, and to create a cult around the Diagram to do his bidding around Roshar.
  14. I think that if you mean: "body" as a manifestation in the phisical realm "sentient weapon" as weapons which have a counterpart in the cognitive and spiritual realm (shardblades, nightblood) Then the weapon IS the body you speak of. If you mean attaching the cognitive counterpart of the weapon to a human, I think the concentration of investiture required to make shardblades\nightblood would not be well handled by the poor human, as shown by how humans tend to react when "spiked" by such weapons Or did you mean something else?
  15. So I feel that in most conversations regarding Discord it's assumed that it will be sort of an intent "deviation" for Harmony, due to either: The % of Ruin overrunning the % of Preservation the balance between ruin and preservation falling into instability, thus Discord as opposite of Harmony But I haven't heard people taking about what I've been thinking about, which I find more elegant somehow Harmony + Autonomy = Discord My thought process being, it's not the "Ruin" nor the "Preservation" within Harmony that'll change the intent, instead, with a mechanic that we've seen, what if Sazed was to take up Autonomy's shard as well? You could argue that Autonomy truly clashes with Harmony, and if you try to hold both the intent of Harmony and the intent of Autonomy, that's where you get the Discord. It might not be a true "taking over the power" thing, but just the power influencing him, which fits with Autonomy MOs of leaving traces of herself around the Cosmere, as it kinda looked like it was happening throughout era 2. --- Having said that, here's my fan-fiction outline for this side of era 3, just for fun: book 1) we start Era 3 in the middle of all chaotic things are left unsolved by Lost Metal (more "in media res" start than usual Brandon), Sazed is forced already by the end of the book to somehow take up Autonomy's power or part of it. book 2) Sazed is a wild card becoming more and more Discord due to autonomy's influence, a whole lot of science discoveries and beginning of spaceships book 3) Spaceship is ready. With the help of Hoid and Kelsier (forced to work together) and some of our new protagonists, Sazed manages to put Autonomy's influence to his advantage, fully embraces it, and is thus able to truly act and: - releases all of Preservation power as Lerasium dust in in the atmosphere, making everyone a mistborn - now free to act with Ruins intent, he self-shatters (), thus destroying Scadrial (deeply tied to Ruin and Peservation) and leaving a whole bunch of Ruinspren free to roam the Cosmere and we're left, for era 4, with a spaceship full of mistborn (holding what's left of Preservation) ready go to hunt Ruinspren. a bit like Asgardians in MCU Also, if you ever were to put Preservation back together, they might have to all sacrifice themselves. Kelsier takes up what's left of Autonomy and starts a new level of Ghostbloods, using his influence with Autonomy Agents throughout the Cosmere. Again, this is just a plot-idea I think would be fun, but the fact that Discord is not a "simple inversion" of Harmony I think might hold some water
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