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  1. i mean the latter, giving a human body the cognative counterpart of the weapon. transferring conciousness is there any way that it would be possible? or is it just not
  2. So if you're reading this post you're aware kelsier is most likely back (haven't finished TLM yet) in the cosmere as a result of being pinned to a body by a hemalurgic spike, as is suggested in the BOM end scene My friend and I had a discussion a while ago about giving sentient weapons a body in some way like that However we came across an issue. Kelsier (assumedly) still has an imprint in the spiritual realm, and so his body changes to match that. We're unsure if a sentient weapon would have one of those given it's a new personality yes, but we're unsure if it's a new 'life' And there's also the fact of you can't really spike a sentient weapon...... Is there any way you *could* give a sentient weapon a body? Maybe some configuration of aons?
  3. Hi! What are some of the most complicated (but plausible to manage considering what we know from hoid and vasher) awakening commands you can think of! Can be for awakening just about anything, from combat to awakening a spoon so it stirs soup for you
  4. the surges of growth/regrowth are said to influence the growth of living organisams gold healing accelerates growth can growth influence gold not to work as well as it should? limit it?
  5. I love how this became Naruto references don't ask Itachi for his body though. Anyways thank you for your answers!
  6. if you have a sentient awakened object, like nightblood (i know its awakening was possibly interfered with by other shards like ruin and had more of a personal hand by endowment but that aside). would it be possible for them to gain a body at some point? here me out a persons mind and soul are i believe what makes them 'inately invested'. thats why you cant push on the metal in someones bloodstream via steel (/ pull with iron). if you had a dead body, like the corpse of a lifeless before it was awakened. would it be possible to transfer that investiture over and thus give the awakened object a body? or failing that, using some spiritweb and hemalurgy shenanigans (like kelsier) be able to do the same? failing that would it be possible for a shard to seeing as harmony offered to put vin and elend back into their bodies after the final battle in HoA (which they just refused is the only reason it didnt happen, and harmony also lied to kelsier after being asked about the same)
  7. i believe that some types of feruchemy do take longer to store, or at least are harder to store. in WoA (i think?) sazeed comments that steel speed is probably the hardest feruchemical attribute to try and store
  8. Phlipz1

    Vin in Era 2

    We're all aware that vin was a mistborn prodigy. She was unusually gifted with metals and definitely better than kelsier (In his own words) by the inquisitor fight in HoA How well do you think she would have done if she'd had access to era 2 metals like bendalloy in that fight. Assume the inquisitors don't have access to them Obviously this is before she absorbed the mists don't be silly
  9. Heralds came far before the recreance. They broke the oathpact that's true, but I doubt the spren care too much about that considering they weren't concerned with the occupation of cultivations perpendicularly Humans broke their oaths and harmed other spren. That's mainly what they're concerned about
  10. Try learning how to lucid dream. Then it happens every night!
  11. Breaths are usually determined as a sticky type of investiture, as opposed to stormlight being leaky. However, breaths are only sticky as long as the person theyre sticking to is alive (with of course the exception of lifeless who have other peoples breath stuck to them). Once the person dies the breats 'unstick' and leave with the soul, and even if the soul comes back the breaths wont return with it (unless im missing something?) so no. in answer to your question, lady blushweaver
  12. Jeez I didn't expect the Spanish inquisition either. Than again, no one expects the Spanish inquisition
  13. We are all aware odium has splinteded at least 3 shards (ambition, devotion, dominion) and didn't pick them up because he didn't want to corrupt his own? What id like to ask is what would the combined shard of odium, devotion, dominion and ambition be called? In this scenario he still killed those 3 but chose to take up the shards anyway, ignoring the 'no corruption' but he had originally Lemme know your thoughts!
  14. Ive been rereading elantris and aon dor has quickly become my favourite magic system. but one of its stipulations it that you need modifiers (a knowledge of them) as well as the aons themselves in order for it to be at all useful. like a computer program with no functions i believe we have one modifiers which is something along the lines of 'drawing 2 lines on top of the aon tia to make it only affect ones self' question is- and i know its been asked before (but in 2017/18) do we have any idea about modifiers that exist? any lists of them made? also welcoming peoples own modifiers because wide enough spread terms have become things before, for example the term 'shardpools' was coined by us and not brandon, who later began using it back off the tangent: any modifiers we know, any lists we have (if any), and anyones own headcannon
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