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  1. So like the sun was just rising over the pits of hathsin . That means that the half the Western Dominance and all of the southern and farmost Dominances as well as the southern isles were still in the night . Millions of PPL must have lived there . Did sazed accidentally kill them all while remaking the world. I'm pretty sure it's mentioned somewhere, may e in a wob that only the PPL in the caverns survived.
  2. So yeah , as we know the cognitive realm of sel is choked full of investiture from 2 shards. Now Brandon has said in a wob that if there is too much investiture in an area it can lead to temporal effects like slowed down or accelerated time. I propose that as a result time goes extremely slow on sel. So maybe Elantris 2 should occur around the same time as mistborn era 3 and elantris 3 at the same time as mistborn era 4 . That's my theory. Thank you.
  3. Damn it. I came to the same conclusion as you and even posted it lol
  4. Good explanation , you have my upvote but I'm sorry to inform you that others have already come to this conclusion before. Btw full metal Alchemist would also fit very well in the cosmere
  5. So in the ars arcanum of RoW khriss says : And in TotES we learn that xisis lives under the aether sea researching something. Most probably the aethers. So what are the odds that xisis is foil ?
  6. If anyone can burn pure Atium to get it's allomantic effect , can anyone store youth in Atium too ?
  7. Oh yeah a bit of stored up health would be very useful for combating Pewter drag. Ye they synergize very well
  8. I mean they do have Pewter giving them superhuman strength to compensate for the bulkiness of the macahuitl. And idt that would be so conspicuous. A shield would be tho ye
  9. Hope so but it didn't seem that autonomy was really interested in telsin . Hope I'm wrong
  10. It's not god since it didn't create the universe, it was created then gained sentiance . Matter coalesced to form stars and planets , investiture coalesced to form adonalsium
  11. No actually. Shards while godlike are still not actually God. Even adonalsium isn't technically God . For all we know investiture gained sentiance and became adonalsium.
  12. I was very dissappointed with telsins fate too. I was beginning to like her and relate to her. Wax must have been a pain in the ass when he was younger
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