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  1. Reading the notes, though, you see that a lot of that is speculative. in particular, in reference A427, the author notes that the time is very constrained, and he's making some generous assumptions to fit the timeline. that is, it does seem like kaladin is doing an awful lot of things in a very short time, but there are constrains in how long he can be spending as a bridgeman, so those assumptions are needed to fit the timeline - which actually does vindicate my point that kaladin spending less than 100 days as bridgeman seems short. i didn't go look those details - I am not aware of any book reference for when, exactly, kaladin arrives to the plains relative to other plot events. the closest i can think of is amaram winning his shards, but iirc, amaram himself faked the date, so we don't have any reliable in-book reference "amaram took the shards from kaladin exactly 11 months before arriving at the warcamps, and kaladin spent 8 months as a slave before arriving there, so he must have spent 3 months as bridgemen". I haven't seen anything like that. so I'm not sold on why kaladin can't have arrived at the shattered plains a couple months earlier, and have started training bridge 4 a bit earlier.
  2. Makes enough sense for sand - though if soil, which is held together by similar mechanisms, is eroded away, then a beach should too. Does not make sense e for tides. Doesn't matter how close the moons are, they are too small to cause a tide. They would not cause a tide if they were on the surface. The highstorm explanation doesn't hold, because there was no highstorm for the whole next day. The sun explanation is the only one with some merit regarding tides
  3. Reteading words on radiance, i caught on a small detail, and i can't let it go. In chapter 9, kaladin enters a chasm, using a sapphire broam for light, musing how it's worth more than all his wages as bridgeman. Sapphire is second most valued stone, a broam is 500 clearchips. As a bridgeman slave, kaladin earned a clearmark per day, so the line implies kaladin spent less than 100 days as bridgeman. It seems not enough time for all that happens. I spent the better part of an hour looking, but i could not find a chronology of the book, only of the wider cosmere. So, when kaladin is first assigned to bridges, he goes on for a while until all those in his original crew died - most of those who replaced them died too. For all that bridge crews have terrible casualty rates, the same book states an average of one run per week - and not all are bad. To lose 96% of their original members, it must have been at least a month. In wok chapter 30, kaladin states he's been on a couple dozen runs - implying 120 days as bridgeman already, and it's a third of the book. Then he decides to fight. He spends at least a couple weeks taking control of bridge 4. He trains them; they exercice until they can run with the bridge for hours and be only mildly tired; that kind of training doesn't come in a few weeks. Then he thinks of the side carry, he takes time to train the men at it; it ends poorly, and he is left to the highstorm. He spends ten days recovering. Then he starts training the men in combat, and from there more weeks of training pass. All in all, 200 days seem a more likely estimate.
  4. I am rereading words of radiance, and i'm noticing little details that seem inconsistent. In wor chapter 11, shallan just survives the shipwreck, she's on a rock near the shore, and she says that she can reach the coast because of the low tide. How is there a tide on roshar? The tide is caused by the moon's gravity, and we have noticeable tides on our planet because our moon is pretty big. Roshar has three small moons, but they are said to be roughly the size of phobos. Phobos has such low gravity that a person standing on it could escape the moonlet just by jumping, it could not cause any noticeable tide. So, how can roshar have tides? is that a mistake? By the way, the same chapter says shallan reached the "sandy shore"; later in the chapter, shallan draws a glyph in the sand. There should absolutely not be sand on roshar, not in an exposed eastern location. This looks like an oversight, except that the sand is referred several times in the chapter. If roshar has no soil because highstorms strip it away, how can it have sandy beaches?
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/s/FlaBsERulK when you see that image, and you think "yumi was there"
  6. i was hoping for more on the mistborn movie. one year ago he said he'd be surprised if he didn't have anything to share next year. now he mentions a mistborn movie being on hold, which by itself implies there is something a lot more solid than just selling rights to somebody. but that's all the info i can find
  7. they didn't "one day just decided to call them back". they were under extreme pressure when they decided it. they also weren't sure at all of what would happen. it's been millennia, and all they have are vague legends. they may not even have been sure of which forms were safe and which weren't. anyway, faced with unsustainable attrition from the alethi, the listeners tried to do something dangerous. seems reasonable enough. by the way, you will gradually learn they were also thoroughly manipulated by forces way beyond their control. when you'll get listeners flashbacks, you'll get some more pieces of the puzzle. incidentally, if they had just denied any involvment with szeth and his assassination ("how can we possibly be related to a shin shardbearer? on the night when we are about to sign an important and favorable treaty, no less"), then everything would have been different.
  8. I do not remember any indication that the mass of the object or the allomancer affects push strenght, only allomancy strenght and distance. Hence I would say F=O*f(d) I further believe f(d) must be some kind of exponential decay, not a quadratic one like gravitation or electromagnetism, because allomantic strenght remains approximately constant at close range (up to 10-20 meters) and it becomes basically zero relatively fast after that. Still, I'm not writing d<R because there does not seem to be a specific upper range, you can see larger metal objects at greater ranges.
  9. I think the history of canticle mostly disproves that notion, though - or at least proves it to be minor. we know that those threnodites came to canticle after the evil appeared. we don't seem to have strict chronology for when it appeared, but it was much after the shattering. centuries, not millennia, before the current timeline. the beaconites know of threnody because of the chorus, but they say it's been long enough that they have no oral memory of it. so, many generations. centuries. so, you see the problem. the threnodites left their planet no more than a millennia ago, and they spent no less than two centuries on canticle. if your theory was right and nomad/sigzil spent his day on canticle while months passed on the outside, then the threnodites should have felt they were on the planet by a generation at most, probably less. instead, we could rule out any time dilation effect greater than 5 to 1. this, in turn, mostly removes time dilation as an explanation for why the night brigade came so quickly. my pet theory is that they track him by reading some kind of residue where he skips to the next planet. last planet they were very close, and he had to skip in an emergency. but the brigade was right after him, and they could quickly calculate his new destination, and get there as fast as their spaceship could travel. normally, nomad could lose himself in a planet, and the brigade would spend months to find him. also, while he has visited tens of planets (how many are there in the cosmere anyway?) nothing forbids him from having visited the same planet multiple times.
  10. very possible, yes. it would explain how they would awaken a machine without deeper knowledge
  11. I am surprised by how, at the time of warbreaker, a returned with 2000 breaths was an amazing, incredible amount, and now sigzil is holding as much and complains how low that is. then again, it makes sense as a result of progress. a few centuries ago a horse was a powerful, expensive transport vehicle, and now we have the power of several dozen horses on our cars and we think those are low power engines. a stark comparison, though: nightblood only required 1000 breaths. those spears are twice as invested - i'm still in the early chapter so i don't know what they can do, however it seems to me like those uses of investiture are highly inefficient. people in the past could do a lot more with much less investiture
  12. well, there's no doubt whatsoever that shallan is losing her mind. let me rephrase the question: is she losing her mind more than usual?
  13. remember three quarters of our planet are literally covered in hydrogen oxyde, for a depth of kilometers. there's no shortage of hydrogen for fusion. let's make the generous assumption that it takes 100 hydrogen fusions to power up the formation of a gold nucleus. one liter of water is 55 mols, which make 110 mols of hydrogen, with which you make 1 mol of gold. which is 200 grams, because gold is heavy. so, under that assumption of 100 hydrogens for 1 gold, you can make 200 grams of gold for a liter of water. if you can also recycle the oxygens, you make more. really, how much gold can you really need? that's unlimited for all practical purposes.
  14. There's also some deeper stuff that's only said by brandon in questions from fans. This book should give you all the pieces, but it's quite hard to make out unless you are keeping notes or unless you go look in the coppermind
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