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  1. How does picking up your badges work? Last year there was a huge line. Will it be like that this year? Also, anyone know how old a "babe in arms" can be? I'm a little nervous to leave my almost 2yr old with a babysitter.
  2. If Brandon Mull wrote stormlight: Most of the spren would live on preserves. Kaladin and Shallon would be the brother/sister duo that, while visiting their uncle Dalinar on a preserve, discover how to bond spren. Shallon would bond a fairy spren and kaladin would bond an imp or a troll. Bridge 4 is comprised of the satyrs who like to steal stew from Dalinar. Kaladin, though tempted to join their fun, must shape them into a team to help win the day. Taravangian has discovered how to use relics to extend his life. He manages to gain the trust of Dalinar, kaladin, and Shallon, while plotting to free the voidbringers from their nearly eternal prison, believing it will ultimately save the world.
  3. Was any one else bothered by the machine's invention? Like, as far as we can tell, there has never been any other kind of machine invented. All the innovations are done by the spirits and yoki-hijo. Ofcourse, we only see that world from yumi's perspective, but if you think about the complexity of that machine, there must have been more machines previously invented leading up to it. Just think about it. It has to first sense where a rock is, pick the rock up, assess the weight and balance of the rock. Place the rock on a stack in such a way that it doesn't fall (in other words it can't just make a pile, and has to remember the aspects of the other rocks and their balance, etc.). All of that requires very precise sensors and precision motors, levers, etc. Then it has to sense when a spirit comes, have the mechanisms to capture it, then convert it into energy and output that energy. All of that is very complex and isn't likely to have been achieved in the first machine ever invented, even with a prototype. So, how did they come to develop such a complex machine with no evidence of other technological advancements leading up to it?
  4. I actually thought i was going to like this one better than tress. I liked the body swap. Yumi's confusion was delightful and i actually laughed out loud about the concubine confusion. I felt like Hoid was mostly in character, annoyingly reminding you that this was his story every now and again. I actually really liked yumi. She was a product of her upbringing, but softened with experience. She had a passion for her job even while she was changing and realizing the depth of her abuse. I didn't find painter nearly as interesting, maybe because john in The frugal wizard was almost identical. A guy trying to act more confident than he is all the while being crippled by insecurity. The only difference was in this one he could remember it. But it still worked ok. The plot twist was pretty good. I figured that the hion lines would turn out to be related to the trapped spirits, but i didn't see yumi as a nightmare coming. It started to fall apart for me when hoid started explaining the backstory. It pulled me out of the story, and instead of returning to the same level of intensity afterward, it felt more like coming back to the story to find it neatly wrapping up, in almost as succinct a summary. I felt like it would have been better to not tell us at all, maybe let the scholars explain the 1700 year part. I also really wanted yumi to seek out the other yoki-hijo and gang up on the machine together. Why have a connection to them if nothing was to come of it except feeling them fade after freed from the machine? I think that would have been cool. Also, it didn't really make sense to me that painter was able to pull yumi back. Cool that it proves he's a master painter with strong intent, but.... really? I thought it would really have helped painter grow as a person to have to deal with her loss and try to reconnect with his other friends. Over all it felt like brandon was rushing through the end, instead of giving it the complexity it deserved. So, even though it started great, i have to put this one behind tress.
  5. My favorite is typically whichever one I read most recently. My most recent read was Legion, and I loved it. I wish there were more stories about steven and his cases. It was fascinating to me.
  6. All of your ideas are amazing, but this one's my favorite! I would totally go to this! How can we make it happen?
  7. So, the other night i had a dream about a Sanderson themed park. The only thing i remember is these super futuristic hotels (i've just finished Stealheart). If you were to visit such a place, what would you expect to find? A roller coaster with a chasmfiend at the end? Something super slippery for the edgedancers? Space ships for the cytoverse? Thoughts?
  8. My daughter wants her birthday party to be themed after the first book. We're thinking a treasure hunt for the sands of Rashid, and "forging" origami sunglasses. Any other ideas?
  9. I thought it would be fun to make a list. Rumbling rawns! Hyperventilating Hobbs! Blistering brooks! Galloping gemmells! Drastic drakes! Jabbering jordans!
  10. Siri


    Daughter wants to be Spin for Halloween. Any ideas/resources would be appreciated. Also, who else in the cytoverse would be fun to cosplay? I think i'm going to make my baby be doomslug.
  11. What kinds of events and panels were there last year? Like, doomslug crochet was mentioned, but what else?
  12. My son wants a mistborn themed birthday. Ideas? So far we've only come up with the idea of taping streamers to the ceiling as "the mists".
  13. I played clarinet, oboe, trombone, and percussion as well as bassoon in high school. I've tried out flute, sax, trumpet, French horn, and viola, in college. I was a music major. I also play piano and sing.
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