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  1. So for a school project, I'm going to program something based on the Cosmere, but I don't know what I want to program yet. My current thoughts are running towards a Rosharan weather app but more ideas are welcome.
  2. i have gained access to the cognitive realm, but have no hemalurgic materials.
  3. 1. BANDS OF MOURNING!!! op compounding = good 2. feruchemist 3. shard............ 4. 5th heightening. never getting old, or getting headaches? im in
  4. Before I clicked on this post, there was an entire area of Sanderson I was ignorant of! How much does he write? How many more things could I be ignorant of?
  5. My first sanderson book was also skyward! a while after that my mom started my on the way of kings and I have not yet found an alternative to endlessly binging sanderson.
  6. Kelsier -- Kaladin Sazed -- Szeth notice any others?
  7. when you are hardly surprised when an article titled "you know you're a sanderfan when..." has 500,000 views and nearly 10,000 replies
  8. ummm, it was very awesome. Wait. A stranger is wanting information? Online? this is suspicious. very suspicious. Also, I have a real sword, so the Moash pinata was very fun. Purposefully filled with red kool-aid.
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