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  1. I’m back! Depressed and struggling, but alive all the same!


    1. Honorless


      Always the next step

  2. Hey guys, I don't have much time so I will make this brief. 

    I want to be on the 17S, but I can't because of Important stuff going on. I get up at six, work all day and get to bed at 11


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    2. Adonalsium'sSpren


      I almost died twice this year, once by heat stroke (I was bedridden for weeks) 

      And once by a rabid dog. 

      I will try to post the details on my profile soon. 


    3. AonEne


      That’s awful and I’m so sorry those things happened to you! Agreed though, we’ll still be here when you’re able to be on more. Good luck with your work -_- 

    4. Adonalsium'sSpren


      Thank you so much ene, I actually had another close encounter this morning. I was riding my bike on the way to my family farm and five dogs swarmed me, I kept on riding and I kicked them and yelled at them. Ultimately I was forced to pepper spray them and leave them writhing in pain as I sped away. 

      I feel bad now because I like dogs. 


  3. All right, this place is not a place and can only be "visited" by a choice few.
  4. WOW! I suspected something along these lines, but the connections you have made are amazing!!!
  5. That's a good idea! Want to team up on my next Cosmere ABC's?
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