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  1. My bad never read that direct quote that said some don't have them. The WoB about Hemalurgy being able to hack anyone into becoming a Squire to any order combined with the in book quote was what I mean by WoB clarification. However I was wrong :(.
  2. Right after this in the duel he loses the Thrill and feels disgusted with himself for threatening to kill a downed opponent. This is similar to when Dalinar felt disgusted with the Parshendi deaths whenever he was considering his visions. I think this was Maya's first attempt to make a Connection with Adolin, to let him know this was bad.
  3. Whoa am I an Elsecaller, 70% with nearest other 40% lol. Always dug Jasnah and wanted to see more of her powers so this too cool.
  4. After many rereads of the books I just came to realize the importance of a conversation that Adolin has with Maya in Words of Radiance. In it he is confiding to her before a duel and at this point "Adolin will be an Edgedancer" is pretty much fact but I think this was the literal beginning of his journey to become a Radiant. He says these words to her "I want you to know... I believe in father, I believe he is right, that the things he sees are real. The world needs a united Alethkar, fights like this are my way to make it happen." This is what woke her from her slumber I think, Mayalaran was part of the Desolations and Alethela was the Radiants home. Her proximity to Dalinar and Adolin's "honoring the fallen" to her, herself had made it possible I think but this was the moment she became more than a Deader imho. Just thought I would put this here for anyone who hadn't caught it.
  5. The direct quote from the book Words of Radiance is "Also, some orders were individualistic, while others - like the Windrunners - functioned in teams, with a specific hierarchy." There is never a quote that states Orders had NO squires but WoB have clarified that while all Orders are capable of having Squires for some it makes little sense to have them such as the Willshapers, Elsecallers, Bondsmiths and Truthwatchers. Brandon has even said that most squires serve for life as a squire, never becoming a full Radiant.
  6. The climax of book one was rather boring and predictable in my opinion. Rolled my eyes A LOT. The book wants me to be invested in Caeden but I cant be bothered, too much time spent agonizing over his past, chit chatting w insane immortals and trying to act like he can just pretend he isnt a monster. I actually like Davian until it became clear he is just another cliche chosen one. Weir and Asha feel like they were tacked on, if you remove them from the story there is no issue, it all still works. Put it down for now. Maybe I will be a masochist and finish some other time.
  7. So following the recommendation of brandonsanderson.com and many peers I bought the Licanius trilogy. I have not been so disappointed by a book this acclaimed since the Sword of Truth before everyone knew Goodkind was a plagiarist. I am halfway thru the second book and just cannot 'see' what everyone else does. There are so many parallels between Licanius and SoT it is mind boggling. I find it really irritating that the characters are all insecure and frustrated in EXACTLY the same way. Let alone the authors obsession with conversation to explain everything rather than point of view exposition. I am here to ask a simple question, if I dont like it now, is there really something that will change my mind coming soon? It is literally PAINFUL to read these characters that are literally identical naratives with different names.
  8. The most disappointment I have felt at the end of a series. I have read series where the author died and had someone else finish that weren't as bad as this ending was. Did you like it? Besides "The Mighty are Awesome" what made you like it? Personally, I feel like a Jehovah's Witness took over on book 5 and decided to make all fictional religion referenced = Jehovah. TBP = 8/10 TBK = 9/10 TBE = 8/10 TBM = 7/10 TBW = Trash Change My Mind.
  9. We just need people to stop throwing YA and MTG money at him so he can focus on what matters... moar Hoid. Used to be able to reliably get an awesome book out of him every year. 2018-19 been a dry couple years for Sanderson fans... we still at 29% til the 1st I bet.
  10. Just finished reading Elantris and I found it rather charming despite all the critics of the book telling me I was going to hate it. I will admit its narrative was far less complicated than Brandon's other fantasy books, landing somewhere between his YA & Epic Fantasy. It still had all his hallmarks; well thought out magic systems, good guys to root for and bad guys to hate as well as unanswered mysteries about the Cosmere at large. At 500ish pages it is also not quite the daunting task the other worlds are making it easier to convince people to give it a try. It takes more than that to even become invested in WoK. I personally think this is an IDEAL book to introduce someone who wants to read "epic fantasy" but isn't sure if they have the gumption to invest themselves in a series that will be 10,000+ pages and be released over the next twenty years. I'm making the attempt with some friends who are convinced they don't have the attention spans for such a wait/read and will post the results in a few weeks to see if it grabs them enough to wonder about this "cosmere" I am always rambling to them about when they haven't a clue wth I'm talking about. In conclusion, if you are thinking about reading Elantris and have read Stormlight or Mistborn do not expect that level of action or complexity, if however you want a few more tidbits about the Cosmere a charming good v evil story and another cool magic system to imagine it is your stuff. 8/10
  11. I think we will get to see a lot of Navani's backstory through Jasnah's flashbacks. Remember 9 = Jasnah. Most likely in her early childhood she will mention her grandparents, if only offhandedly. The constant references from Navani about Jasnah being 30 at 5 are definitely going to play into her flashbacks.
  12. I 100% agree, this is the answer. We will know in the Nightblood book from Siri and Suse Im sure, he had the hint from Vasher and them having a child was such a focus of the first book.
  13. How does their substance matter when considering what happens after death? It would seem to me that he has quite clearly explained what happens in Secret History if you have read it. The body stays in the physical and decays being re-used. The mind comes to term with death and depending on their mental state they react differently but most choose to go the the Beyond, the place where the Spiritual portion exists in a state of rest and peace. Their is no information that tells us they will be recycled. You need to stop thinking in terms of the laws of our reality, the Shards constantly create new things from nothing but their own powers so the only recycling would be returning the power to the Shard imho.
  14. Hoid by far. WoB said, WITHOUT HESITATION, he is the strongest non-shard bearer in the Cosmere. I have a feeling if Kelsier wielded Nightblood against Hoid, he would laugh and humiliate him like their first fight. We don't know his motives, I fear the unknown.
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