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  1. I dont think we know exactly when shadows of silence in the forests of hell takes place.
  2. Its worth keeping in mind that Hoid is telling SP3 a while after it occurs, so SP3 could have happened, then SP4, then Hoid actually tells the story of SP3
  3. So at first I thought they are definitely not shin. The people of this world are quite clearly asian (culturally and in the artwork.) and the Shin are quite clearly the one not genetically asian group of humans on roshar. On second thought however, it makes a lot of sense for shin linguistic customs to stick around if they merge with the other ethnicities around them, leading to (mostly) asians having shin honorifics like nimi
  4. A question often posed is why heralds refuse to wear shardplate. I think I've found the answer. We see how shardplate is resistant to surge and void binding. This is because as a god metal, it is so saturated with investiture as to resist other forms of investiture. Interestingly it also blocks other forms of investiture, such as emotional allomancy. We've known for a while that heralds did not need to carry gemstones, which is presumable because honor is channeling investiture into their bodies through their honorblade bond, similar to how bondsmiths "Create" powerlight So heralds don't wear plate so that they can receive investiture directly from honor(placed presumably in the sky) Additionally, it might actually kill them. We see from Jezrien that heralds die rapidly when their soul is separated from the physical world. Theirfore this level of investiture insulation could slowly starve a herald of their divine essence
  5. Maybe some sci fi stem cell mumbo jumbo
  6. Brandon Sanderson *reading a personalization request* Did Kelsier fill copperminds for reasons other than to share knowledge? Did he want to forget certain memories? *written* Yes. Yes. Those may not be causally related. You asked two separate questions and got two separate answers. JordanCon 2016 (April 23, 2016) Soooo..... Here the theory. We know that kelsier has one spike stapling his identity to a mistwraith. But apparently he believes he cannot get more to regain allomantic powers. What if, this is actually because this would open him to harmony's influence? What if he once had more, but had his mind taken over by sazed, in order to save south scadrial. What if thats where the coppermind is from. Sazed tried his best to delete kelsier's memories of the intrusion? Just a crackpot theory
  7. Im pretty sure if a kandra has a bit of your blood, they can craft a new organ from your own dna and cells, making a perfect organ donation
  8. This is pretty funny, but I have a felling, this is hoid eating a cremling of a sleepless
  9. It seems he is collecting the most optimally functioning organs he can find. It seems he is very interested in human anatomy and organ function, and even comments on how he needs tress' remarkable brain, etc. He also suggests that he might be looking to figure out how to let humans function similarly to him, lacking a heart, and consuming fewer calories. So presumably he is trying to get the most detailed understanding of human biology in the cosmere, and/or upgrade himself, or others
  10. Yah, It also makes sense with silver acting a spiritual anchor, and wearing silver jewelry helping in anchoring you in cognitive anomalies It makes me wonder what would happen if a herald were to wear the silver chain raboniel recieved. Luckily, The chain is probably now in the possession of Navani Kholin, in close proximity to two heralds. Or we could see It being given to Szeth and Kaladin on their quest
  11. I really like this idea. The shades are definitely not how thredonites are supposed to turn into cognitive shadows, and the aethers on lumar are often described as cancerous, a fecund and violent evolution of aethers. The silver might either be destroying the impure investiture, or realigning it with it's ideal spiritual identity
  12. SP3 Spoilers Thus I think It's likely that Design is actually the monster that UlaAm keeps in his drawer. He says he stitched a few faces to it, which makes sense, as this is probably before SP3, and Design probably asked him to try to give her a human body.
  13. Yah, It hit me out of nowhere, I really can't take a hint
  14. aparrently not all silver in the cosmere is made equal. For example Rosharan silver notably lacks this property, and special thredonite silver is imported. Perhaps this property is simply a byproduct of a method of investiture that multiple shards can do.
  15. It seems that Taldain is by far the most advanced Cosmere world, probably at modern or near futuretech at the moment. Given Autonomy's intent, It's highly likely that While the system isn't conducive to cosmere immigration, individuals on taldain with grit, and determination, can probably bypass whatever is making offworld travel difficult. It's definitely possible since, I'm pretty sure Hoid was in white sand, and besides we've seen, white sand(The substance) offworld, with odium's forces, and I think in mraize's office. Thus I think It's more thank likely that technical and scientific knowledge has been leaking out of taldain, And The GB are likely privy to such discoveries.
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