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  1. One interesting thing we see is a glimpse at what I suspect is relatively early, but certainly established, space age. I was expecting technology honestly to be more advanced than this by the space age. I don't get the sense there is FTL travel though, and maybe that's not coming. I wish I knew how long Zealot has been on the run. He seems to think people he knew on Roshar would still be alive, and I would have said that I would have been surprised for those who had not become fused to make it to the space age. Anyway, the factions we see emerging are: Scadrians: they seem to be a relatively callous one would government, though not actively malicious, one works government. They don't care about the plight of non-Scadrians. This is consistent I think with what we saw in 6th of the Dusk, just looking for resources to exploit. They felt like someone trying to convince you that their trade is to your benefit in Catan but is obviously lying. Rosharans: Our most significant data here comes from the Scadrians' attitude towards the prospect that Zellian is "Oathed", but more significant data comes from the 6th of the Dusk sequel where the Rosharans radiant ambassador seems downright sinister. Definitely more evil than the Scadrians. It's unclear how many factions there are from Roshar but I hope it's not just evil Odium servants. Threnodites: I dono that happened there but the Night Brigade is terrifying. Their power is that of shades which they now seem to have near total control of. I don't know if this is the only power from Threnody or how much control they have on their home planet, but things are not looking good. Sel: We know people from Sel are players, but not much more. Obviously Elantrians are ridiculously powerful, and the other magic systems we've seen from Sel are also really significant. Other groups are less clear. Any thoughts on my analysis? What do you think the implications of all of this.
  2. Do we know Yumi is this late? I definitely assumed it was not all the way to 6th of the Dusk.
  3. Silver doesn't do anything with stormlight, and it's allomantically (and Feruchemically and Hemalurgically) inert but it's not like aluminum (which actually has an allomantic effect). It can be pushed and pulled on, just not burned by any mistings, or burned with effect by mistborn.
  4. No one posted on this in a while but I think the question of what Yumi is, and whether cognitive shadows are souls or copies, is kind of like a ship of Theseus question. What was originally there is replaced with different investiture, but I suspect the investiture was always dynamic and very slightly flowing in and out of all beings. There's just a much bigger faster plank-replacement when a being becomes a cognitive shadow, and that plank replacement usually happens in place of ceasing to exist as such (though, the matter, energy, and investiture remain) in the non-Beyond. I don't think matter, energy, or investiture ever go to the Beyond. What goes there is something else, though it's closely connected to the Spiritual Realm. I think the closest we ever get to the Beyond is what Dalinar did to allow Kaladin to interact with Tien, but I think that's more like Tien still existing in the Spiritual Realm, which is also really him and more connected to the Beyond to the extent that anything is. I don't know what I'm saying. I say that what came back really is Yumi. My big question is whether she got a downgrade in the amount of investiture she used to have in the process of turning investiture into the matter for a real body.
  5. Hoid basically states on p. 432 and 436 that the father machine is awakened. Where the heck did the scholars on this planet get breath, and learn about how to use it? Or did they manage to awaken with other investiture, and we've only heard about doing it with breath so far? I think I remember hearing a while ago that Vasher learned to keep himself alive with stormlight but couldn't awaken with it. Is that incorrect? Is it relevant?
  6. This makes some sense, but I am drawn to the fact that Elantrian power was super nerfed even in Teod, which had just as much access to the Dor, presumably, as Elantris, and the Ire seem way less powerful in the cognitive realm of Scadrial than they do in Elantris in Secret History, even if they can still do amazing things with preparation, those things aren't applicable nearly as easily as AonDor. Maybe that's just because it's in the cognitive realm, but presumably, the thing that allows for Elantrians in the first place IS Elantris. Or do we think that just greatly amplifies the power and harnesses so much of it that if it is imperfect, it totally gets in the way?
  7. The map being part of it makes a lot of sense, but still, the Dor is in Sel's cognitive realm. The mingled power of Devotion and Dominion aren't just overflowing and trying to break their cognitive bounds at any opportunity like they seem to be on Sel (and moreso if there has been no release for a while). Where is the investiture the map is tapping into, since the Dor is more in the cognitive than the spiritual, leaving perhaps a bit less room for Spiritual Mumbo Jumbo?
  8. Okay so I'm the latest book we see Elantrians seem to have most of their powers off Sel. Where does the power come from? I assumed in Lost metal there was still a bunch of unkeyed Dor available. Does the sorceress just have a bunch of invisible Dor in her tower? Or another unkeyed investiture source that can power AonDor? It looked like they didn't have most of their powers off-world back in Secret History, but a lot of time has passed since then.
  9. Hi all, Are we to assume this is space age cosmere? If so is it as late as Sixth of the Dusk? The audience obviously doesn't know about certain technologies, so it seems like THEY aren't yet on the space age, but is anyone?
  10. Why does Ulaam want all sorts of body parts? I think he's a kandra right, but can't kandra make all human organs and tissues besides bones? What's the benefit of a kidney or a liver except to learn to copy them? Also why does he keep himself grey and corpselike? Maybe this is all answered. I'm only halfway done but I couldn't get this out of my head
  11. I'm just wondering whether Brandon nixed this tradition now that he is communicating with us via so many other forums? I look forward to this so much every year and, while I can hardly complain for lack of content I'm a little disappointed this wasn't posted yesterday. Also, this site is definitely the victim of a pretty intense bot attack. Or a really annoying persistent human.
  12. Yeah, I read this as, "As of now there is only one dragon that is a shard that you know about." And that this says nothing about Edgli or Bhavadin for sure.
  13. Who was the one who jumped at the end of Skyward, Spensa or Doomslug?
  14. I don't think either a shard blade to the spine or decapitation would kill a fullborn assuming they were actively tapping gold at the time and had enough health stored, which any competent fullborn would do most of the time, and which both Miles and the Lord Ruler definitely did. I don't think there would be much a fullborn could do to counter Ishar once he got started but with prep I be they could do plenty to defend against it. They could probably kill Ishar before he made a move by combining the speed of steel and zinc with pewter and tin though; the heralds have all died before.
  15. I think the answer is and has to be "yes", but I suspect it won't be until the end of the latter half of the back 5, so we're waiting 15-20 years for it.
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