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When is this in the timeline? (Some light spoilers and cosmere here)


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I believe if I'm understanding right while reading it, its toward the end of the Cosmere cycle, sometime before space age Mistborn, but being told sometime after Sixth of Dusk.


Direct quote from Brandon about when Hoid is telling the story is "He is telling this story within years or decades of the events, not within centuries."

This one will be fun to re-read. 

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After combing through more WOB:


Matt Hatch

I like how you're timelining your RAFOs. Like this is a RAFO but with information.

Brandon Sanderson

Yeah. Like I consider where the Cosmere is right now in its main timeline to be right around the 10 to 15 year period that Stormlight and Wax and Wayne are happening. And that's where we are in the Cosmere right now. But this is taking place way in the future. Actually, all three Secret Projects are fairly future era Cosmere. Basically I'm just kind of building out- what's going on with some of these things is, I want the Cosmere to be pushing towards a Star Wars/Star Trek-esque large universe of planets where lots of interesting stories are happening. And that's the future of the Cosmere. And so as I'm reaching to build more stories, I'm reaching to stories on those planets.

So we can safely assume this is well into the future. :)

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