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  1. I also have a theory that the way Alethi hair works is based upon Singer heritage as well. With how they gain multi-colour patterns in their hair, I feel that is related to the singer skin patterns and colours. It would make sense if they did due to how they did a lot of conquest and the things that come along with conquest, making them a very genetically mixed people, which would explain how they would probably have Herdazian and Veden blood (which often is mixed with Horneater, thus Singer), which could explain how their hair came about.
  2. My theory is either Ambition making a battery for some reason. Or Invention making the planet has an experiment, which would explain why everything about it is so weird and doesn't comply with physics at all, implying the planet as a whole isn't natural. It also fits with how technologically focused the people are, and why the Shades are so weird and different, focused on the creation of parts and such. It would be a good explanation for how different they are that they are just imbued with a different form of Investiture. It also would explain why it basically turns people into batteries. I lean much more towards Invention creating it as an experiment.
  3. I second this, he did reference a cavern planet but didn't name it, it was where he was right before Canticle. It was only mentioned once, so it is easy to forget.
  4. I mean, yeah, it doesn't fit Roshar as it is a Yolish name. And his third name is more thematic to symbolize his connection to the people of Beacon. It was more thematic than anything else, I feel. But I rather not debate, I don't want any protentional arguments.
  5. They are capable to bringing themselves into Shadesmar. It is required for Transformation. Transformation and Transportation are very closely connected Surges.
  6. I think that Skipping is unique to Hoid/Sig's Dawnshard, as we know one Dawnshard is different from the rest, and I feel it makes sense for this to be Hoid's. It would just make sense to me. So, I don't think Skipping would be a generic Dawnshard ability. iirc, not even Hoid had the ability to Skip. So it might even be something unique to Sigzil, maybe the result of a combination of the Dawnshard with Radiant abilities. Or maybe Hoid was holding it when he became a Lightweaver, and it took Lightweaver's limited teleportation ability, and modified it as it connected it to the Connection of the Dawnshard, and made it more Spiritual in nature. And this was able to be transferred to Sig, giving him that capacity. But that is just be spitballing.
  7. Really? I am the exact opposite and find it one of my favorite names of his. It just has a really good ring to it to me. But to each their own. : )
  8. I am interested in the codes. I wonder when they were made, like, give SIlverlight is a group of worldhoppers and cosmere aware people, maybe they are pretty old. But they could also have developed after more mass-scale interplanetary travel started.
  9. Almost universally accepted, given TLM talked a lot about him turning into Discord and Discord was foreshadowed and referenced as early as The Final Empire. So I highly doubt that he won't become Discord. I in fact believe that he will have to become it. "He shall be named Discord, and they shall love him for it." I believe he would fight it, but ultimately realize it was leaving him too unable to act which put his people at risk, and he would finally give in to Discord for the sake of his people, like to fight off Autonomy, or something of that ilk.
  10. I feel we already got the answer, Brandon said the aura around people with Breaths uses the same mechanism as Stormlight Leaking, due to the Second Law of Investiture Thermodynamics. Which means that they slowly give off parts of their Breath over time as that aura, which depletes it, albeit very slowly. This is at least one big part of the answer. Investiture likes flowing from a place of high Investiture to one of low Investiture. Thus Breaths try to radiate outward, but the radiation is very weak when you have one. But as you get more and more, that radiation grows stronger as the differential between yourself and the environment grows.
  11. We don't know how long after Era 3 Era 4 will be. Era 1 to Era 2 was 341 years Era 2 to Era 3 will will be around 70 years, as per WoB Era 3 to Era 4 is a ??? Also, keep in mind, they have access to magic, which can help them expand faster in certain areas as they begin to study into it in a more scientific manner, as Brandon said they would by Era 3. So I believe that it would begin to accelerate massively during or after Era 3. Allowing them to begin the interstellar age within decades or a century instead of centuries. Maybe. Also, SA6 is 10-15 years after SA5, not decades. So it would still take place before Era 3, which is 70 years after the gap between SA5 and 6. As Era 2 takes place in the gap. As substantiated by WoB and the epigraphs in SA3 and 4.
  12. Oh, I bet that there would be MAD, Scadrial has knowledge on how to make massive Invested Nukes. Sig also knows about nuclear reactors, which came after nuclear bombs. So I definitely believe that they would have MAD.
  13. Especially when they were talking about "tons of planets have backwards monarchies, you want us to help them all?", which implies that there are way more than what we have seen. As it is implied they are not talking about Roshar as they know Sig is Rosharan, we know it isn't Scadrial or First of the Sun or any others. Definitely not Komashi, I don't even think Komashi has an organized government, might be locally ruled cities, or even a communal rule, they don't really touch on it. Maybe Nalthis, but it is implied they advanced beyond that, I feel. All we know is Lumar, and one or two isn't a lot, not near as much as what they imply. So, yeah, it is implied a ton of planets exist.
  14. I will say, they actively bring up that it is denser than any natural element. Also, I got a different number for the density. I got 152.57 g/cm3. Which is not in the range of White Dwarf Stars, which are around 1000 10^4 to 10^7 g/cm3. This is only 1.5257 * 10^2. Not White Dwarf levels, but still around 6.7539x the density of osmium. And due to the fact that the overall density is lowered due to the density of the silicate layer which is implied to be Earth-like, so around 3-4 g/cm3, so the actual density of the core would be higher than 152.57, but not by much. But we don't know the core sized compared to the planet, so we can't say with absolute certainty. I also got a total mass of 0.000446043 Earths, so a bit higher than what you got. My thought is that it isn't that Investiture acts like mass (though it can be converted into mass), but that it causes the same spacial distortions that are what define gravity. Image of what gravity essentially is, it is a distortion of spacetime. If we go into the realm of fantasy, this doesn't necessarily have to be from just mass. But high amounts of Investiture could give an object an increased level of spaciotemporal distortion without increasing its mass. That, or it creates a Gravitation effect like the Gravitation Surge.
  15. I mean, it ultimately depends on the book. Some books have less connections, others have substantially more. This is just a case that strongly leans towards the more side. For obvious reasons.
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