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  1. I don't think they will fall out of relevance, just that the list of options will expand. But that expansion will be affected or even bounded by the magic systems you have.
  2. Considering Wax's perception in BoM and Kelsier's in TLM, it seems that Steelsight could look into into the Spiritual Aspect of a Spike with a tweak
  3. I'm not sure how that reads to you, but based off the context of the conversation, that reads like "plug themselves into the Spiritual Realm to power their Invested Art"
  4. I think you may have misunderstood the original comment. Quantus seems to be talking about drawing power directly from the Spiritual Realm, not going into it.
  5. Considering how quickly breakthroughs have happened in the real world (car to landingon the moon in less than a century), most of those are reasonable in only a century or two. South Scadrial already has the technology to make machines use Allomancy for example. They already have the seeds to what they need. Also, Scadrial has much more reason to invest in space travel than we do. Space development continued advancing and making breakthroughs while we were still funding it but then as a society space travel stopped having the appeal. Partly because we hit the walls of real world physics limitations, but also it became harder for countries to justify the spending on further developments. Take Space-X for example, many of the developments they have done were theorized decades ago, but actual money and engineering were put into it. I agree that it would take decades to develop colonization and research outposts, but if they create an FTL drive in only a century after Era 2, they could have all that by two hundred years post Era 2. YatNP shows that Investiture is a very good means of propulsion considering the society personally visited another planet in their solar system at a tech level at best comparable to ours.
  6. I think you are vastly underestimatin how much Allomancy and Feruchemy would ease space travel. One of the hardest parts of space travel is just gravity. Iron will be immensely useful for that. Food, water, air storage? Cadmium and Bendalloy. Heat buildup? Brass. Calculations done with Zinc. FTL made possible with time bubbles. Many of the hurdles we have with space travel are things the Metallic Arts already have answers for, or at least have aspects that simplify the problems.
  7. That's in part because we are heavily restricted by real world physics. Scadrial has numerous powers that are exceptionally useful for making space travel much more viable. So I could see Scadrial being space age in just one or two hundred years, especially considering they rebounded from near societal collapse and advanced to turn of the 20th century development in only a handful of centuries.
  8. Considering that there was a network of interplanetary trade as early as TFE, it's quite reasonable that at least an early form of them existed during that time
  9. Reading through this chain I have a few comments. First, Steelpushing and Ironpulling make monumentally more sense if you think of them as applying an identical force on the metal and Allomancer. It's only because of Newton's third law does the lighter object move, not some intrinsic aspect of heavier vs lighter objects. A good example of this is when not-Wax Duralumin fueled Pushes off a car and the car is flattened from the force of the Steelpush while he's launched into the air. If it was just his weight vs the car he could never flatten it like that , but it makes a lot more sense if the care suddenly had an incredible force applied to it and nowhere to go. I think there is plenty more we don't know about how Pushing/Pulling work but it does seem the more power put into it the less counterbalance of weight matters. Secondly, we see near Vin Ascension levels when Wax uses the Bands. He Pushes a boulder off of him by the trace metals in it. And then proceeds to use a Steelpush that smashed through a stone wall
  10. The Sunlit Man seems to have given given us an explanation why Breath from children is considered better than from older people. The Investiture thresholds are similar in concept to Heightenings. According to Sigzil as long as he retains certain levels he gains abilities, and while those abilities do use Investiture, it's only a tiny amount. Applying this logic over to Breaths and Heightenings, the benefits of Breath, even just one very slowly use up the Breath. This difference between a young and old Breath is probably small enough that it doesn't make much of a difference between dozens or maybe even hundreds of Breaths, but on the scale of 10s of thousands it like Susebron, it could make enough of a difference to explain why they get their Breaths from children for the Returned.
  11. So a while back on one of the Fullborn vs Radiant threads there was a lot of talk about mass and density and how F-Iron doesn't make sense. I threw out an equation off the cuff about how to ro rectify this m=(p x V) x I m - mass p - density V - volume I - Investiture There were a few issues with this as it was a quickly put together equation. But one of the arguments was that it implies Investiture changes mass and things like Nightblood were brought up that it isn't super heavy etc. However this book does straight up say that high levels of Investiture seemingly does alter mass. Or at least acts as additional mass on spacetime. A line from the book also caught my attention The part I found interesting, which admittedly could be reading too much into the wording, is the implication that even though it has this mass like property it doesn't affect density. This could explain some of the F-Iron weirdness in that the Investiture for Iron Feruchemy could be going toward just this property of Investiture thus explaining the mass/density contradiction partially. There are other issues but it could be a start
  12. I trust that Brandon will make future Scadrial more nuanced. Especially because a) Sigzil's comment about Scadrian factions and b ) the final series in the Cosmere will be Mistborn series but it sure feels like he's presenting them as the "bad guys"
  13. Except the Shroud stops existing at the end of the book. It's like saying a Returned who has used their Divine Breath is still being kept alive by that Divine Breath that doesn't exist anymore. All Cognitive Shadows we know of need something to hold their physical bodies. There Heralds need the Oathpact, Kelsier needs his Spike, the Returned need Divine Breath. Yumi doesn't have that limitation With the Shroud dissipating at the end, it's not there to hold her physical body. I agree with you that her regrowing a body isn't any different than Investiture healing, but I think it's fair to say she's not a Cognitive Shadow anymore and truly came back to life
  14. I'm assuming she's a flesh and blood human again. All the other Cognitive Shadows we know of need some kind of "tether" to have physical bodies like Kelsier's Spike, The Oathpact, Divine Breath, etc. There's nothing like that even hinted at to be the case at the end of the book
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